Hizzoner appears on WLOX This Week, waxes nonsensical

I almost spit my coffee when Hizzoner explained the Equitable Sharing Funds fiasco:

For the record Dave, I think the folks in Diamondhead are very happy being a “fake” city as the citizens there can sleep at night knowing dedicated public safety funds are spent on public safety instead of decorative street lamps, salaries for the Mayor’s daughter or a Trolley that no one used. As an added bonus the Fake City of Diamondhead’s public works department has a smart pig for its workers to use while the “real” city in the Bay neither has much in the way of a staffed public works department or a smart pig. Just saying…..

But you folks didn’t come here today to see a poor quality version of yesterday’s Hizzoner’s WLOX Interview or to see me rag on Dave no siree. You folks came here today because Slabbed always seems to nab some sort of super-secret City document, such as the notes from last month’s meeting with the Department of Justice which we did indeed procure for your reading enjoyment. As a bonus, Chief Freeman can catch up on the goings on in the City. Click the pic below to obtain the three page PDF:

Source: City of Bay St Louis Public Records
Source: City of Bay St Louis Public Records

DOJ Notes dated Jan 3 2017

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      1. I thought I’d be nice to the friendly blog op and serve up an easy to hit pitch early on a Monday AM.


  1. ” The investigation has never been about any missing money.” Quote from Mayor Les Fillingame to Dave Elliot of WLOX TV in Biloxi, Miss. Sunday, January 8, 2017.
    Your only reaction can be ” what is wrong with this poor man?” Unreal. No remorse, no acknowledgement of wrongdoing??!! No reality!
    And Dave Vincent??!!
    Golden opportunity to ask the most obvious follow up question:
    ” Then, why, Mayor Fillingame, is the City of Bay St. Louis still under a DO NOT SPEND ORDER from the Department of Justice??!!
    Dave, please!!!!!!!!

    1. Dave Vincent is a well regarded journalist who retired from WLOX in 2013.

      David Elliott, however, is a pompous jerk who loathes the minions that tune in to watch him. He is a fly by the seat of his pants interviewer. Critical thinker he is not. He has been the same blowhard talking head for years. Why would anyone be surprised by his craptacular interview of Les?

      Moreover, why would Les answer ANY questions during a tee vee interview about an ongoing/unresolved DOJ investigation? I digress. It’s Les.

      1. Sorry, I got the name wrong. Don’t know about Dave Elliot being a jerk, but he dropped the ball in this interview with Fillingame, in my opinion. You have to ask yourself “why” because he too is a seasoned journalist. Why???!!!!

      2. Don’t be too hard on Dave, he is only the messenger here. If the show were too tough they’d have a harder time getting guests.

    2. The memo from Falgout sure seems to indicate that the City is about to have to pony up $320,000 to DOJ and it’s probably never going to see it again.

      1. On Friday City Attorney Trent Favre updated the Council on this topic via email. Slabbed has obtained it.

        The DoJ is in the business of helping local law enforcement moreso than busting their chops. To the extent the Mayor has deprived the Bay PD of basic things like Computers, light weight bullet proof vests etc there are major needs that could be met with that money. I am not sure on how the DoJ will view last week’s action leaving the Mayor in charge of the Bay PD.

        Col. Murphree hit the nail on the head in his public comment at the workshop about not trusting the administration with any more money (raising taxes). Surely DoJ understands this as well.

        1. I hope Trent is correct if he thinks otherwise, but that is not the read I am getting from Mr. Boykins reported statements in that memo.

          1. There have been continuing negotiations and a local architect has volunteered some time to estimate renovating a very dilapidated station house. My money is on Trent but…

            The bad news is even if DoJ lets the City spend out the $320,000 on immediate PD needs the hit on the Municipal reserve fund will leave it virtually empty. This will mark the second time Hizzoner has managed to run through the City’s reserve fund. That does not bode well for the first three months of the new fiscal year which begins in October 2017 as the City will again find itself unable to pay its bills. Even if the council raises taxes that money will not flow until January 2018 earliest.

