Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars – The Clintons Again: Better Than Poking Yourself in the Eye With a Sharp Stick … But Not By Much

Published on Nov 1, 2016

The Clintons are coming again. Like a couple of huge Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons.

They’ve been around forever. They’re totally familiar, clever opportunists … ambitious, greedy, unprincipled, and lacking a quarter ounce of political courage.

They’re also inevitable.

They’ve accumulated $100 million without either one of them having other than a government job for 30 years. They don’t pay for anything and, if all goes well November 8, they’ll become Billionaires.

Maybe then, one of them will pick up a check for something, anything, somewhere, sometime.

Like Gertrude Stein said about Oakland CA … “There’s no there there.” At least Oakland has former Jesuit Seminarian and two-time Mayor (and four-time CA Governor) Jerry Brown, Champagne Tony Lema, and Hell’s Angels Shot Caller Sonny Barger. The Clintons have ambition and the certainty that no matter how big a mess they make, they’re smart enough to talk their way out of it, and the sheeple will be with them to the end.

So far, they’ve been right.

The Clintons are the Nixon of our times … except Nixon was interesting, courageous, and a visionary in addition to being paranoid and the other things that drove him from office. The Clintons are just ambitious, ordinary, and boring.

I’m not looking forward to Election Night at all. Bill and Hillary with their rhythmic clapping. Pointing at special friends in the crowd. ($1,000,000 contributors get pointed at, $5,000,000 contributors get pointed at plus a wave and both palms pressed against the chest. That means a couple of nights in the Lincoln Bedroom and an invitation to join the Board of the Clinton Global Initiative for another couple of million … and then there’s the Hillary Library, she’s got you down for five mil there and, by the way, Chelsea needs a lift to Singapore in March, I’m sure your 727 will work fine … it never ends.)

I’m sure there’s a price for lifetime entitlement to a point, a wave, and palms to the chest … transferable of course to heirs and assigns. Continue Reading……….

51 thoughts on “Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars – The Clintons Again: Better Than Poking Yourself in the Eye With a Sharp Stick … But Not By Much”

  1. “The Clintons are just ambitious, ordinary, and boring.”
    Wow. That’s just awful.
    And you can see 30 years of their join returns if you question their income.
    Can’t say either for the orange republican nominee. ..

    1. I don’t recall saying anything positive about Trump.

      If you detected that my enthusiasm for Hillary is contained, I think that would be accurate.

  2. Trump may not be the best candidate the republicans have, but we must support him. How can anyone vote for another Clinton in the White House, knowing the past history and even reading your article. The lies, corruption, emails, deaths, and wealth they have accumulated.
    The Democrats want to give everything away to free programs and guess who has to pay for it? US… so get your checkbook ready when you vote next Tuesday for Hillary, it will be an expensive vote.

  3. Remember this basic truth about people. You get more of the behavior you reward. Be careful of what behavior you reward, unless you really want more of it.

    And, I understand Hillary. She’s pretty transparent. She makes little effort to disguise what and who, she really is. An anti-social personality type, through and through. Ambitious, and completely unrepentant of her sense of ultimate entitlement, and of her actions in pursuit of that goal.

    But, I’ll probably be trying the rest of my life to figure out what would make a somewhat normal, taxpaying and law abiding citizen support her. They have to see the same thing that those refusing to vote for her see. This article demonstrates that peculiar fact extremely well. But, then again, history is full of unanswered questions like that.

    1. Very interesting and thoughtful comment.

      The Clintons are an interesting couple. I view them almost as a single entity. Bill is super smart and an absolute genius at making people like him. He’s also totally undisciplined. Hillary fills in his weaknesses. She’s focused, disciplined and as tough as they come.

      People cite his infidelities as evidence of a sham marriage. I disagree. They are a team determined to get to the top. So far, they’re doing pretty well.

      As a citizen and resident of the USA, I want a President that can pass the threshold test of minimum
      competence. Can that person keep the country safe until the next election. Does the person take the job seriously enough to do the study necessary to separate good advice from bad advice. Is the person
      capable of dealing with the unforseen in a thoughtful competent way.

      I thought Obama was the clear choice in the last two elections. I think, as between Hillary and Trump,
      Hillary is my very unenthusiastic choice.

