Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Trump….Plus Long Knives Out for Bannon

Published on Nov 14, 2016

I guess I should say something about the election. Everyone else has. So, in no particular order:

  • Trump spoke FOR his people. Hillary spoke TO hers.
  • If you read a transcript of the three debates, Hillary won them all. Watching them, Trump survived. He lived to fight another day. He let his people know he was competitive. He was in it to win it.
  • Hillary’s finest moment in the debates was when she gave a little shimmy after taking some over the top incoming from Trump. It was her way of saying, “Isn’t that special!” It was endearing, even sexy. If she could have managed a little self-effacing humor now and then, it would have served her well. The best communicators have that talent … FDR, JFK, Reagan, GWB (“When Bill Buckley was at Yale, he wrote a book. When I went to Yale, I read a book.”), Obama (“Thanks, Obama …” “How does it feel to be the last black President?”).
  • Trump established an intimacy with his audiences, like the Men’s Wearhouse guy … “You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.” His events were “happenings”. Hillary’s events were tutorials.
  • Hillary spoke the language of the Acela Corridor … Boston to Washington. She won the Corridor except the state Trump contested, Pennsylvania, which is often described as Philadelphia in the East, Pittsburgh in the West, and Alabama in the middle. Hillary won the Pittsburgh-Philly parts. Trump won the Alabama part bigly.

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27 thoughts on “Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Trump….Plus Long Knives Out for Bannon”

  1. Tom, you were wrong to say ,
    ‘Hil-lie-ry setting up a private server to by pass FOIA was just dumb’

    It was a typical Cliton masterpiece and it was a protected scheme because the CLITONS made a deal with Obama to appoint to DOJ Holder and Lynch as pro CLITONS cronies who would not prosecute her even if it was evident she broke Federal laws and with the 10 year appointment of Comey, who had made millions by working for pro-CLITONS corporations, she would never be throughly investigated.

    The CLITONS had it all figured out EXCEPT they forgot about WikiLeaks which peeled the onion back as to why they had the private server….namely to operate the Cliton Foundation to reap hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign donors with treasonous favors( i.e. Uranium One).

    With Trump not wanting to prosecute the Clitons and their corrupt Foundation the question is …..will Obama pardon all participants which include Huma, Cheryl Mills,the IT guy,etc. despite Trump not wanting “to hurt anyone”.

    I predict he will pardon all participants and such action will in itself prove all to be guilty without another dollar being spent to investigate them.

    In summary, the CLITONS were smart but fortunately for America Assange was a tad bit smarter and Trump in first 100 days should not only pardon Assange but put a Medal of Honor around his neck.


    1. Mr. Tight, Sir…

      Concerning a pardon for Mr. Assange, I believe he will have to obtain that in Sweden.

      Concerning the Clintons, I don’t think smart is the right word. I would say “clever by half” is more appropriate. “Smart” is overvalued amongst liberal elites. “Wisdom” is undervalued. Trump’s campaign had, maybe unintentionally, the indicia of wisdom. You heard it here first.

      On Comey, your analysis reminds me of an Arkansas lawyer I worked with on a bank matter in Jackson County. In his view everybody has an ulterior motive and everything was multidimensional.

      Comey is a good guy doing a good job. I refer you to William of Ockham…”…assumptions are not to be
      multiplied unnecessarily.”

      On a pardon for the Clinton cohort, what I think she should do is have her lawyers approach the career prosecutors in the Criminal Division and indicate Hillary is willing to plead to a misdemeanor with a substantial fine and no jail time. In other words, she wants the same deal Petraeus got. He kept his rank and pension and paid a $100,000 fine. He can serve on corporate boards and is a highly paid speaker. As far as I’m concerned, that was a fair handling of the matter.

      Of course, a Judge is not bound by a plea deal and could impose jail time up to a year. At which point
      I’m sure Obama would commute the sentence as Bush did for Scooter Libby.

      I think Obama would OK a disposition like that in a New York minute.