            It was not reported in the media but at the last meeting in December City Clerk Gonzales informed the council the City was using property tax receipts dedicated for the payment of debt to pay General fund expenses. I was absolutely floored to hear that (not that the City’s auditors will catch it) given all of the previous issues with co-mingling dedicated funds.

            Will there be money in 2017 to pay the City’s debts as they come due? Will making the debt service funds whole throw the general fund back in the hole or will Hizzoner and his City Clerk start using Utility funds to pay for general government again? Until the City comes current on all of its obligations the problems of the last 4 years will only continue. And Hizzoner sandbagging claims does not help things.

              1. The next council meeting will tell the tale. Will the Administration put together a list of needs like DoJ asked for Council approval or will Hizzoner continue stalling while he points fingers at a dead man and the previous Mayor?

                The DoJ is following the news down here very closely. I can’t imagine their patience with Hizzoner is without limit.

                Ironically, Councilmen Favre and Falgout’s suggestion about letting the City keep the money and spend it immediately on the PD will not only get Hizzoner, Kolf and Smith off the repayment hook, it is the best outcome for the City.

                If Councilmen Favre and Falgout were more interested in playing politics than the welfare of the City, they could have hung the Mayor, Kolf and Smith out to dry last month by simply keeping their mouths shut at the DoJ meeting while letting Hizzoner prattle on about forged electronic signatures and how this was all the late Mike Denardo and Eddie Favre’s fault.

                As a taxpayer that does not reside in Bay St Louis my personal attitude is the DoJ should make the City repay the grant so it can be disbursed to locales that handle their restricted funds responsibly. The fact DoJ is actually considering the proposal speaks volumes about the magnitude of the unmet needs at Bay PD.

        2. “It’s never been tried before, but we would be more than happy to carry your proposal to our bosses”, just doesn’t sound that encouraging to me.

          1. “It’s never been tried before?! “I caught that too and it speaks volumes when you consider the thousands of nere do wells the DOJ deals with on a regular basis!

            1. Yeah, federal bureaucrats just love doing stuff they’ve never done before to help out incompetent and dishonest local government officials. Everything will be just fine.

    3. Well, as far as anyone ‘else’ can tell, the money isn’t “missing”. Not kept in the specific account, but not missing as far as the notion that it was ‘stolen’ etc. And, is the investigation not complete? I thought the investigation ended some time back and the city is now just waiting to hear the final instructions from the DOJ (pay back, don’t pay back, pay back this amount and not that, etc.)? I should think the do not spend order you describe is commonplace, until the DOJ gives their final instructions. This isn’t the first time the city has had issues with this type of thing, such as, during the Favre admin there was quite the issue with a federal homeland security grant. No stealing, but similar “misappropriation” (money was spent on items other than what the grant was awarded for -and yes, you can verify that), which is not uncommon, anywhere, with these grants, funds, etc. All was resolved, no harm done to the city or anyone else. Difference is, there was no social media back then to air accusations to all who can or will spend the time to read.

      1. It’s not like the money has been wasted. Some places they have folly trolleys and free dumpsters to throw your trash in.

      1. It was a rhetorical question. The fact that she is no longer being copied on official memos speaks volumes.

  2. Wendy’s email says she is away and unable to talk. although she is still collecting a pay check, retirement and medical benefits. she is part of the swamp!

    1. I wonder if Mr. Freeman was in charge of DPS Internal Affairs when Steve Simpson took the DPS Disaster Response RV over to Talledega to watch the NASCAR race?

  3. Les is simply on another planet. Wow. So that’s what it looks like when you lose touch with reality.

  4. I have to disagree with the proposal to take money out of Reserve to renovate the Police Station and pretend it was the payback for the missing DOJ funds. By letting Fillingame and Kolf off it will only serve to perpetuate this behavior in BSL City Hall. ” Don’t worry, Do whatever you want with the money. If we get caught, we’ll just stick it to the folks.”
    Call in the bonds. THIS HAS TO END!

