Bay City Councilmen Favre and Falgout have issued statements regarding the future of the Bay PD

And folks in these statements is some new information regarding the criminal investigations into the operations of the Bay St Louis PD. First up from Outgoing Council President Falgout:

Recently your City Council has been researching and evaluating operations of City Departments for cost cutting measures and better services.

Please allow me to enter my thoughts, opinion plus some information as your Councilman. PLEASE NOTE that as Council President there is INFORMATION I CANNOT share. So please give me a little leeway.

1. Who, When, Why, Where, and How did this $320,000 DOJ money go missing? This deficit dates back to 2011. It is not the City’s money. It belongs to the men and women of Bay St Louis PD who put their life on the line EVERYDAY! It was NOT disclosed to ANY Council memmber until Mike Farve, Joey Boudin. and myself was called to a private meeting by Chief Mike Denardo after hours to disclose his notes and findings. We then called for a review and investigation.
2. Since Mike Denardo’s suicide, there has been continuing investigations by NUMEROUS Federal, State and Local enforcement agencies. They are all still active as of this email.
a. BSL expended approx. $4,000 immediately to “secure evidence” by building a secure “evidence room” under the guidance of Sheriff’s Office and the MBI because of “lack of controls” over evidence.
b. City Attorney, Mike Favre, Mayor and myself, with Detectives, were made aware with evidence the day BEFORE Mike Denardo’s death of criminal allegations. Detectives requested evidence and a complete Police Department inventory of weapons directly of Mayor Fillingame. IT was not then available. We had to wait about one hour until one was brought to us to cross reference evidence. Very concerning to the Detectives and us since State law plus Police protocol requires it to be update to date and immediately available.
3. Info presented at that meeting of “gun pawning.”
4. Info also given regarding “payroll time sheets” from the police department that were delivered to the Administration to pay payroll.
5. Notes and other information was intentionally “left behind” by Mike Denardo for the detectives conducting the investigation.
6. I have personally met with face to face and by other means with some BSL officers, at their request, about numerous concerns they have now and still have.
7. There are current Police brutality cases.
8. Officer accused in one of the above cases has an attorney and is contemplating legal action against BSL.

Other info being “looked at” and or being investigated that I’m not allowed to state.

The above is information of facts, not assumptions, scare tactics or political rhetoric but based on info from meetings that I attended as Council President and or Vice-President over the last approximately 14 months.

Clearing up of misinformation that’s being talked about or being “spread” erronously:
1. BSL PD is not being abolished, eliminated or “taken over” and being brought “down to Sheriff’s Office.”
a. You will not notice any changes in uniforms, cars, building, where you call for a car (228-255-9191), 911 and or picking up copies.
b. Court will still be held at Council Chambers. Fines will still be collected and kept by BSL.
c. BSL Police Cars will always be in BSL patroling unless a tragedy must bring us all together.
d. The lower pay adjustment from BSL to Hancock County will be supplemented by a stipend to each officer presently employed by BSL and retained by Sheriff’s Office. Health insurance, pension, etc. will not be lost but absorbed thru Hancock County’s payroll system.
e. BSL Police Officers, Detectives and HIDTA Drug agents will have more cooperation, guidance, training and technology presently used by Sheriff’s Office and City of Diamondhead which is under Contract presently with Sheriff’s Office.
d. We have in the past experienced “patrol shortages” in Ward 6 as some of you have notated to me and was verified by me. This proposed contract will allow Sheriff’s Office to move cars in to assist BSL cars that may be tied up in other matters. This includes their Detective Division assisting us.
2. The reductions you’re hearing about will come from streamlining administrative staff with Sheriff’s Office administrative staff, staffing patrols as needed per areas and cutting overhead.
3. I assure each and everyone of you that I and this Council will never reduce “boots on the ground” or sacrifice public safety to save a nickel! We will and can add to staff as warranted by needs. The Council, Mayor and public will be briefed by Sheriff major on concerns that he may have go forward and he will listen and take our input on public safety matters in Bay St Louis.
4. Officers will still be able to receive and be compensation for off-duty activities.
5. BSL will have a Sheriff appointed Captain that will serve as required as BSL Police Chief.
6. BSL will be under the direction of our elected Sheriff Ricky Adam, Under Sheriff Don Bass and with cooperation of his entire staff as we may require.
7. We WILL NOT be billed any more than our monthly Contract when Sheriff’s Office “assist’s us” with “additional enforcement help” per our current interlocal mutual assistance agreements.