      1. Tom , check the nineteen century jurisprudence in USSC which said that a Presidential pardon can pardon any and all acts criminal and or civil within a certain time frame ,up to last day the President is in office ,committed by any person and said person does not have to be first prosecuted, indicted or obtain a plea deal before pardon is totally effective and final.(Think Slick Willy’s pardon issued to Mark Reich represented by Holder and Ms.Reich awarded money to Cliton Library to the tune of $500,000).

        If you think that I have to assume one fact concerning Comey to conclude he was a main participant in a conspiracy to protect the Demos candidate then I want to sell you some high swamp ground in the La. delta.

        I believe you as an attorney know what an FBI full investigation entails and by no means was a full investigation done on Hil-lie-ry nor the Cliton Foundation( i.e. have you ever heard of an investigation where so many people were given immunity yet no one was brought before a grand jury which the DOJ never would grant due to the well laid conspiracy to protect Hil-lie-ry.)

        Assange does not fear for his life from the false sexual charges of Sweden but only from the Establishment of the U.S.. Obama I think asked and received the false charges from Sweden similar to the false reports of sexual abuse by the women paid by Soros and the DNC against Donald Trump which I believe was viewed by a majority of voters to be lies and dirty tricks , all of which backfired against Killery whose real health problems will soon surface.

        You heard it first here from the SlabbedNation in response to your blog.

        Finally, come on Tom your written conclusions don’t match your intelligence nor the common sense of the average non-legal layman. Remember there are reasons why we are the smart, trainable Elephants , have good memories and you Demos are the mentally stubborn donkeys.

        1. As is your custom, you have given me a buffet of things to work with.

          I agree the Rich pardon stunk to high heaven. Rich wanted the pardon so he could come back
          into the US. He never did come. He was fearful of being harassed and/or having his pardon questioned because it was obtained by bribery. The whole Rich Deal became part of the Clinton
          Odor that eventually contributed to the defeat of Hillary under “what goes around comes around” theory. I like the sound of that if I do say so myself.

          I don’t have a strong opinion either way about what happens to Julian Assuage.

          I hope you will step up to higher ground with me and not be too vindictive towards Hillary and her enablers. When Nixon was pardoned by Ford I was not the least bit upset. I didn’t want to see him humiliated. I wanted to see him gone from the Presidency. Indeed, I’ve often said if I had two hours to spend with a recent American President (from JFK forward) Nixon would be my choice.

          For Hillary, I repeat what I said before…she should get the deal Petraeus got. The General’s girlfriend was clearly an enabler and she walked. It will not bother me in the least if Hillary’s enablers walk as long as Hillary pleads to a misdemeanor. Holder is such a pathetic empty suit I wouldn’t waste time worrying about him. For some reason or another, I like Huma and I don’t want to see her hurt.

          We’re just going to have to agree to disagree on Jim Comey. I continue to think he is a good man doing a good job.

      2. I agree. I wish Mrs. Clinton would do this & put it to bed. President-elect Trump would not have to get involved nor would he have to break a campaign promise.

  2. Hillary thought ( or I should say knew) that campaigns are very expensive. This was not her first rodeo. So, she apparently decided to take the route that a war chest was the best way to become President. She connected with the very, extremely wealthy, not caring what part of the globe they came from. I guess it never occurred to her to connect with ” the people. ”
    But you have to understand, career politicians like her and her husband probably very rarely, if ever, have a real conversation with an average citizen.
    She was big on $$$$ and low on message, as you said Tom, it was a tutorial.
    Trump connected with the folks, and took” their message” and ran with it.
    I knew something was amiss one Friday on the evening news when they gave the report on campaign contributions, and Hiliary did him in with regard to $$$, but his individual contributions smothered hers even though they amounted to less.
    You see, what all politicians should remember is the only poll that counts is the one on Election Day, and you don’t even need your wallet at the voting place, just your ID.

