I see my old acquaintances at the FBI are back

Its a poorly kept secret that the gang are voracious consumers of news of all kinds. I don’t keep an especially close eye on the back end as I haven’t the time but I just took a peek and decided to say hi.

One other thing I will say is I have been working behind the scenes for about 6 weeks now on this:

Senate Judiciary Committee opens inquiry into Harry Morel case, suspension of local FBI agent ~ Jim Mustian

I do not know Special Agent Zummer but I know the story like the back of my hand. The same bad actors from Jim Letten’s office surface time and again, kinda like the turds that float on top of the bowl. One thing about Mustian’s story I wouldn’t put much stock in would be the opinions of local rent-an-ethicist / gasbag Dane Ciolino.

Stay tuned and welcome back guys. ~ Doug

One thought on “I see my old acquaintances at the FBI are back”

  1. Holy Im-Morel, Unhealthy Turds, Batman,

    “…… kinda like turds that float to top of bowel…….”

    Turds that float are bad, fatty turds as healthy turds should sink for a quick flush.

    That said even Im-morel ,heathy looking turds can get to top of bowel if the turds don’t get flushed when there is an obstruction of just flow due to too much Charmin’ tissue used to wipe the butts of La. politicians who have stayed to long on the toilet.

    In the Morel case he should have been flushed quickly and efficiently getting 5-10 years , however he was on the pot too long, had too many attendent friends in the crapper and there was just too much Charmin’ BS used on Morel’s immoral butt.

    Instead of Zoom, Zoom… I say Zummer, Zummer to those politicos using all that soft Charmin’ BS on Judge politicians who are the worst offenders of the law….

    .Judge Graciette of First Parish Court of Jefferson Parish was the first Judge to trade legal deals for sex favors and evidently the lack of firm and just prosecution of such ‘wrinkled robes ‘ by the DOJ have yet to send a preventive message to all who may want a little courtroom sex….


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