All eyes on DoJ Internals

Judging from the following links Slabbed just put out on Twitter coupled with more recent news about the Clinton emails showing up on Anthony Weiner’s computers has me convinced the internals at the DoJ are as toxic in Washington DC as they are in New Orleans. The last tweet contains a clue into the trip down memory lane I’m taking as it regards local New Orleans DoJ toxicity:

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  1. You will be proud of me, Doug. I said from the beginning last Friday that Comey had mutiny on his hands after that pathetic performance he gave in July. And we compensate these people.
    Nope, you don’t kill a snake by cutting off its tail. That’s what we are dealing with here.
    You know what they say about the government. The corrupt get promoted.

    1. Ms. Noonan….
      That being said, my thoughts go back to the SRHS scandal, the BSL scandal, and the DMR scandal (just to name a few). Isn’t it strange that the FBI only indicted a few in all of this??? ITMO that the FBI was told to “stand down” on all of these scandals because they went all the way back to important people in Texas. Why is Bill Walker “incarcerated” in Texas?? Why isn’t he closer where the Mississippi taxpayers can monitor his imprisonment?? Inquiring minds want to know.
      The FBI is all part of whatever is going on in Mississippi and the U. S. Any suggestions from anyone trying to figure out this puzzle??

  2. The website has some great journalism especially the story today that the U.S Attorney official in charge of investigating the Weiner 650,000 e-mails just happens to be the best friend of POS John Podesta ,Killery’s campaign manager, namely Kadzik.

    Who is Kadzik…… well, he is the same attorney who represented Podesta after he lied to FBI about Bill getting Lewinsky a job at the U.N. And Podesta has openly said Kadzik ‘saved me from going to jail.’ Looks like Kadzik is trying to save Killery from going to jail too.

    Kadzik was appointed in 2013 to U.S. attorney after he defended in 2001 a Marc Rich,who was an international embezzler/fugitive owning the world 48 million ,and who Bill Clinton pardoned and therafter Ms. Rich gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Cliton library,the beginning of the CLITONS’ international pay -to -play game that continued via the Clitons Foundation into 2016 and as Bill promised just the other day will continue even when Killery is elected President.

    These Clitons fear no U.S. investigation/prosecutorial agency as they have beneficial, higher government planted friends like Loretta Lynch to protect them from every evil deed they do from pay- to -play to even murder( Seth Rich murder in D.C.. Which said murder happened only months after Podesta in a wikiLeak e-mail stated that the campaign ‘….needed to make a example of any campaign leaker BEYOND INTERNAL DISCIPLINE.’

    There is rumor WikiLeaks’ information is coming from U.S. Intel departments who has info on all of the CLITONS e-mails, telephone calls, etc..Look for Huma to be thrown under the bus by Killery…… Huma’s parents are editors of pro Saudi propaganda journalism upon which Huma’s name is alleged to appeared on said journalism staff.

    If Killery wins there is rumored to be a constitutional challenge to her election especially if Republicans win both Senate and House.

    You heard it first on Slabbed via The Washington Standard , both up and rising watchdogs/beacons of truth, justice and good government.

    1. This whole situation is the very definition of why special prosectors are ever needed. The government cannot make the determination of whether to prosecute itself or not. The DOJ is as much under investigation as Hillary.

    1. At least Epps isn’t a crook!

      A tearful Epps tells judge, ‘I wasn’t thinking’

      A shackled, crying Chris Epps testified Thursday that he just wasn’t thinking when he went to the house he had forfeited to the federal government after pleading guilty to bribery and removed outdoor lights and a control panel.

      Just so everyone is clear on this taking things he doesn’t own anymore from the house he turned over to the feds because he plead guilty and forfeited the house…

      “I didn’t go over there to steal anything. That’s not my character,” Epps testified.



  3. Dear Doug:

    There’s a lot to be disgruntled about here, but I always tell my son – IT CAN ALWAYS GET WORSE! What can get worse here is IF CLINTON IS ELECTED, we have to endure the entire process of having her put out of office if she is (finally) indicted!!!! What happens to our country in the meantime? NOTHING!

    Shirley Heflin
    Tampa, FL


    1. Unlike the rest of us Shirley your vote in Florida may actually count for something. Always nice to see you stop in and say hi.

  4. You know, I am getting more and more disgusted with all of the so called branches of our government that we fund year in and year out with our tax dollars.
    The Department of Justice is just about at the top of my list currently. Look at them at the local level right here in Bay St. Louis. Last November the DOJ issued a Preliminary Report on the disappearance of the $300,010.44 in the city’s Equitable Sharing Fund. They concluded that the city would be on a “do not spend” status until the matter could be resolved. Their report cited the city officials for not properly reporting the funds, co-mingling them with other city accounts, and not being able to present documentation that the money was spent on the Police Dept.
    It is almost a year now, and still no resolution to this in a small town that is not flush with money, and the citizens are still waiting to find out if their PD can be financed appropriately for their safety and peace of mind.
    I know government runs slowly, but this seems a bit much. Either contact the city officials and let them know nothing is wrong, and your are abandoning your initial findings or come down here and nail the people who spent this money outside of the laws that govern it and take care of business.
    In the meantime the good citizens of the Bay continue to do without needed police department funding and pay salaries to the DOJ while they wait.

