The Giant Douche Wins: Let the backstabbing begin

As President Elect Douche assumes office with historically high negatives going in, one is left to wonder what the heck the Democrat insiders were thinking foisting such a Turd Sandwich on the electorate. Worth noting is on the GOP side, the nomination was derived from a primary system that valued the rank and file and primary electoral process while the Democrats had their primary deck stacked with virtually all of the “Super delegates” being for Clinton out of the chute to go with all the dirty tricks. Both parties have been out of touch with ordinary Americans and last night’s election results reinforces that fact.

The biggest losers are the neocons that abandoned ship and supported Clinton along with a Democrat political party that used to represent blue collar white working people. Those folks have now completely abandoned the party after their standard bearers abandoned them in favor of cuddling up with Wall Street.

And none of this counts the blood letting to come on the GOP side. Interesting days are ahead folks..

26 thoughts on “The Giant Douche Wins: Let the backstabbing begin”

  1. The worst part for me in the coming days ahead, is going to be having to listen to all of the people who weren’t smart enough to see a Trump win coming, who will now annoint themselves as the experts on why he won.
    The incorrectness of their previous high opinions will not dim their current and future high opinions. Their self esteem knows no bounds. Their self righteousness is bottomless.

  2. Trump is President. He won despite his party and the Clintons using unparalleled obstructions on him. We took the burden of supporting him and now it is on him. I bet a Dollar to a Donut that the swamp is mopping up right now. He was the only candidate that was tuned to the common core problems of a liberal society.

  3. And let’s not also forget: He won despite a totally negative Lame Stream Media, who were determined to coronate Killery. I say, enough of this “unity” bullshit! I have a memory like an elephant, and I will never forget. The “mission” now becomes: PUT HER (and those of her ilk) IN PRISON. President-elect Trump can steer well-clear of implementing this mission, which the Rudy Gulianis of the world can be “point men” on. OUT HER IN PRISON. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. The anger and blame are misdirected. Democrats and Democratic policies have done much more for rural and small town working people than Republicans have. The schools, health care, transportation, water, sewer, and industrial infrastructure, Social Security, Medicare, etc. have been subsidized and their labor rights protected primarily because of Democrats and Democratic programs. Republicans’ involvement has generally been to undermine all of those things and try to force any assistance to pass through their cronies to skim off a healthy share. Then when the working class complains that they are not getting their fair share, Republicans point at the government and minorities as the scapegoats.

    In most small towns, especially in Mississippi, three of the largest employers are the public schools receiving federal and state funding, the community hospital that gets most of its revenue from Medicare and Medicaid, and local governments that rely on federal grants to subsidize law enforcement, infrastructure projects, and almost every major operational cost.

    Yes, working class wages have stagnated, but Trump and business leaders like him are more responsible for the trade deficit than is anyone in the government. It’s easy and traditional to blame government bureaucrats and the “liberal elite” and immigrants and minorities for “victimizing” the white working class and middle class, but that is wrong. Almost all of the effects on blue collar workers and middle-income white collar workers are economic adjustments of the shift from the old industrial economy to an advanced technology economy. This is not planned by the government, it is an unstoppable economic shift driven by technology and the capitalist market economy. Generally, Democrats have tried to provide transition assistance and a safety net to help those who suffer the negative economic effects. Republicans generally have tried to block those programs and blame everything on Democrats, minorities, and immigrants, while offering no viable solution or assistance. The people have chosen to follow the scapegoaters rather than the problem solvers. Good luck with that.

    1. “The schools, health care, transportation, water, sewer, and industrial infrastructure, Social Security, Medicare, etc. have been subsidized and their labor rights protected primarily because of Democrats and Democratic programs.”
      ….Brian, do you know how these items listed above are funded????????
      ….ever consider why “working class complains that they are not getting their fair share”??????????
      You either do not work or have a very cushioned local-government job that allows you to spew your venom and blame Republicans for the mess that we are in economically. Let’s stay local, since you use that example. You seem to think that the hospital, schools and local government operate on federal dollars; seriously? Did you not get an increase in your property tax this year? How about a surcharge on your utility bill? Yes, federal grants do help with infrastructure, but, not with operational costs. Perfect example, being able to build beautifully designed fire house is great, but, when you can’t afford to staff it; what was the point? Now you want to offer those laid off “transition assistance?” Where does that money come from? Perhaps the same pot of money that didn’t exist to make the wages or is it another federal grant? Someone always has to pay and you are correct; traditionally it is the working class Americans, who cannot afford Obamacare and do not qualify for any subsidies on their insurance. Those who pay their property taxes, pay for their children’s lunches and then watch the local principal step out of an $85000 vehicle, dressed in only the finest of linens and telling you that they need more $$ for education costs. Yes, we are tired of the bull$^1T. My job has not been affected by “economic adjustments of the shift from the old industrial economy to an advanced technology economy” or a “unstoppable economic shift driven by technology and the capitalist market economy.” I have actually never made more money, but, I have also never had so much taken away through tax increases, made up fees, required unconstitutional purchases and penalties for not playing the game! If you believe that advanced technology is to blame and a market economy, then where on earth have you seen an economy thrive that is completely controlled by the government? Cuba? Venezuela? …..I’m looking for an example