    1. I kind of suspected Trump was doing better than the polls. In so-called “polite company” if you said you were for Trump you had to deal with a whole lot of “how could you…don’t you know…blah blah
      blah”. So, a lot of people short circuited the process by saying they were undecided or were going to vote Libertarian or Green or whatever.

      Voting for Trump was one way to stick it in the eye of the “too good to be true” crowd.

      1. I either read or heard ( there has been so much information to process) that Trump used a polling company from out of the US. His information was so detailed nation wide that he knew he was gong to win about 10 days before the election. Boggles my poor mind!!!

  3. I. The Social Psychology of __isms [Nativism, Racism, Nationalism, etc.]:
    1. Bad Economic Times Make For Bad Ideas/Actions: Studies from The Civil War to 2016 Reveal When the Economy Dips – Nativism, Racism, Nationalism, etc. Rise (and Vice Versa): In the early 1900s the Rate of Mississippi-Lynchings Rose and Fell In Direct Proportion to The Price of Cotton.
    2. The Bandwagon Effect: Good People Will Do Nothing Re: Bad People (Even Band With Bad Neighbors) Just to Avoid Isolation & Ostracism: Nixon’s-Atwater’s-RNC’s Southern Strategy 1972 To Date. In times like this, the worst evil is done by those who stand by and do nothing.

    II. Southern Memorials To Racists: Racism Surrounds & Bounds Us In Mississippi: Consider the myriad of Mississippi State Parks (Paul Johnson Lake & State Park; Wall Doxey S. P.; Ross Barnett Reservoir & State Park, etc.); Stadiums (M M Roberts / USM Stadium; Vaught/Ole Miss Stadium, etc.); Schools & Counties (Nathan Bedford Forrest County/Schools; Trent Lott Middle School); Bridges, Roads, Courthouses (Eastland Fed. Bldg.) (and many more); Rebel Flags; Confederate Memorials – All Institutional Memorials To Racists – For What? Why?

    III. The Mind of the South: W.J. Cash, Bertram Wyatt-Brown (Alfred A. Knopf Publ., 1941) Seventy Five Years Later Now – Can be re-titled “The Mind of the Nation” [or 48% of the US] – The More Things Change The More They Remain The Same.

    IV. Citizens Divided- And Conquered- By “Citizens United v. FEC” – The Rise, Viciousness & Victories of Divisive Dark Money – Cynically Divides All Into US and THEM.

    V. SOLUTION: Get Back The Public’S Airways From the Dark Money Interests: read
    Lamar Life Broadasting Co. v. FCC, 38 F.C.C. 1143 (1965), rev’d and remanded, Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ v. FCC, 359 F.2d 994 (D.C. Cir. 1966); 425 F.2d 543 (D.C. Cir. 1969): How One Man’s Lawsuit Wrestled Away a Jackson, MS TV Station From Dark Money Racists: It is a Primer For a 21st Century Return of OUR Airways To The People.

    1. Thank you for your observations. Thought provoking. I’m not sure I have anything to add.

      I’m somewhat of a Nixon student. One of his top strategists in 1968 was Kevin Phillips. An interesting
      quote is attributed to him: “the secret to politics is understanding who hates who.”

      I’ll leave it there and let others decide who is applying that thinking.

      1. Tom,
        At my age and after raising children to adulthood, I would say the secret to life is knowing who hates you!!😜
        Love it!

    2. LuxEVeritas:

      What you have posted clearly identifies you as a liberal,racist poor loser as I doubt you felt as per your emotional post when our current Divider in Chief was elected 8 tortuous years ago.

      But I would expect no less because the liberal, progressive Establishment ,who endorsed racist groups like the New Black Panther Party and Black Lives Matter, now sees the pendulum swing back to the right from its over extreme left alititude and they like the conservative Establishment of the Bush Dynasy have failed to maintain power simply through their Un-American political activities.

      It’s back to power to the people, America first instead of the corrupt globalists, lobbyists out , states rights /powers in, sanctuary cities out and law and order in, PC bull crap out and truth in words in – as in identifying Extreme Islam Terrorists for what they truly are; and you would think true Americans would welcome these changes .