  4. Tom,

    You’ve forgotten the most important point of this entire election; Clinton = same insider bullshit that has made our government rule over the people and not the other way around versus Trump = an outsider loathed by BOTH insider parties who will deal the biggest set back to the rulers in my lifetime. Do you want to break the government monopoly on our lives and put the people back in charge? The government should fear the people and not the other way around. With our balooned government apparati, a 24/7 on your phone media in the information age and endless connectivity to all those who seek the power, the fight for liberty today and into the future is the real battle of our times. I do not want to work for nor answer to the state. You are lining up on the wrong side of history.

    1. To get to the future you have to survive the present.

      The Clintons are smart and capable of being competent managers of the status quo. Trump is a glib
      undisciplined opportunist.

      Look at the two candidates like investments. Clinton, as a stock, will trade within a predictable range on a modestly upward path and pay a small dividend. Trump, as a stock, could go to the moon (1%
      chance) is more likely to fluctuate wildly and fairly likely crash and burn…like Trump University or the Taj Mahal.

      Hillary is sleazy, but not dangerous. Trump is sleazy, uninformed and dangerous.

      1. Trump has been around for a long time. He only became a dangerous crackpot when he decided to challenge the oligarchy status quo. As would have anyone else with the temerity and resources to do the same, I imagine.

        1. I agree that when one challenges “the establishment” you will be counter attacked with a
          vengeance. Most clever opportunists recognize that fact and use the counterattack to their benefit. Trump understood all of that and used it to his benefit.

          If Trump had the depth of knowledge of Pat Buchanan or Newt Gingrich he could have taken it to Hillary in debate and on the trail far better than Trump has. Trump is not intellectually curious.

          1. I guess the bottom line for me, is that while I may be forced to accept corruption in our government, I cannot be forced to endorse it or support it with my vote.

      2. The left-wing play against Reagan was the same song, “he’s dangerous, he’ll push the nuclear button.” It was all bull designed to create fear in some to control them, or, probably in your case today, to give you an intellectually lazy but ready-made excuse not to leave the ideological reservation. Trump built a hotel chain into a global enterprise. Is that what dangerous kookes do? All you really know about Trump is what the media told you and then you believed it. You probably thought the same about Reagan. Ask any human in Iraq or Libya whether Hillary is dangerous. Or in Egypt, or in the Ukraine, or anyone in the Middle East staring down Iran with nukes in a few years. As for your stock analogy, as a Sec. of State everything she did was an absolute indicator that she was grossly incompetent in that job. She is a known loser and if she were a stock I’d sell short with leveraged options and become rich. Now that I’ve quibbled myself into being a fool…back to work.

        1. Concerning Reagan, I have his Autobiography. If I’m not mistaken, around Page 416 you will find his account of calling Israeli Prime Minister Begin and demanding that Israel stop the
          shelling of the civilian areas of Beirut, Lebanon. Reagan recounts that he used the word “holocaust” intentionally and told Begin that if they didn’t stop the bombing it would change the USA’s relationship with Israel on all matters. It stopped.

          I’ve cited Reagan many times on my site for his political courage and decency using the above example. One of my problems with Hillary is I’m not convinced she has similar political courage. Can she take a position that goes against the wishes of her support base.

          Concerning Trump, when I was playing a lot of Poker I spent a fair amount of time in the Taj Mahal then owned by Trump. Let’s put it this way, it was a dive. Light years away from the Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson properties in Las Vegas.

          Ask anyone who knows the Casino business about Trump. He was never viewed as a successful operator for customers and he was a straight out loser for shareholders.

          1. Tom,

            If we do not take the changes needed to make our security
            >> policy in the region more realistic, there is a real danger of ISIL
            >> veterans moving on to other countries to facilitate operations by Islamist
            >> forces. This is already happening in Libya and Egypt, where fighters are
            >> returning from Syria to work with local forces. ISIL is only the latest and
            >> most violent example of this process. If we don’t act to defeat them in
            >> Iraq something even more violent and dangerous will develop. Successful
            >> military operations against these very irregular but determined forces can
            >> only be accomplished by making proper use of clandestine/special operations
            >> resources, in coordination with airpower, and established local allies.
            >> There is, unfortunately, a narrow window of opportunity on this issue, as
            >> we need to act before an ISIL state becomes better organized and reaches
            >> into Lebanon and Jordan.