    2. ScoobyDoo posted these on archivals post this AM – I’m glad to see Dr. Black and I still think alike.

      The Liberals Didn’t Listen: The Immense Cost of Ignoring Tom Frank’s Warnings Posted on November 9, 2016 by William Black

      Donald Trump is moving to the White House, and liberals put him there ~ Thomas Frank

      And so Democratic leaders made Hillary their candidate even though they knew about her closeness to the banks, her fondness for war, and her unique vulnerability on the trade issue – each of which Trump exploited to the fullest. They chose Hillary even though they knew about her private email server. They chose her even though some of those who studied the Clinton Foundation suspected it was a sketchy proposition.

      To try to put over such a nominee while screaming that the Republican is a rightwing monster is to court disbelief. If Trump is a fascist, as liberals often said, Democrats should have put in their strongest player to stop him, not a party hack they’d chosen because it was her turn. Choosing her indicated either that Democrats didn’t mean what they said about Trump’s riskiness, that their opportunism took precedence over the country’s well-being, or maybe both.

    3. My Fellow Americans,

      I agree with Mr. Martins post–for the most part. 🙂

      I think its true how the Democrats have helped a lot of working class people while the Republicans are stuck on big business. Especially in Mississippi.

      We will now have a new President and the future is unpredictable. I voted for the “Douche” because we need someone different in the white house.

      What strikes me as amazing is how Bryant and a certain politically connected South Mississippi family jumped on the Trump Train. With political connections running deep, it amazes me how they would support a person like Trump. This heavily connected family, embedded deep within the Republican Regime of Mississippi could end up paying the price if Trump pushes to Drain the Swamp. Their whole existence and power stems from dirty political connections within the corrupt Republican political party in Mississippi.

      1. Eye-Spy – “I think its true how the Democrats have helped a lot of working class people while the Republicans are stuck on big business.” You couldn’t be more wrong. My pop owned and operated a brake manufacturing company. It had 2 plants. In those plants worked about 1200 blue collar folks. They each could afford a house, help with college tuition if their kid did well in school, take a vacation and buy a new car every 5 years. My dad’s company, like so many others, went out of business in 2008. 1 plant was the only plant in town – which also meant the whole town depended on us to stay in business and keep PRODUCING wealth for the community. The factors for demise were many but cheap Chinese and Mexican labor was probably number 1 and the manipulated, exported value of the dollar was number 2. (Remember when Mitt Romney said day 1 he’d label China a currency manipulator? He was on to something but just didn’t explain it well.) Stopping the dollar manipulation alone would have saved our company, 1200 people’s livelihoods and 1 town in America to boot. But the elite in BOTH parties would not favor domestic manufacturing over the global/foriegn manufacturing. Thus, they kept monkeying the dollar up allowing imports to be artifically cheaper along with their cheaper labor costs. American companies had a productivity/efficiency edge over foreign manufacturing (“American workers are the best workers in the world” is not hyperbole, it is a data based fact. Americans are gifted to labor hard, long and with saavy. Germans were #2 – some say #1.), so we could stay competitive if we kept being more productive/efficient per hour of labor. That was our fight. But we could not beat the currency manipulation too. So – with a long winded expalantion – you are wrong. My dad’s company and the jobs it provided were all the ‘help’ the working man needed. Welfare requires dependence on someone else. Dependence does not move you off dependence either. Those same working men/women that worked in my dad’s plants have no desire to be dependent on someone else. And that’s what leftists just don’t get. Americans enjoy being free and independent. Maybe a European has no issue being in ‘job club’ and collecting someone else’s wealth. (There are generations of able bodied men in Spain that have never once held a job.) But Welfare is NEVER help – it leads you no where, it does not empower you, and just sucks the get up and go – morale – to move forward right out of you. What you saw Tuesday was the salt of the Earth Americans, blue collar, hard working, straight up honest men and women say, “enough of the bullshit you’re selling us Republican elite, and, enough of the dependency bullshit you’re selling us Democrat elite. Give us the business man/outsider with a plan.” Man, did they get it right. I so respect their choice because I have had a front row seat to their plight over the last ten years. When every American understands the problem, we will get consensus on the solution.

  5. To: Mr. Martin: You and the other “small town Mississippians” who live off “government jobs” would really like things in North Korea, Cuba or the Peoples Republic of China. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  6. Brian is talking about the swamp that needs to be drained. Redistribution of wealth to prop up the chronically unemployed and lazy is not a financial plan it is socialism. I believe America now sees it more than ever. Political Correctness should be a forgotten thing. Call it the way it is and treat it the way it is and you can fix any problem before it is out of control to the point it becomes in control.