    1. I agree with Lana. You should not be able to buy your way out, especially if its not your money you are offering. Enough is enough. Read the book “Art of the Deal”. Pay it back only if he signs a legal contract to resign and move on in perpetuity. Paying us back with our own money is pointless and only penalizes the tax payer.

    2. I agree with Lana. You should not be able to buy your way out, especially if its not your money you are offering. Enough is enough. Read the book “Art of the Deal”. Pay it back only if he signs a legal contract to resign and move on in perpetuity. Paying us back with our own money is pointless and only penalizes the tax payer.

      1. If the Council refuses to pay the money back, the City will get kicked out of the program and DoJ will sue to get the money back, they will prevail and Bay PD goes without. If the City is allowed to keep the money, filing a claim against the Mayor’s bond will only result in the taxpayers paying Trent Favre to sue the underwriter to no good end. The underwriter will refuse coverage and no court in the land will force an insurance company to cover a nonexistent loss.

        This may not be what you want to hear but that is reality.

        1. I am not saying Council should refuse to pay the money back. They just need to get it from the right people and turn it over to the DOJ, of keep it and redo the Police Station or whatever the PD needs. The perpetrators should clean this up. And if Trent had to sue them in behalf of the taxpayers, sue them for attorney fees as well.

          1. Again it is unrealistic to expect the DoJ to wait around while the City tries to collect something it hasn’t lost from the Mayor and his cronies.

            If you want the Mayor’s hide then call DoJ and tell them to demand repayment. That shortchanges the police not to mention the fact that the bonds will not cover the entire loss. That option I would term cutting off your nose to spite your face.

            The way to enforce accountability is at the ballot box. The voters will get that chance here in a few months.

          1. It went a little bit of everywhere, some to pay the City’s payroll and other recurring expenses, some to capital projects like the decorative street lamps. No one can tell you to the penny because it was co-mingled in the general fund and expended as if it were the same as local property taxes.

            The only thing I have not seen is any proof that Hizzoner stole it. If he stole it then that would be completely different but that allegation has never been made.

  5. You see, Les and Kolf want it both ways: leave the Council
    out of the loop when we are absconding with the cash. ( this was determined by the State Auditor in their report . Their statement was ” after a document search, it was determined that the DOJ money was moved without knowledge of Council AND this transfer was concealed from their independent Auditor for several years).
    So, leave the Council out of the loop until you get caught, then we and the City Attorney can claim Council spent the DOJ money because they approved the payment of dockets with the General Operating Fund and the DOJ money was in there. Well, if it was illegal for Council to approve those dockets with DOJ money in the GOA, it must have been illegal for Mr. Kolf and Fillingame to present the dockets for payment. After all, only Kolf and Fillingame knew the DOJ
    FUNDS were in the ageneral Fund because they chose to leave Council out of the loop.
    Now they are caught and they want to include Council in the equation??!! Don’t think so. Council, you owe these two nothing. Call in the bonds!
    The Mayor and the Cletk can’t have it both ways!
    And the taxpayers surely didn’t know what was going on, so keep your hands off their Reserve Fund. If renovating the Police Station is a good idea now, it would have been good in 2011 when the DOJ money was diverted to other impermissible spending.
    Call the bonds. To do otherwise only enables more if this in the future. Your constituents deserve nothing less from you. Use the bonds their tax dollars bought to protect them from situations like this!!!

  6. The city can’t use the reserve fund to pay back the missing DOJ account. MS Code21-35-17 states that it shall not be the liability of the Municipality, but the official making or incurring such expenditure shall be liable therefor personally and upon his official bond. Oh I forgot we don’t obey state laws.

    1. David, the council absolutely can use the reserve fund to pay back DoJ. That said I’ve thought about the applicability of that code section you cited but I believe you will find that the Council amended the budget to actual expenditures every year. When they did that they blessed everything the Mayor did and gave him cover, even if it was unwittingly giving him cover.