      However, we see the treasonous Mayor of Chicago in defiance stating Chicago WILL REMAIN a sanctuary city and then lies through his teeth by stating ‘…you will be safe in Chicago….’- now by far the murder Capital of the of the Freeworld.

      Perhaps Lux E you would be happier in south Chicago with the diverse illegal Mexican drug lords, the militant blacks killing innocent black babies in hails of automatic gunfire , illegal immigrant criminals and with its educational system held hostage by the teacher union who want to suppress the competitive idea of vouchers for charter schools to help lift the blacks out of their plight of economic failure.

      Malcolm X said it best ‘ poor schools leads to poor economic plight’ but the Democratic Establishment and racist powers killed Malcolm for telling the truth 30 years ago .Until Trump came forth no politician had the balls to speak the truth- that the Demos whore out the black vote in election years and then neglect the black economic plight the rest of the time.

      May God Bless the administration of Donald Trump and help him make all of America Great Again.

      1. Locke,
        My all time first place winner of statements made by those campaigning this year was Obama being so absolutely dead sure if victory said something no white president, politician, or person could have gotten away with–
        At a rally he actually told the crowd, “when this is all over, we can still work with the Republicans. They are welcome to come along for the ride. They’look just have to sit on the back of the bus.”
        Yep. Said it. Couldn’t believe my ears. Can you imagine the outcry if Trump or Pence had said that? Use your imagination!

      2. Lock,

        What I said are HISTORICAL FACTS. What you garbled is just more divisive, factless bile. (“Trump . . . speak(s) the truth”?!?! – -Bull). Get this straight: I ain’t no supporter of Hillary, never was, never will be. Still, I was not fool enough to buy Rump’s bull. You bought it, less than half the voters bought it. Rump is a liar, whose lies are already evident in only one week. He attacked “Wall Street” – and then places Goldman Sacks cronies at the helm of his transition team, crows about dismantling Dodd-Frank, promises supporters certain things (“law and order”), then Rump lets his son-in-law, Kushner, get petty revenge (dumping Christie) for Christie’s lawful prosecution of Kushner’s crooked, tax-evading, stock-manipulating father.

        Facts, not lies, not childish name-calling, not bile. – -May God help us all.

        1. Lux,
          You sound like a Canada trip is in order for you. How about N. Korea. Come back and let us know how you feel! Sour Grapes!

        2. “Facts, not lies, not childish name-calling, not bile.” Lux, you sure do not know the facts about about why Chris Christie is no longer in charge of the transition team. All involved sat down and discuss the prosecution of Kushner’s father a long time ago. The so called facts in your post are nothing more than the liberal opinions of you and others. You need to get a therapy dog thru your Obama Care so you can curl up with something warm in your bed and never have to leave the basement.

        3. Lux,

          What news site are you getting your so-called truths from as I know of no appointment of a Goldman Sacks person to a transition team or to cabinet position?

          As far as Christie being out he was out long time ago with Bridgegate and his ongoing legal problem there.

          And Iam not saying Trump is a perfect person but he is the most non-PC person to ever run for the Presidency and that with his conservative Supreme Court appointments are enough to get my vote. What pray tell made you vote for a corrupt woman or not vote at all? Oh I know , you voted for a Libetarian to prove a point( i.e been down that Perot thought /vote that originally gave us the CLITONS for 8 tortuous years.)

          As far as a racist goes there has been no greater racist and social divider President than Obama whose own half brother dismissed Obama’s legacy and voted for Trump….. now that is telling bro’ ….. don’t you agree?

  4. I am so glad it is over and so sad how our country has acted. We have a new president elected by the people of this country and we need to support him. There were no riots when Obama was elected. Just because the Democrats did not get their way, lets take the high road and support Trump. He managed against all odds to win . Does that not say how he will get things and gets things accomplished as President that is the important thing for our country right now. I voted for him and will look forward to the future as our President of the United States. He is the new leader, support him. This country has bigger issues to deal with and I feel lucky to have him at the helm..