  7. And the media and online activists will cover and comment on an LGBT scary Clown selling meth in Jackson County off of an overpriced DMR boat riding down the Bayou behind the Shed BBQ restaurant in a Soundoff than they will cover job creating companies and entrepreneurs doing good for our community and hiring people. Drain the swamp!

  8. ‘Scary LGBT clowns selling meth off a overpriced DMR boat back of the Shed Barbecue’…..

    Holy Pulled Pork /Baked Beans Batman;

    I was planning a mini vacation to Biloxi and eating at the Shed…. guess I better pack some heat to safely eat in peace.

    1. Of course you would Brian because you are a superior thinker. Your years at the trough have made you very full of yourself. Your political party is in shambles today because of superior thinkers just like you.

  9. I voted for Trump. There was not any way I could vote for someone so politically connected, corrupt, murderer, liar and much more. We all need to join forces and look forward to the greater things to come from our new President.
    Why do you think it took her so long to come down to give her speech. She was over an hour late. Maybe She had to wait for the Banks to open so she could start transferring her funds from the Clinton Foundation to Swiss Banks before she gets indicted and goes to jail??

    1. I would imagine, that based on everything I have ever heard from the normal (non-political) people who have had to interact with her, that in the time between the calling of the election for Trump, and Hillary finally coming out to concede, her hotel room must have been the closest thing to Hell on the planet.

    2. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but Obama will pardon Hil-lie-ry Killery before he leaves office of all possible crimes associated with her employment as SOS and beyond.

      Obama can set the dates of his pardon up to his departure as President even if she has not been indicted when he departs the Swamp.

      And he will also probably do the same for Loretta Lynch, Comey, Huma, Cheryl Mills and others and maybe himself.🙈🙉🙊

  10. How can he give someone a pardon prior to any conviction? If he can legally do that, then the world will know how corrupt that line up is… His legacy is heading downhill, guess he will hit bottom after the pardons. However, They all need to go to jail if they participated in any illegal acts. We all know they did but now it has to be proven. I wonder how many more people are going to commit suicide?

    1. The man has a lifetime record as a systemic liar. I wouldn’t put much stock in any of his promises. The election is over and now there is a new group to slop at the trough. A leopard can’t change its spots.

      Friday bonus: The Hebert’s (Tina Shumate) are back in business big time with Trump’s victory.

      I personally expect the stealing to get worse.

      1. Maybe someone needs to update Trump of our Mississippi woes with trough slippers. Maybe he can drain the Mississippi swamp. We will find out very fast if he practices what he preaches. Supposedly, Trump and the Bushes, and old [email protected]$$ aren’t too chummy. So where does that leave the Herbert’s? Time will tell.

        1. A good start would be for Trump to appoint federal USAO prosecutors who be excited to receive orders to prioritize corruption investigations. And, then turn them loose.

        2. That’s the million dollar question Charlene. Where does the Radical Regime of trough suckers stand now? As most of us know, Mississippi has appeared in many posts on the internet as one of the most corrupt states in the nation. When you combine that with what we actually know locally, I can see this gang of thieves being part of the swamp that needs to be drained. But will they? I would like to think if they were duly exposed they would be. But I see Doug’s point also. They have enough layers of corruption in place to shield Trump from the entire truth. I still believe in my heart if Trump knew personally of the corrupt business going on in our state these people would be targets of elimination if at all possible.

          With respect to Doug’s comment about The Hebert’s being back in business. It’s no surprise that this family has made a living off the political scheme since the Ol’ Lady was heavily involved way back when. This can be clearly seen with a little research on the internet. Here is what actually does surprise me. This family clearly has benefitted from the “establishment” and now they are Pro-Trump. Someone like Romney or Cruz would have better suited them in my opinion. I strongly believe they are just supporting the party and finding ways to suck themselves back in for survival. Of course, someone can cast blame and say Trump supports this behavior but I seriously doubt Trump has the inside scoop on the Regime being and outsider.

          With all that said, I am not going to put all of my faith in his promises because he is now officially a politician. But I did vote for him because of a few key reasons: being an outsider, job creation, border/immigrant security, and to wage a full scale war against ISIS and Islamic Radicalism. If he doesn’t meet my expectations in 4 years. I’ll vote for another person.

  11. Goodness knows Eye…there is plenty of information about the Mississippi scandals on line for all to see. Even the FBI was involved and pulled away by some unknown source. All he would have to do is contact some of the people who were stolen from, fired, families who lost love ones due to the horrible corruption, etc. He loves to twitter, so I am sure that he has seen all that has been going on here.
    I had thought that the REAL GOP in Mississippi might inform Trump of all the ongoings here. They can not like what has been done to their party. Also, Trump met with some Fat Cats down here on the Coast concerning the Broadwater property. Some have said that he was part of the group that owned it. I can not say. But I pity him if he is involved with any of the [email protected]@ss owners. We all know how crooked some of them are. The inside people closest to Trump know who they thieves are. And if Trump has been in the political circles at all, he knows what is going on. Again, time will tell if our pitiful little State can ever be normal again and if he gives us the attention we so desperately need from the FBI.

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