      That code section has teeth only when the council does not “bless” the Mayor not following the budget such as with the records clerk that has made the news recently. He is going to pay for that just like he did the unauthorized raises he gave last year.

      1. Are there some minutes somewhere from a meeting where the Mayor told the city council he was raiding the DOJ account to spend it on non-allowable items and the council voted to allow that? Seems like Les would have pulled that out by now to show it.

        1. Without a doubt the Mayor mislead the council. Without a doubt there were council members that were more than happy with that arrangement, Bobby Compretta and Wendy McDonald being the two that come to mind first.

        2. Observer, No there are no minutes where the Mayor and Kolf either informed Council or requested Council approval to move DOJ funds. That is what the State Auditor meant when she said after a document search, it was determined that the DOJ FUNDS were moved without knowledge of Council and this was also concealed from the city’s independent auditing firm for several years.
          Will any attorney posting here describe conspiracy and collusion? I think I just did, but would like it verified.

          1. I’m with Doug on this one.

            $320,000 doesn’t even begin to cover the attorney fees and associated costs to litigate the hot mess surrounding the misspent DOJ funds IMO.

            $320,00 MIGHT pay the forensic accountants to look into the BSL financials and records reference litigating to recover the DOJ money from the bonding agency. What, who am I kidding? NOT EVEN THAT IMO. Not to mention, there is the matter of the amended budgets which GUARANTEE to make litigating this a lose lose every which way lose for the citizens and taxpayers and honest employees of BSL.

            1. On the bright side it is nice to see the Council, despite all the shit they have taken and been through, still trying to do what’s best for the City. I have covered other politicians that absolutely would have played politics not caring whether or not the City went bankrupt.

            2. So, if it not worth it financially to go after those who actually visited this misery on the city, why bother with surety bonds?
              And it does make it clearer why the likes of Fillingame and Kolf do these kind of things, because it won’t cost them anything in the long run. Guess we can stop blogging about this.

              1. If the DoJ makes the City pay the money back, going after the bonds becomes a more doable proposition. The problem is between the Mayor and the two clerks the City will only recover $200,000 of the $320,0000.

                Smith is married to a City employee and I doubt they have much. Hizzoner likely does not have much in the way of net worth. Not sure about Kolf but getting anything more will be likely be like getting blood from a turnip.

          2. I was being facetious. I know there are no minutes showing that. And, I still refuse to make the assumption that the missing DOJ money wasn’t stolen, through embezzlement, fraud, phantom employees and/or busted invoices (or that it was used to replace money stolen that way). And, as new information appears, I find myself even less incluned to make that assumption. If money isn’t being stolen, a lot of people are sure going to a lot of trouble to make it look like that.

          3. You have a conspiracy when two people get together and agree to commit a crime and then commit an overt act in furtherance of that conspiracy. Examples abound in the Bay, just from the news reports so far. The feds love charging people with conspiracy, for a lot of different reasons.

  7. My god, tide is turning, just heard you got hammered in Miss. State court, the Canadians won and are really coming for you, guess they plan on collecting and holding you accountable ?

    Judge Schmidt says you defended? Did you?
    Hadn’t yet thought about all implications but at first glance the res judicata implications are great !
    What about judicial interest for three years on 180,000 at 6% and cost yet to be levied for the ongoing violations of Canadian copyright at Slabbed? This is a kind of intentional tort that can’t be done away with in a bankruptcy, no?

    Help us out here please, hard and complex story and facts to digest.

  8. How were the streetlights on Main paid for? Does anyone remember correctly because my brain recalls losing a grant due to not having the matching funds? My memory is more than fallible hence the question …

  9. I thought Les and the 2 Clerks were bonded for $100,000 each. That is what I was told.
    You may be surprised at what one of these individuals has from what I hear!

    1. David stated he would just bye a Fire Truck during that debacle. He got his money the old fashioned way. Someone died and gave it to him. He did not earn it with his wit! He is only half of that.