  5. President elect Donald Trump,
    I hope you manage to read these comments. Sir if you want to drain the swamp you need to pick members that have not attacked you. I don’t mean just selecting your friends or buddies. And certainly stay away from the young power hungry generation that is trying to leap frog everyone without merit. If I can help find me I will be happy to serve for you. God bless our new president.

  6. Answer: Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele, PHIL. INQUIRER STAFF WRITERS, philly.com:
    See i.e.,
    How the Game Was Rigged Against the Middle Class: Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele, PHIL. INQUIRER STAFF WRITERS, philly.com: Editor’s note: The following story ran Oct. 20, 1991, on Day One of the 9-day “America: What went wrong?” Series published in Phil. Inquirer.
    See also philly.com articles:
    “After Three Decades, American Worker Loses Out to Mexico”
    Oct 20 – 3:00 AM
    “Who – and How Many – in America’s Middle Class”
    Oct 20 – 3:00 AM
    “America’s Two-Class Tax System”
    “What Went Wrong: The Betrayal of the American Dream” is being published by the Investigative Reporting Workshop
    1991 SERIES:
    DAY 1
    How game was rigged against middle class
    After three decades, American worker loses out to Mexico
    Who – and how many – in America’s middle class
    DAY 2
    The lucrative business of bankruptcy
    DAY 3
    Big business hits the jackpot with billions in tax breaks
    DAY 4
    Why the world is closing in on the U.S. economy
    DAY 5
    The high cost of deregulation: Joblessness, bankruptcy, debt
    DAY 6
    For millions in U.S., a harsh reality: It’s not safe to get sick
    How death came to a once-prosperous discount-store chain
    DAY 7
    Raiders work their wizardry on an all-American company
    DAY 8
    When you retire, will there be a pension waiting?
    Workers saving for their retirement lose on junk bonds
    DAY 9
    How special-interest groups have their way with Congress
    Published: October 20, 1991 — 3:01 AM EDT The Philadelphia Inquirer.

  7. Listen all you cry baby , sleepless in Seattle, New York and LA demo brats :

    If you all have studied your history lessons you have heard hthe old saying, “The South shall rise again”.

    Well you will see it become realty in yo’ generation as Trump has just selected Jefferson( own slaves) Beauregard(confederate war hero) Sessions, currently a Senator from the great Confederate state of Alabama, as Attorney General.

    Hil-lie-ry Killery better head for the hills/caves around Richmond for the Second Civil War in DC to begin as this Jefferson Beauregard is aiming to drain the swamp and shine light on all its dark creatures.

  8. ‘ I don’t want to hurt her……..she (Hi-lie-ry Killlary ) needs to heal……they ( the Clintons ) are good people…….the Cliton Foundation has done good work….’WTF? Has the Donald sustained a Hillary stroke,dementia or what?

    After Romney has been one of the few nominated for SOS surprisely after his 13 minuteGOP tyranny rant that Donald was ‘a fraud……..’ ; maybe the Donald realizes he has truly been a fraud in the past and is “draining his own swamp”?

    Well good for you Donald but you better start drawing up the plans for the Great Wall or the 60 million voters who sent you their hard earned dollars will be out in the street in front of White House and Trump Tower giving their own reasons why you are a fraud and suggesting you need mental therapy for your bipolar,OCD personality.

    It is wise to keep your enemies close but are you overdoing this principle a bit with your OCD personality?

    So ‘Straighten up Son(Donald)’ and discipline yourself before you cause your voters to choke on their Thanksgiving meal after they prayed(millions of evangelicals),sent you their money and voted for your promises .

    Question for Donald: What has the Establishment (Kissinger,Bushes,NSA) threatened you with…….. (blackmailed you with)?

    Excuse me while I retreat into my ‘safe room’ to play with my therapy dolls and ponder how I will escape my own depression and sleeplessness .

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