            Straight from Podesta to Hillary. She owns Libya. “Hillary’s not dangerous” – I can’t think of more foolish statement ever uttered.

  5. Let’s forget for a moment everyone’s name and “party.”
    I am reminding myself that the last time a non politician held our country’s highest office was 56 years ago, and look at us. What has become of us at the hands of career politicians?!
    Let the private sector have a shot at it for at least 4 years.
    Although I don’t know what can be done in a mere 4 years after over half a century of this, but, who knows?! It can’t get any worse for sure.

  6. It is because of people like Tom that we have people like the Clinton’s.

    Most Hillary supporters would say, perhaps not publicly, that Hillary and Bill are crooks who use public service in the same way that crooked preachers use the pulpit. This couple has gone from “broke” to a 100 million in the last decade by selling political influence and access. Where does all this money ultimately come from? Taxpayers of course. But to the Democrats Hillary is like a blue chip stock. She will steal from the taxpayers, unapologetically break the law of the United States and crush all of her opponents. That much they know. But at least she won’t stop them from stealing their fair share.

    On the other hand, for all the mistakes or misdeeds that Trump has made at least he had the courtesy to do them as a public citizen. If he has failed to pay taxes, ran a sham of a university or said off color things about women he did so as an ordinary citizen. If he felt we should have, or should not have, invaded Iraq he did so as a private citizen.

    The hypocrisy of the left knows no end. Hillary mocks Trump for borrowing money from his father to start his business. Hillary has been a public servant (that was hard to write) her entire life and she has been rewarded handsomely for it. Bill Clinton cost the taxpayers $40 million during the Starr investigation. Did either of the Clinton’s feel bad about that? No, they blamed it on a right wing conspiracy which is SOP for this couple. Blame everyone else and never admit guilt.

    So for all Tom’s complaining about his “tough” decision he never intended to vote for Trump. That is his decision. But at least he can man up and stop making excuses. As for me, I could never vote for Hillary and if Trump did any of the things she has done I couldn’t vote at all.

    1. You’ve laid a lot of responsibility on my plate. I’m starting to miss Lockemuptight.

      I don’t remember complaining about anything, especially a tough decision. Maybe you could refresh my recollection.

  7. Tom Terrific:

    You are not only the Siamese twin joined mentally at the cranium to FBI Directer Comey but I now conclude you are part of the stinking DC Establishment swamp that must be drained.

    You characterize Hil-lie-ry Killery rather well but after all you conclude you say just like Comey she should not be indicted but instead like your hero Obama said ” she is the most qualified candidate ever “and the best thing for America.

    I’m praying your more common sense dog,The Mighty Manfred , chews your blogging fingers off November 8 th if you go to clapping with the CLITONS ;however I don’t think you will have a chance to clap as Trump will win despite the Democrats voting the dead, the illegal aliens and wait for it….

    voting all their walking zombie corrupt cronies , especially the Bush Crime Family ( the baddest criminal of all, Bush 41 ) and GOP Establishment , all clinging to the money flowing out of the Cliton Corruption Foundation into the DC swamp.

    And if Trump loses I do believe in a moral victory he will start his own news organization and will be chewing hard on the CLITONS ‘ cash cow for a long time to come.


    1. Bless you, Sir…

      I just mentioned you two minutes ago above. I’m drinking wine and watching the Cubs. Let me reflect on what you said above and get back to you. Can you imagine, someone accused me of not thinking highly of Ronald Reagan…boggles the mind!

      Hang tight (no pun intended) I’ll get back to you.


    2. Tight…

      I thought I missed you but having read your comment, I’m…well, I guess I did miss you.

      Actually, you’re getting at a thought I think has some merit. Namely, that the side that loses the election may be able to generate a movement that has transformative power.


  8. Gonna leave allif you with this little “night, night.”
    Was just reading Bill Clinton’s comment on the passing of Marc Rich in 2013–
    “My pardon of him was terrible politics and not worth the damage it did to my reputation!”
    What reputation?!
    Dear God, these people live in a different universe.
    But it did a lot for Bill and Hil’s pocketbook. All of Rich’s best friends have bankrolled the Clinton’s since then.
    His reputation???!!!😎

    1. Agree totally. The Marc Rich pardon was gross. Eric Holder was in the middle of that. I always thought he was a pretty boy empty suit.