  10. I believe that,at very best, if the feds let BSL keep the funds they will have to be spent only on items allowable under the funding purposes as stated in the grant application and award. In my experience construction is not allowable as are vehicles.

    1. Excellent point. My experience auditing is that varies from Grant to Grant. May be worth looking up in tbe compliance supplement.

  11. Facts:
    Has everyone forgotten about 4-5 false affidavits signed & mailed to the DOJ?!!!
    Misspent Federal money!!
    That is criminal!!!!!!
    Where is the DA??
    Where is the AG??
    Where’s all the federal people??
    Once again they broke local , state & federal laws!!!
    He got re-elected lying & deceiving the citizens of this city!!
    And now walks away from this as the good guy. They picking on me.
    The DOJ is sending one hell of a message to all the law enforcement agencies across this country that abides by the rules set forth by the DOJ. Spend it anyway you want!! Help me get re-elected. Don’t have to raise taxes just use DOJ money along with utility money.
    Shame on them!!!
    Send your thoughts to the DOJ , congress, news papers & whoever & tell them this is not right!!! Hell , send it to the Washington Post , maybe they can look into it!!!

    1. Sir have you forgotten about the SRHS, DMR, and Walkergate fiascos?? No one has been held accountable to the law in any of those scandals to date. There are still individuals who were involved in all of those scandals still employed by the State and Federal levels!!! There is still Taxpayer and BP $$ flowing through the pipes to greedy hands that is all illegal. But has anyone stepped forward to punish the crooked? No
      If Donald Trump wants to show the people how he can clean out the swamps – he should use this State as an example and start cleaning. Make the guilty pay for the wrongs they have dumped on the people of this State!

      1. I forgot to add – if you think your Congressman and political representation all the way up to the Feds will do anything – you are in for a rude awakening. Ever heard of S. H. Anthony? Anything done there? The list goes on and on. This stealing is from the Federal level down imo. That is why they keep getting away with it. They are all covering up for one another. Show us what you can do Mr. Trump! Clean the swamp in Mississippi!!

  12. According to Councilman Falgout’s notes from their meeting with Mr. Boykin of the DOJ on 12-8-16, Boykin informed them the money has to be paid back for non compliance of Federal Regulations. Their attorney, Trent Favre, confirmed this again last week in an email to Council relating his conversation with Boykin.
    What does the Mayor do in an interview with WLOX on Sunday??? Pretty much calls Boykin a liar when he tells Dave Elliot,” the DOJ investigation was never about missing money??!!”
    Les has never read Dale Carnegie’s book , “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”
    Hopefully he’ll have more time for reading soon😎

  13. My head is swimming and stomach churning after watching the interview. he said they used the funds on Police items in his interview? But I thought he said the money was there. What is it. There or Not?
    I feel even if they recover part of the money from their Bonds it is better than no recovery and using the Reserve fund or whatever and not paying money back. That would make sense to me. something is better than nothing. Why let Les get off the hook again. Use whatever Bond money is available and get rid of him. Lets do what is right for the city. We are so broke now we can’t keep digging a deeper whole. Recover some funds and move on……

      You need to read Bohkin’s Preliminary Report of Nov. 24, 2015. They took the money and could produce no documents proving it was spent on the Police.
      Wish Doug would publish it.

  14. My guess is that these are EDWARD BYRNE MEMORIAL JUSTICE ASSISTANCE GRANT (JAG) PROGRAM grant monies. Here is a link to the BJA site on these funds: https://www.bja.gov/ProgramDetails.aspx?Program_ID=59 This is a link to the FAQs:

    I am surprised there was no mention by the feds (or maybe there was, just not reported in the councilman’s notes) about debarment. Debarment is the disallowing of dong any business with the feds due to improprieties. This would cut off all federal funds from any source. Link: https://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/192903

    Like I told my kids when they were approaching doing something bad: I see a bad mood risin’.