Finally I’d like to thank Sheriff Adam for being there for us in a very tragic time when we needed him.

Councilman Favre:

We have borrowed around $200,000 already this year from the replenished reserve fund plus the $300,000+ for the DOJ fund. We are now unable to hire the personnel that was budgeted in the Police & Fire Departments along with converting part time employees to full time in the Right of Way & Grass crews.

All of these departments have been cut drastically in the first 4 – 5 years of this administration & no one has voiced concerns about the safety of this city. At times only 1 fire department station was manned with only a couple of officers on duty. This is according to the Mayor’s own payroll chart that he brags on how we have fewer employees now than when he took office.

We have worked hard to get these departments back up to where they once were before this administration’s personnel cuts but we still haven’t hired the personnel that was budgeted for this year.

About the Bay PD and the Sheriff I have a couple of thoughts:
1. Same Pay, Uniforms, Cars, Equipment & MOST Importantly the SAME Officers will be on the Streets that serve our city now.
2. We are now 4-5 officers, detectives & others short as we speak. Those positions will be immediately filled by the Sheriff.
3. Under the Sheriff there will still be BSL officers that will only be assigned to BSL.
4. Only thing to change in the police department is who they answer to in the Sheriff or the Mayor.
5. Letting the Sheriff run Bay PD will save us $300,000 a year.
6. It’s a contract that can be terminated if we are not satisfied with the performance of this department under the Sheriff so we have checks & balances.
7. We had workshops and a public hearing during budget time on thoughts of increasing millage by one mill, which works out to around $10 – $12 per $100,000 value, dedicated for police and fire protection. Not a single person supported the proposed 1 mill increase.
8. The council is responsible for the budget & makes the decisions based on the information given to them.
9. It has been shown in audits that incorrect financial information has led to an unbalanced budget every year.
10. This administration has put this council and city in situation where we must change and think of ways to provide the best services for the entire city with very limited resources.

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  1. The problem with this situation is the veiled agenda that has not presented itself; why are Falgout, Favre, and Boudin in league with each other? What do each of these have to gain from opposing the current mayor at every turn? We may never know,but if it looks like and smells like a fish, then it must be a fish.
    Today’s townhall meeting was just a front for plausible deniability for the city council to mask their true intentions. It was very self evident in the
    Ack of concern for the citizens speakers that were “entertained as court jesters” for the finale when the mayor spoke and all hells disdain was unleashed. Do not get me wrong, ALL involved are culpable acomplasses to the financial and management difficulties in BSL. What is lacking is leadership!

    1. Like a couple of thousand other folks I watched the live stream. What you witnessed in person yesterday was some of Hizzoner’s best political theater yet. He stirred up enough folks to pack a workshop and agitate against their own financial best interests and then had plan B with Mayley stepping down as interim Chief.

      None of that stops the Mayor and Council from letting the Sheriff continue to run things as he has been doing since Mike Denardo’s suicide but it may give the Councilmen some pause before they attempt to formally contract with HCSO.

  2. Wonder what happened with Captain Mayley surprising everyone tonight by announcing he was no longer interested in the position??
    He and the Mayor were ready for a swearing in ceremony the afternoon the Chief died. DeNardo wasn’t cold yet when Les was in the parking lot at the Council Office giving an interview to WLOX announcing he was appointing Mayley at the emergency meeting!! Mayley’s Gather showed up, and Council
    decided to have Sheriff assist temporarily?!

