Probable Cause…….

Low hanging fruit courtesy of Hizzoner without self control:

Bay Council member alleges misuse of funds ~ Stacey Cato

In one instance which councilmen say bolster their allegations, records obtained by the Seacoast Echo show a supporting clerical administrative position within the city of Bay St. Louis has recently been eliminated from the city’s current annual budget.

According to city records, the administrative position was once within the city’s fire station but was removed from the fire department’s payroll at budget time and added to the police department. It has since been eliminated in its entirety by city council members, in a 5-0 vote, from both department’s budgets, but the unnamed employee still apparently works for the city.

“It’s one story after another,” Ward 5 Councilman Joey Boudin said. “It just keeps changing. We just can’t keep dealing with it!”

Bay employee never worked at police station but still got paid ~ Wes Muller

Councilman Joey Boudin said it’s illegal for the city to pay an employee outside the confines of the city’s budget.

“Just because he’s breaking the law doesn’t mean we have to,” Boudin said. “If he needed to change it, he should have brought it to our attention immediately.”

Hows about a comment bump from Duped this afternoon at 2:10PM:

She sure must have been a dedicated employee because she hasn’t been to work since the Jeff Harding Debacle while still being on the payroll. Looks as if she has never used sick leave or vacation since Les has been in office. I hope the investigators are asking the right people the right questions! BSL’s most wanted!

And of course who can forget last August?

Updated: Throw Momma from the Train: It’s Screwy in Bay St Louie and its now unraveling like a cheap sweater ~ Slabbed

A recurring theme here of playing monkey business with the payroll has certainly emerged. Folks, I think our minds should be open to the possibility that the money going out the back door to unbudgeted payroll is the reason the Bay PD has all those budgeted, yet unfilled public safety positions.

Oh yeah, we have this today:

Like RFP says, its on like a pot of neck bones!

8 thoughts on “Probable Cause…….”

  1. Do they exist on another frequency up there in the City Hall in the Bay? Laws and rules and regulations are for the rest of the world to worry about.
    I hope the new Chief was allowed to witness the “interviews” today. From what I am reading, he did handle internal affairs for the Miss. Highway Patrol. As one of his benefits he should receive a year’s supply of Excedrin with his badge!!
    Could today’s event be what Councilman Reed meant Tuesday night when he said, “I have nothing against voting for the new Chief, but I would really like to wait “these last few days” before we make a decision.”

  2. The Law is merely a suggestion to Filingame. He has thumbed his nose at the Council, State Auditors, Sheriff, AG, FBI, ATF Etc… He has a Catch me if you can attitude. He has passed this trait onto his offspring.

    1. Yes, but we witnessed the offspring get caught red handed by George Healey in City Court. There wil be someone for Dad at some point. We all get to meet reality sooner or later, even if it has to confront us!!

  3. Rfp:

    Stick dem worthless bones in a pressure cooker and in two hours you can eat dem like hot dogs….. but far mo’ healthy….

    Inside dem tender bones bees glucosamine sulfate, minerals, condroitin sulfate which makes you new young ,erect flexible joints bro……

    And if you wants to live to 100 throw in some chicken feet and yo’ bees crowing and dancing in da’ morn wit yo’ old lady…..

  4. So now we have 2 getting paid for not showing up. Where can I apply for a job??
    Little Les and Wendy, I wonder how many more are out there? Anyone know that answer?

  5. Wow….paying people that aren’t really working? Putting people in a different dept. – same pay – different dept??? Can you say R I C O ??? Sounds like a continuing criminal, enterprise to me!

    Shirley Heflin
    Tampa, FL

  6. It is coming apart little by little. Hope it total breaks and Les gets what he deserves. Then maybe the good people of BSL will see Les for what he really is. Time will tell.

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