  15. OK, good to know. I never administered those monies. I think the debarment issue is still in play, It was a string attached to any federal program I ever managed.

    1. As Lana pointed out the City was under a Do Not Spend order for the past year. However the DoJ did not debar the City from the program though that could happen if the City Council balked at repaying the money for instance. As things stand they are looking at having to return the funds though there is a possibility the City will be allowed to keep and immediately expend the money on allowable costs, which my read of the CFDA indicates would include construction.

  16. In other words the BSL taxpayer has to make the fund right although a crime was committed spending it and falsely accounting for it. Where is Les BI when u need em? I am a believer in the system and beleive something will be done. Les’s aggregious actions are going to be prosecuted!πŸ™πŸ»πŸ•΅πŸΏ

    1. Dumped On,
      It does appear ironic when the taxpayer, who is violated, has to pay the fine. The BSL Police Dept. compensated by the taxpayers, did the lions share of earning that money for the city in drug raids. And they, as taxpayers also, may have to pay back this money through their Reserve Fund. What a mess these perpetrators have visited upon this city by taking authority over something ( a Department of Justice Equitable Sharing Grant) which they had no legal authority to use as they did.
      And then concealed what they did ( according to the State Auditor) from the people who did have the legal authority (City Council). I think I just described Malfeasance in Office.
      Keep the faith. Who knows, in this topsy turvy world we live in, justice may be done.
      If not, it’s like prosecuting the teller in a bank robbery instead of the guy that took the loot!!!!!!!!!

  17. The main compliance feature that DOJ utilizes for spending compliance with the rules of the forfeiture program is the yearly sworn affidavit by the government head and the law enforcement agency head, affirming that they are in fact aware if, and following, the rules. Actual monitoring for compliance is almost non-existent. Even the partner federal law enforecement agencies that processed the paperwork are not charged with any compliance monitoring duty. The thought process being that the penalties for perjury will be enough to deter 99.9 per cent of the people receiving the money from mispending it. We are past that point here at the Bay and that compliance mechanism was an abject failure where our city was concerned. I’m amazed that there are actually people who still think that none of this is anything but a minor misunderstanding and that DOJ will see it the same way. They seem to be as far out in the wilderness as Les is when it comes to having any appreciation for exactly just what has transpired with these DOJ forfeiture funds from a legal and practical standpoint.

    1. ” The thing about the truth is that it exists beyond belief. It is true even if nobody
      believes it.” ( Dieter F. Uchtdorf) “We’re With You”

  18. Are they just stalling to wait for elections?? Call in his bond and give him his Walking Papers. Lets get rid of him now. He needs to suffer the consequences. Both he and his sidekicks in the Clerk’s office. The clerks are just as guilty for going along with his plan. He signed documents stating the money was there, so where is it? Oh the deceased Police Chief forged his signature. Will someone help me here with the correct Psychological term to describe his behavior. He is a dead ringer and every psychologist dream to analyze. This man is beyond help. He definitely should be in the history books for his behavior not his achievements.

    I know the council does not want to jeopardize its money for forfeiture and future government programs, but don’t let Les and his clerks walk at our expense. I would rather pay a few dollars more in taxes next year as an assessment to help the Police and see Les and the clerks gone for their actions.

    No need to relinquish any public money. The Council in BSL has taxed the public to cover surety bonds for all involved here.
    Use the bonds.

  20. Mayor Les Fillingame (game) his name say’s it all!!! The mayor has created all of these problems that Bay Saint Louis is having!!! By not hiring the correct people to run the city we citizens have to bare the financial burden. He run’s the city like he ran all of his failed businesses. The mayor should pay all of the DOJ money back himself !!! He should all-so refund his 85,000 dollar a year salary!!! The mayor is in charge (Captain of the Ship) and he has run this city aground. The Tax payer’s are the one’s really in-charge and they should be banging down the mayor’s door demanding his resignation…

  21. All I can say to you, John Hess, is don’t forget to vote. That’s how we got up off the floor in Waveland–we took care of it at the polls!!