  3. Fact:
    Col. , no disrespect but I believe you heard with your own ears the mayor stand there & flat out lie when he was grand standing at the podium.
    He stated the council had no idea how they were going to fund the first quarter till taxes start flowing in.
    Lie one
    Then he stated the council told him not to hire the vacant positions budgeted in the fire & police depts.
    Lie two
    Favre called him out on those statements & said that was a lie & not true.
    It would be budgeted the same as the short falls now. Borrowed from the reserve & put back when the first check of the year from Mr. Ladner is received.
    The he stated at no time did he or any other councilman say that.
    It is hard for me to believea Retired Col. would accept lying.
    I do not accept it & it now seems some of the councilman are not accepting it.
    This is what I see in every meeting I attend & the council has finally had enough of his lies & they are the bad guys.
    False affidavits signed by him & his daughter!! I’d be in jail. They are protected.
    What you should be wondering is what the mayor has to gain or loose from all of his lies.
    Remember !!!
    4 years ago he was re-elected on lies.
    His opponents were tagged liars & played dirty because they said the city was broke.
    3 months later they had to borrow money to pay utility bills , that utility money was misspent, or the county was cutting us off because they couldn’t carry the city anymore. Also carried lord only knows how many other bills.
    Every year same ole BS.
    Les is a Liar!!!!
    Period. A Liar.

    1. In my response, Nowhere did I Indicate that I accepted a liar, nowhere did I agree with the council or administration. I did hear the mayor speak and as an individual at the podium, he should have been allowed to speak, I do not qualify nor verify the accuracy of what was said. Only that he should have been allowed to speak and then the council could rebut the accuracy of his statements.
      Emotions are very high and many are beating their drums. Before condemning anyone an investigation must be completed, then the appropriate authority must act upon the results of the investigation. Not a court of opinion, innuendo, conjecture and speculation!

      1. It seems pretty obvious that there is still a very active criminal investigation ongoing and that the subjects of it are likely both the police department amd the city itself. It seems equally obvious that there will be an indictment as some point in the future.

        The only speculation is what name(s) will be on it. It only makes sense to have the Sheriff run the department at least until the criminal issue is resolved. When things return to normal, the issue can be revisited. God help us if what we are seeing now is normal.
        The taxpayers deserve no less.

  4. I am totally confused. The Sun Herald reported that that the Council appointed a new Police Chief for a 6 month Interim. Where does Lonnie and Mike’s email come into play stating facts about the Sheriff running the department??

    1. The Sea Coast Echo is reporting the same thing. It makes no sense, but really, what ever happens with the city that does make sense?

  5. Fact:
    Taxpayer, you are correct , it was passed last night. Just shows no matter what the so called stooges do they can do no right.
    Col. , no where did I say he didn’t have a right to speak nor did the council. He made some great points about the new chief & he seems to be a great guy , mayor, council & the captain all spoke very highly of him.
    The comments I made about the lies are straight up lies , not one person corrected Favre when he made his statements.
    What I’m saying is that I’m tired of the 8 yrs. worth of lies we have heard with this administration, tired of misspent money , tired of no accountability & tired of this guy blaming everyone under the sun but himself.
    I do not agree with everything the stooges say but I do thank them for making the hard decisions to try to get this mess straightened out.
    It seems they will leave the next administration & council way better off than they were left.
    I also have seen Favre’s email & it stated that his mind was not made up on the Sherrif/ Chief along with some othe info. & thoughts that I liked. Maybe Doug can add that also.
    Great site & information here.

    1. I do admit that Mr. Freeman does sound like an excellent candidate for Chief in every way but one. He would have to be crazy to want to jump into this mess.

  6. I am amazed at the complex web of incompetence that we have been subject to by this Administration. This is a very small town with big city problems. The leaders are not leading just getting by to the next pay day check! Hancock county should just take over the operation of Bay Saint Louis not just the Police department………

    So it’s the New Year what drama is in-store for us this year…

  7. I support the decision on the new Chief. They have voted on someone not within the system and with experience on local and state levels.
    At least they have made a decision so we can move on in the City. I really did not like the idea of One Sheriff for the County and City of BSL. They need their own leadership to concentrate on their problems only and not worry about the rest of the area. Our local men in blue need to stay in their city. We have to support the new Chief for the sake of the safety and community.

