I will say this about the USM SAEs…….

USM fraternity suspended, investigation ongoing ~ WDAM

According to University of Southern Mississippi Police Chief Bob Hopkins, the investigation is ongoing.

“We are following up on a complaint that is alcohol related and we are awaiting lab results to see which way our investigation will go,” said Hopkins.

The SAE fraternity is located at 105 Fraternity Drive and its full occupancy is listed at 34, according to the University of Southern Mississippi’s website.

In 2015, a junior at Southern Miss, Edward Anthony Rahaim, 20, was charged with one count of sexual battery that allegedly occurred at the SAE house.

Evidently the knuckleheads in the SAE chapter in Hattiesburg have not paid attention to what happened to Darren Sharper. Betting money is their Charter will be revoked and the fraternity banned from campus. This story is worth keeping an eye on due to the potential for major criminal charges.

The Giant Douche Wins: Let the backstabbing begin

As President Elect Douche assumes office with historically high negatives going in, one is left to wonder what the heck the Democrat insiders were thinking foisting such a Turd Sandwich on the electorate. Worth noting is on the GOP side, the nomination was derived from a primary system that valued the rank and file and primary electoral process while the Democrats had their primary deck stacked with virtually all of the “Super delegates” being for Clinton out of the chute to go with all the dirty tricks. Both parties have been out of touch with ordinary Americans and last night’s election results reinforces that fact.

The biggest losers are the neocons that abandoned ship and supported Clinton along with a Democrat political party that used to represent blue collar white working people. Those folks have now completely abandoned the party after their standard bearers abandoned them in favor of cuddling up with Wall Street.

And none of this counts the blood letting to come on the GOP side. Interesting days are ahead folks..