      1. It was more than gross. It was the most blantant act of pardon selling by a President that history will likely ever see. It was also the first time a pardon was issued to an actual fugitive. More than anything, I remember thinking, “Thank God the Clintons are on their way out, because their moral and ethical shortcomings appear to be increasing exponentially with time”. And, not just with themselves. They infect every single person and office they touch with corruption. I really believe, at this point, that the Clintons couldn’t change if they wanted to. They and everyone around them, are too invested in the corrupt status quo.

        Hillary’s supporters like to point to her lack of criminal convictions, but ignore the pile of her co-conspirators who have gone to prison, or been disgraced, for their association with her (The Clintons themselves being incapable of feeling any shame). They also like to ignore the damage they have done as far as causing such a large part of our citizenry to lose faith with our entire system of government.

        And, now it is happening again. The Clinton Foundation may turn out to be the biggest bribery and influence peddling device of all time. Its stunning that the DOJ sought, and is apparently still seeking, to derail these investigations. What are their justifications? They claimed there wasn’t enough evidence but wanted to prevent the investigators from seeking that evidence. The pattern is so clear – protect Hillary at all costs and you will be rewarded. Challenge her, and prepare to be vilified. Assist her, and prepare to be damaged or destroyed.

        Yes, Trump’s flaws are enormous but at least he is not part of this toxic, corrupt cabal that will do anything to retain and expand their power. That’s enough to get my vote. I will not endorse the corruption of our Republic.

        Following the second constitutional convention, Ben Franklin was asked by a woman, “What kind of government have you given us, Mr. Franklin?” His answer? “A republic, if you can keep it”. Words more wise were never spoken.

  9. Observer,
    Thank you for backing up my point that it is far past time for a member of the private sector to have a shot at governing. At this point, it is now even dangerous to allow another career politician and their crime family to have authority over our country and future!
    This is really our last chance. I am convinced.

  10. Fox News is currently reporting that sources at the FBI are saying that they are 99% sure Clinton’s account has been accessed by more than one foreign country.
    The Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security is calling this treason.
    My prediction:
    Comey is toast since these new findings are the result of the emails Weiner & Huma had at their apartment.
    Weiner and Huma will be tried for treason. Someone else will have to raise their baby.
    And Hiliary will shoot off her fireworks next Tuesday and be crowned Queen in January.
    This is all the result of 56 years of continuous rule of our country by career politicians.
    We are really getting a bang for our buck, aren’t we?!

  11. The Republican candidate has threatened to use nuclear weapons. He has insulted every demographic with the exception of Caucasian men. He talked about his penis during a presidential debate. He has threatened to limit journalists, and the first amendment. He has promised to eliminate a woman’s right to choose, putting back alley abortions back on the market and punishing women who live through them. He admires V Putin. He wants to eliminate the minimum wage. He wants to eliminate an entire religion from entering the US, again ignoring the first amendment. He doesn’t pay the people he hers the agreed upon price of their serices. He lies as easily as he breathes. He doesn’t know what blind trust is. Fellow party members run from him. The KKK newspaper is one of rwo who have endorsed him. He refuses to release any year of tax returns. I could go on until Tuesday.
    When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

  12. The Republican candidate has threatened to use nuclear weapons. He has insulted every demographic with the exception of Caucasian men. He talked about his penis during a presidential debate. He has threatened to limit journalists, and the first amendment. He has promised to eliminate a woman’s right to choose, putting back alley abortions back on the market and punishing women who live through them. He admires V Putin. He wants to eliminate the minimum wage. He wants to eliminate an entire religion from entering the US, again ignoring the first amendment. He doesn’t pay the people he hers the agreed upon price of their serices. He lies as easily as he breathes. He doesn’t know what blind trust is. Fellow party members run from him. The KKK newspaper is one of two who have endorsed him. He refuses to release any year of tax returns. I could go on until Tuesday.
    When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

    1. And having said all that, Rachael, he’s still not as scary as his opponent and her “benefactors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    2. Hang in there, Rachel. You can’t preach sobriety at Hells Angels New Years Eve Party at 11 PM.