  8. This whole debacle was created by Les and his administration, in my opinion. The Council was informed of the malfeasance and other serious problems. They are just exercising what ever duties they are vested with to remedy it. What started out as a Budget Issue and an Investigation into real problems. ie. Suicide, Pay Roll Fraud, Missing Weapons, Miss Spent DOJ Funds amongst other issues turned into a perceived lynching of the Good Policemen and Women. I can see that side of it when it affects people you know and respect. But, In my opinion, that is how Les always spins his problems by directing blame away from himself and putting it on other people whether it was Chief Denardo forging his signature, Pay Roll Clerks, Utility Personnel, Clerical Errors, or it depends on what is is, etc. He has never said the “Buck Stops Here”! He refuses to email or text anything that he says and that raises many eye brows because time and again he has denied what he says or it was misinterpreted with no paper trail to verify. I believe hiring an Interim Chief was a good thing. But, in the end the Investigations by the DOJ, ATF, FBI, State Auditors and the Sheriffs Office will conclude if he is telling the truth or just making false statements. I for one can wait and if he is found to be innocent then I/We owe him an apology. If not the Law will dictate his fate.

    1. Yep, with that many agencies looking into things, it would take a criminal mastermind to beat the rap. And, I think we can all agree there aren’t any of those around this mess. This will get sorted out eventually.

  9. The fact that the Bay PD is still
    under a ” do not spend” order from the Department of Justice speaks volumes.
    Did anyone attending the hearing Tuesday hear that mentioned? NO!
    When the DMR scandal first became public knowledge through the media, it took almost 24 months for the indictments to go out.
    Pitiful. But come January
    20, we have a new Department of Justice!
    Keep the faith for the interest of the taxpayers in Bay St. Louis to be justified in the end.
    We will not let it go away. That or the utility payment scandal in the Bay in 2013.

    1. There is only one deadline the U.S Attorney ever has and that is the five year statute of limitations for federal crimes.

      1. And it took exactly that long to indict Ray Nagin in New Orleans. Aaron Broussard’s public corruption hit the local media in January 2010 and he wasn’t indicted until December 2011 and he was not sentenced until early 2013.

        These kind of investigations follow no set time table. Based on Council Falgout’s remarks above and what I have been able to learn it is a virtual certainty:

        1. The investigators are looking at more than one instance of payroll fraud including payroll fraud in other departments.

        2. There was more than one instance of “gun pawning” with such pawning done by employees other than the late Mike Denardo.

        Without a secure evidence room it was likely rampant. After this broke I interviewed a person with detailed knowledge of “the Royals”. A scam alleged to be common for this area would be for an officer to catch a felon in possession of a firearm which is a major crime. Instead of being arrested the felon loses the gun to the officer, who would then keep the weapon.

        It does not take a rocket scientist to figure the monetary angles on that kind of low level rot but then again most street officers in Hancock County make little more than a fast food workers.

        The first tip I got on this whole fiasco happened the day before Chief Denardo committed suicide and that tip cut across the entirety of the institution of the Bay PD, which I heavily discounted at the time. It will be interesting to see how much of it bears out because some of it already has.

        1. One never knows what these type of investigations turn up.

          Sometimes the corruption is found to be diversified and wide spread.

          If (speaking in general terms- not specifically referencing any place,person, or organization) john law has been in bed with organized/gang criminals, the corruption will be not limited to a small area of opportunity. Guns,drugs,money, the illegal sextrade, whatever people shouldn’t be doing, these are the things that get done.

          There’s a Stacey Pickering quote about a culture of corruption. I don’t have time to look for it and cite it. You probably remember that one (was it at the OS Rotary reference the DMR and Stacy’s and everyone’s buddies being all jammed up?)

          1. This general topic has certain memories of my younger years flooding back over me. Its a generational culture of corruption IMHO.

  10. Nothing will ever come of the investigations, the state is corrupt, the sheriff can’t catch a cold, the Fed’s are tooooo slow and Les has a new lap dog chief.