    1. As I mentioned above Ms Noonan, the FEDS must have things to ”
      trade off” with the upper echelon of this State. Could it be old [email protected]@SS? or Rat Pickering? Hopefully all of the hoopla with this election will lay a lot of it bare for the people of this State to finally understand. I am convinced that the disappearing money problems in our State has to do with long arms associated with D.C at high levels. Why even old Baby Walker was boasting around photos of his wife and babies with old Dub! The FEDS absolutely allowed all of the “money borrowing” that went on after Katrina and is still going on with BP money to thrive and continue by not arresting all of the associated individuals involved in these scandals. The question is…who is the kingpin pulling the strings?? The Walkers could answer a lot of these questions. And Baby Walker is known for flapping his lips in the wind. Just a matter of time.

  5. To: The Slabbed Nation: As Doug and Nowdy well-know, because they covered some (but not all) of my travails, I have personally been the target of a TOTALLY CORRUPT Federal Government. See: (which is entirely “SAFE” to open).

    What was done to me at Camp Amtrak in the aftermath of KATRINA was CRIMINAL, but I was denied both a criminal and a civil remedy by (you “guessed” it: The Feds and Federal Judges), which is no small wonder given the fact that the following Federal agencies had personnel at Camp Amtrak while I was being tortured, brutalized and falsely imprisoned there, WHO ALL KNEW WHAT WAS BEING DONE TO ME, but who stood around with their thumbs up their asses, doing NOTHING: The U.S Attorney’s Offices of both the Eastern District and Middle District of Louisiana, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, U.S. Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Marshall’s Service, among other Federal agencies, whose employees WATCHED while my civil rights were being brutally violated by the Louisiana State Police and the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

    After my legal cases had been “kicked into the gutter” by the Federal Court System, I was wrongfully charged criminally for having made “threats (allegedly)” against unnamed and unidentifiable Federal Officials, spending 34 days in solitary confinement in the “Windsor Court St. Bernard” (da paa-wish apparently has some sort of contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons), then being forced to fight Letten’s Office (he later resigned in disgrace, remember?) for almost two years before I successfully argued to the Courts that the charges against me were FALSE, and that they should be dismissed, with prejudice. Had I gone to trial and been convicted, I would have been liable to five years incarceration in a Federal penal institution. And OH, YES! I was under “house arrest”, wearing an ankle bracelet (I couldn’t even take my garbage cans to the curb) during most of that two year period.

    So I have no faith whatsoever in “justice” ever being done in Killary’s case, particularly if she is elected POTUS on November 8th. All I need to know about her I already know: (1) She has perjured herself numerous times; (2) she jeopardized national security by having a private server; (3) the server was “hacked” by no fewer than seven foreign security agencies; and (4) [this one hasn’t been confirmed, yet] there was classified material on one or more of the Anthony Weiner “devices”.

    As to the current U.S. Department of “Injustice”, be aware of the names of the following people who should share a prison cell with Killary, because they are interfering with the FBI investigations into the E-mail and server issues, and into the Clinton Foundation: Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, Leslie Caldwell, Peter Kadzik and John Carlin.

    Signed, Ashton O’Dwyer, New Orleans.

  6. Ashton:

    You forgot to mention that some powerful croney attorney politicos encouraged your prosecution because you were the first to file a class action suit against the U.S. Agencies responsible for improper construction of flood levels…..all just so their Johnny-Come-Lately class action suits could take preference over yours.

    Likewise I’m sure you will not be pulling the lever for one certain Carolyn Fayard for Senator for La. whose candidancy has nosedived faster than Indonesia flight M360.

    1. Correction: My Apple spell correct thinks that ” flood levels” is more PC correct over what I typed which was “flood levees”….

      That’s why machines and automated robot telephone operators will never take over the world……

  7. For those of you that are voting for Hillery, please think long and hard about this. When she gets indicted, our country will be run by Kaine. That is worst than Trump or Hillery. Total Disaster !!
    Maybe Comey was promised a position in her cabinet, Kitchen cabinet maybe. This entire family has no moral, ethics or anything, only self preservation.
    As for our local government:
    Hopefully the DOJ or someone will wave their magic want over BSL and the mayor will disappear into the deep tunnels of prison…It is time for something to happen.

  8. Outraged,
    I could not agree more on the DOJ at the local level.
    The good people of Bay St. Louis deserve better treatment from the Feds. Afterall, they didn’t even know their Police Fund was gone.
    And to think the whole thing could be settled if the Mayor and Clerk would just produce invoices amounting to $300,010.44 for the Police Dept. If they can’t, then let’s take care of business and move on.

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