      Mark my words, no matter who wins, there will be a serious Impeach the President movement going full steam within 18 months of the Inaugural. If Trump wins, Elizabeth Warren will lead the impeachment movement. If Hillary wins, Joe Arpaio.

      Fasten your seat belt.

      1. Well, I have it agree with you on that one. Forget Trump and Hillary for a moment and focus on the people they represent. The country is basically divided into two very different factions.

        They are completely at odds with each other. Neither side appears to be interested in compromise. Neither side appears to be interested in surrendering. And, neither side is consenting to be governed by the other.

        The election, regardless of who wins, will resolve none of this. If anyone has a plausible happy ending scenario, please feel free to share it.

  13. I hope Elizabeth Warren leads the impeachment if Trump
    is elected, especially now that she is being investigated for campaign contributions.

  14. This years election is like choosing between diarrhea or disentary. Not much of a choice. Hillary is a bold face liar and I could hold my nose and vote for that when faced with a pure inbred like Trump. But then we would have Billy Boy back in the White House. Trumps white male rural appeal is because of the huge anti Washington insider sentiment. I can support that. But all of Trumps anti everything that ain’t rich white Christian Republican is a little too much. Just can’t understand what happened to the Grand old Party. Then we have the epitome of a Washington insider. Hillary appeals to educated women and minorities. As a woman I can support that with exception to the social welfare. Still undecided. What the hell were the two parties thinking.

  15. I watched a good documentary on both candidates today on PBS. It gave me an insight I didn’t have before.After studying both party’s tickets, I am voting Tuesday fof Mike Pence!

  16. Breaking Alert:

    Jim Comey has been a non – partisan busy bee and been working overtime and despite todays’ WikiLeaks revealing an e-mail of Hillary to staff member to e-mail her home maid with the CIA ‘S weekly briefing of Classified info, Comey says there’s no there there with Weiner’s 650,000 e-mail………?

    Ok, America so you can sleep sound tonite on Tom’s “My Candidate” pillow knowing said candidate has been made in the USA, has the expressed approval of the American Corruption Institutions, comes with a 8 year warranty, can be easily positioned to make you believe what she is saying, personally sewn together by the MSM and has the seal of approval of Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood through their personal agent, Huma Abedin….

    Waiting for the nuclear WikiLeak tommorrow to reveal if Comey will be admitted to the Belview Hospital for The Insane in Wash.D.C.?

    1. Yo Tight…

      I’ve been consistent on Comey all the way. I liked him when he originally said he would not recommend prosecution…outlining Hillary’s misstatements in the process. I liked him when he said he would reopen thereby breathing new life into the Trump Campaign and infuriating Hillary and I like him now. Plus, I liked him years ago when he faced down the White House Chief of Staff Andrew
      Card and Counsel Gonzalez in Attorney General John Ashbrook’s hospital suite back during Bush ll.

      Everybody seems to complain that Comey has acted outside the “Guidelines” applicable for his position. They’re called “guidelines” for a reason. They’re applicable in most cases most of the time.
      The Attorney General knocked herself out of the box when she met with Bill. Comey entered the fray
      when he heard Hillary saying things that weren’t true. He put facts in his possession before the public and stated his decision not to recommend prosecution.

      Win the election and/or keep control of both Houses and the situation will be revisited for sure. Even if
      that doesn’t happen irresistible pressure (did I tell you about me and Nixon…kidding) may emerge for
      a Special Prosecutor.

      1. The FBI is going to be a long time in repairing their reputation and credibility. And, Comey’s to blame. He has one job, and one job only. To supervise the investigation of violations of federal law fairly, and equally, with no special favor given.

        And, he just couldn’t do it.

        1. Disagree.

          Comey did the right thing at all junctures of the case. He was uniquely qualified to be the man making the decisions because of his sterling reputation amongst democrats and republicans acquired over decades.

          We’re lucky we have him.

  17. Tom Terrific , a Special Prosecutor absolutely but not initially to investigate Hil-lie-ry ‘s lies to Congress or her destruction of subpoenaed documents or The Cliton Foundation but first to investigate the corruption in Department of Justice and how and why Loretta Lynch and said Department has Comey by his family jewels…….?