  11. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if public officials actually paid attention to their oath of office when sworn in?
    We do a lot of praying at public meetings. Then the games begin😎😎

  12. The problem when the people at the top are doing something illegal, is that it sets the standard for the people under them. It then truly becomes a culture of corruption as the new norm replaces ethics and honesty. The Bay isn’t the first place it has happened. As has already been pointed out, just look at what was going on at BMR. Corruption and lack of respect for the law breeds more corruption and less respect for the law. It’s human nature.

    It’s also human nature to get more of any behavior, good or bad, from someone when you reward them for it. So be careful what you reward elected officials for when you vote.

    1. The Administrations lowest Standard has become everyone else’s highest Standards. Proof will be in the legal pudding! πŸ‘ŽπŸΏπŸ•΅πŸΏ

  13. The corruption at the DMR? Look at us 6 miles down the road in Waveland in 2011. In 2010 rumors were raging that we had a corrupt administration. But we took care of it at the polls, and that is what should happen in the Bay. In the meantime, keep the heat on!!

    1. The solution to future corruption is competent and dedicated voters. The solution to past corruption is competent and dedicated law enforcement investigators.

      I am a lot more worried about the former, than I am about the latter.

      1. Change the Charter to Weak Mayor (Waveland, Pass, Long Beach, Ocean Springs) or Council-City Manager (Diamondhead, D’Iberville) and many of the current problems would evaporate. The current Charter is what makes the present set of problems possible.

      2. And one other precaution for corruption is competent and HONEST public attorneys.
        Wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh airπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

  14. Katie missed work for days after lying in court and candy screwed up the utility bills. Now most of the city is paying an unconditional $10.00 late fee. Why don’t they send out a correction notice? Or get competent utility workers.

    1. I was told if anyone didn’t like it “Lil Les Daddy Said” said get with Candee she screwed it up! She sure must have been a dedicated employee because she hasn’t been to work since the Jeff Harding Debacle while still being on the payroll. Looks as if she has never used sick leave or vacation since Les has been in office. I hope the investigators are asking the right people the right questions! BSL’s most wanted!

  15. Lost in the mail. Every land lord in the US knows that story! If you don’t buy that excuse then blame Candee, who rarely misses work.

  16. Candee Screw up?? That is hard to believe. She has been there for years and always so helpful whenever I have a question or problem. Don’t run her off please… Little Les is the problem and they constantly cover for her.
    Oh elections hurry and get here, but then what would have to talk about on Slabbed???

    1. I’m sure we’ll find something to talk about. There is always something going on close by worth following.

    2. How nice it would be to have a city government that was competent, honest and law abiding, where all we could talk about was the weather, and how good a job they did. I’ve lived in a few places (small towns and counties) that were like that. There is no rule against good government. It occurs. All it takes is good people and voters who care.

      1. I’ve lived all over South Mississippi. My experience is people tend to get cranky when a City takes their tax money and then fails to deliver basic City services. Of all the places we’ve been only the Bay was an abject failure in that department while the rest had varying degrees of proficiency at delivering City services.

        1. And, it’s about to happen again. I don’t think the City is going to get that $320,000 it has to pay DOJ back. More tax hikes are the only logical result.

          1. That decision will fall to the next Mayor and City Council. Currently the Bay levies about twelve mils less than its sister cities (which do not have Casinos).

            1. Oh, no doubt, as usual, tax increases will come immediately after the election. That way, you have almost four years for the taxpayer wrath to die down.

          2. No, Observer. The only logical thing is to call in the bonds on the Mayor and Clerks. If the clerks bonds have expired, the taxpayers can take a Cashier’s Check. The perpetrators have to pay. No one else, or it will continue!

          3. Why should the tax payers have to pay any of the 320k back to the DOJ? They did not mismanage the funds, or close the account improperly then mingling the funds into the general fund. The council needs to put the bonding companies on notice and file a claim. I attended last weeks meeting when Trent “advised” the council there was no need to put the bonding companies on notice. How many times do they have to put this up for a vote to file a claim.

            Councilman follow through with the claim. You passed the motion, Trent do your Job regardless who your friends are!

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