  22. Okay, here we are in the Place Apart trying to figure out who knew what and when AGAIN!!
    The 2/12 year old $22,000,000 Municipal Harbor wall is separating in two different areas according to WLOX and the SUN HERALD.
    In an interview at 6:00 pm, city engineer, Jason Chiniche says they have known about it since 6 months after the grand opening in July of 2014.
    Who is “they?”
    And who will pay? This has never been mentioned at a Council meeting for the public to hear. You know, the public that the Secretary of State, Delbert Hoseman made sure were responsible for maintenance when he drew up the lease between the state and the city?
    A.J. Giardino says there will be s follow up Report!$$$$$
    Stay tuned$$$

  23. Mr. Chiniche was the engineer and they knew of the deficiencies 6 months after construction? The city should have made him responsible for his design. He has E&O Insurance I hope. Maybe the City screwed up on this like Rafferty???
    Go after Him and not make us taxpayers responsible again for their mistakes and bad design.
    This has to be addressed immediately. Chalk up another one for the Mayor’s Team !!
    From what I was told initially, the whole design was not good. Many of the boats in the harbor are constantly getting beat with the waves.

  24. In the Sun Herald this morning ( 1-14-2017, Wes Muller) Bay St. Louis City Attorney, Trent Favre, stated that the engineers “believe” the crack in the two sections of the 2 1/2 year old Harbor are linked to erosion. Four paragraphs later, Muller says the issue was reported to the City Council in November. A research of the Agendas and Minutes of November, 2016, record no report from City Engineer, Chiniche, the Mayor, or Harbor Master of this issue to Council. The November, 2015, Agenda and Minutes also record no such report.
    In City Engineer, Jason Chiniche’s interview with WLOX on Friday, Jan. 13, 6:00pm, he revealed “they” have known about this since 6 months after the Harbor officially opened.
    This begs the unfortunate question that keeps arising in the city government in Bay St. Louis–who are “they?” What did they know and when?
    Why continue to deliberately deceive the public who compensate you to take care of their business, and who are ultimately responsible for the Harbor financially?!
    I guess they have all forgotten what the Office of the State Auditor told them just last year,”if it is not in your Minutes, it did not happen.”And I can assure you it didn’t happen, because I was in attendance at those meetings, and have very good hearing and take notes. AND, I am sure the press would have picked up on it then as they are doing now, if it had been reported.
    Don’t get in front of a camera and tell the viewing public you have informed them through their elected representatives of an issue of this magnitude when you know you have not.
    The engineer, Mayor, and Harbor Master, have had 49 opportunities to inform Council and the public of this issue at their meetings, and chose not to do so. Wonder who the whistleblower was who backed them into the corner?! Doesn’t matter, Thanks!!!
    It’s called telling the TRUTH. Not always comfortable, but ALWAYS RIGHT!

  25. Did Chiniche put it in writing to the “they” that knew? And if so, nothing was done to protect the Harbor and make someone responsible to make the necessary corrections early on. Erosion? didn’t the engineer compensate for that. It was a bad design to begin with….

  26. Outraged,
    Here is the QUESTION—Exactly what is the city” claiming” in their warrant claim that city attorney, Trent Favre said the city has filed? Also, who is the claim against?
    The information in that warrant claim will open the debate, no doubt.
    And, why are the contractors and engineering firms reporting back to the Harbor Commission?
    This information should be reported directly to the elected officials, in my opinion.
    At some point in time, I hope the public, to whom the Harbor actually belongs, and who are financially responsible for it, will be informed of what is going on.
    You are not running a private enterprise, boys!!

    1. Oh. Yes! And the Chief of CYA will cover his own and throw the others under the bus!!
      I am hearing today that it is going to get really crowded under that bus in about 6 weeks?!

  27. The Big Rock Candy Mountain is having a melt down.

    It is my understanding that resumes, from city hall, are going out fast. That may be the best postage money spent.

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