    Comey ‘S rank and file fellow FBI agents are going to be more irritated and frustrated over Comey’s latest conclusion in light of Hil-lie-ry ‘S house maid down loading and printing out Hil-lie-ry ‘S weekly CIA Classified national briefing.

    1. Frankly, I think we have let the corruption run rampant for too long to think a special prosecutor would ever be allowed, much less have any chance of rooting out the entrenched corruption in DC. We simply let it go on for too long. The arsonists are in control of the fire department.

      1. Respect for the law isn’t a political game to the rank and file FBI agents. It’s their work and their life. and, it is hard to picture them celebrating what has taken place in the investigation of Hillary. Politicians are different. Politicians aren’t concerned about the truth or right and wrong; only with winning.

        Respect for the law, or the lack if it, starts at the top, and flows downward. The best leaders are able to tell the people under them, “Anything you see me doing, is okay for you to do”. Like it or not, the President sets the ethics standard for the rest of government and the nation. Our standards will be set tomorrow, one way or the other.

  18. Let’s end the evening with a chuckle. Afterall laughing massages our insides, and we are going to need our senses of humor after tomorrow like we never have before.
    Here goes:
    You know the real reason Comey came back so quick
    with his second acquittal of Hiliary?! While looking through her emails, agents found his suicide note!!!😎😎

    1. I’ll leave you with a Dorothy Parker poem:

      I love a martini
      Two at the most
      Three I’m under the table
      Four I’m under my host.

  19. Tom Terrific:

    I sincerely admire you for your proud previous efforts to have been instrumental in removing corrupt Nixon but unfortunately you have along the way in the passing years lost your vigor for truth and justice.

    You stated above in gross hypocrisy of your love for truth and justice, ” we are lucky to have him(Comey)”.

    You forgot to add after (Comey) ” because he is in the back pocket of Obama, Loretta Lynch , Hil-lie-ry and the Establishment”.

    Now let me briefly support that additional statement up and invite you as a liberal to correct my statements if I state something not true instead of as a typical liberal to ignore my prime faciae case against the independence of Comey and attack me.

    After the CLITONS stole everything that was not screwed down in the White House and Comey sabotaged the Ken Star investigation of the CLITONS, he just luckily got a job at Lockheed and made a cool 6 million as Lockheed is one of the top contributors to the CLITONS ( i.e.includes the CLITONS ‘ Foundation which WikiLeaks just exposed illegally paid for Chelsey’s wedding and her campaigning activities for her mother- no wonder Hil-lie-ry destroyed the wedding e-mails).Then Comey later secured another lucrative job at a bank ,HSBC, another global bank and heavy contributor to the CLITONS and before he arrived there and while there said bank was accused of laundering drug money as well as other global illegal activities . Finally, Comey’s brother, Peter, works for a firm that not only does audits for the CLITONS but same firm is in the top ten donors to the CLITONS .

    Comey’S insane behavior as FBI director has made Hoover’s illegal spying on his political enemies to remain in power for decades seem like child’s play.

    However, I will not hold your opinion on Comey against you as I feel sorry for a guy who put out one of his eyes just to vote for Hil-lie -ry , who as your hero Obama once said is “…. the most qualified candidate for Presidency of the United States”.

    Maybe Hil-lie-ry has a position in the DC swamp for a dedicated liberal,one eyed attorney who avoids seeing truth and justice like the plague.


    1. Mr. Tight, Sir…

      Thank you for the kind words. I’m staring at the ocean in a northern swing state feeling philosophical about how people make choices…especially in elections.

      Kevin Phillips, a Nixon strategist in 1968, once said…”the secret to politics is knowing who hates
      who.” Ed Rendell, former DNC Chairman and PA Governor said people vote far more strongly on what they hate than what they love.

      The Republicans got lucky this cycle when the Democrats nominated one of the most dislikable candidates ever. They proceeded to squander that fortuitous event by nominating the only person she could beat.

      Never mind the typical negatives that people throw at Trump. I will cite one fault only. He has no idea
      how to prosecute an advantage in a political contest.

      By prosecute an advantage, I mean take it to your opponent the way that comes naturally to Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, or Newt Gingrich. Those guys know to take an opponent’s strongest point and turn it into a negative and take their weakest point and hang in around their neck and make them wear it. Trump failed miserably at taking it to her like those guys would have.

      Earlier this AM I saw a Trump ad that depicts someone looking like Hillary beating the crap out of some cell phones and computers. It was a great ad. Today is the first day I’ve seen it! Ridiculous!

      Trump is on the threshold of doing the seemingly impossible…making Hillary Clinton a winner.
      Having said that (at 2:30PM Election Day), I give Trump a 25% chance of winning.

      Now, on Comey. They’re paying lawyers right out of law school up to $200,000 per year. Comey could
      go to a big International Law firm and make fifty times that.

      We could argue back and forth about this relative or that helping somebody do something ad infinitum. I like him. I like the way he handled a complex case and balanced the publics right to know.

      Its interesting that the condemnation of Comey is prevalent on both Slabbed and the editorial page of The New York Times.


      1. Comey is living proof of the old adage, “better to remain silent, and be thought a fool, than to speak, and remove all doubt.”

      2. Tom, sir:

        Just like I predicted ……no answers from you as a liberal in regards to my allegations of Comey ‘s monetary/politico connections to Hil-lie-ry and the Cliton Foundation all of which said allegations are supported by , and you can goggle support thereof , under http://www.ijr.com in September of 2016 entitled “Now We Know Why Comey Let Hillary Off….”

        PEACE…. for now , but if Trump loses it will be all out eternal , nuclear war against all liberal creatures crawling around in the slime of the DC swamp both Demos and GOPs ……remember the nuclear threat early in the 60’s with duck and cover ……well, we will revisit that politically with millions of revolutionaries willing to march on the DC swamp to shine out the lowly creatures who make treasonous deals in the darkness of night.

      3. Tom:

        predicts, “I give Trump a 25% chance of winning”.

        No, Tom I give Hil-lie-ry ,Slick Willy ,Chelsea and Huma a 99.9% chance of being fitted for orange jumpsuits under RICO⚖️ …..
        ……a 99.9% chance Slick Willy,Killery and Chelsea transfer their illegal money to Qatar💰
        …..a 99. 9 % chance of Obama pardoning Slick, Chelsea, Huma and her girl friend Killery⛓🔓
        …..a 99.9% chance Comey resigns😹
        ……a 99.9 chance James Carville goes into irreversible depression🙀👏🏻
        …….a 99.9 chance Loretta Lynch gets fitted for an orange jumpsuit 👎🏽
        and a 50% chance Rosy O’Donald and others like her move to Canada🚚


        1. Mr. Tight, Sir

          Believe it or not, its always good to hear from you.

          Actually, my 25% number was higher than what most so called pros were giving him. The mistake I made was getting too much of my news from TV. I used to represent truckers and I always found truckstops to be great places to take the temperature of working folks. I didn’t check that channel this time.

          I don’t think you can point to anything I’ve said that indicates I have ever been a big Hillary fan. Also, I always gave Trump credit for being charming, likable and interesting.

          Having said all of the above, I know you’ll be pleased to know I’m making a couple of dollars
          in the market today…maybe enough to pick up the check for you at Shorty McWilliams’s old joint in Meridian. Ate there once, long time ago. Enjoyed it.

          I hope Huma catches a break…she fell in with a bad crowd. We don’t have to worry about Carville, he’s too tough to get depressed.

  20. Tom:

    “I hope Huma catches a break… she fell in with a bad crowd”

    Tom you are old and wise enough to know that all people can be fooled at first about the character of people they by chance befriend. However, since there is no longer slavery in America when Huma found out the truth about her Weiner hubby and her girl friend she had the free right to leave 🚀both relationships sooner rather then later.

    Huma is not an ignorant women and knew full well she was head over heels 👠in a criminal family activity and accepted being paid both by the U.S. Government and the Cliton Foundation💰. Now if the CLITONS threatened her life if she decided to leave that testimony would cause me pause of incriminating her and urging full prosecution.

    Tom forget about Shorty’s truck stop in Meridian . Your stock will do much better under Trump and therefore you can save a little ,head south and attend Antonine’s Anniversary party with martinis under a dollar and Doug and I can sit down with you , get you intoxicated and convince you to sell your cardiac infarct, snow shovel and move south where there is a festival /parade every week.


    P.S. Better board the Mighty Manfred for your trip as we have fleas the size of crickets .

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