NAACP Stone High Noose allegations unraveling like cheap sweater after entire town branded as racists by the media

If things were as bad as Mississippi NAACP President Derrick Johnson and Stacey Payton claimed on Monday during the presser on what was claimed to be a racially motivated “noose” incident at Stone High School then there would have been no need for either he or the child’s parents to embellish their accounts with several white lies. Let’s recap:

1. The claim that local law enforcement tried sweeping the incident under the rug has been flatly contradicted by the Sheriff Department Captain assigned to the case.

2. The claim that the school district had done nothing about the incident was not only contradicted by the fact the Head Football Coach immediately kicked the alleged perpetrator off the team but also belatedly by Stone County School Board Attorney Sean Courtney, who revealed today the perpetrator had been suspended by the School District with the disciplinary due process started. Only one child was involved in a non-racially motivated incident instead of the four Johnson and Payton wanted to see charged with federal hate crimes.

3. Finally there seems to be some confusion between a jump rope tied into a lasso and a hangman’s noose, the key here I think is that one term while sensational does not convey the reality of what happened outside the football locker room. Ms. Payton, being a language arts instructor at Gulf Coast, would be well aware that IMHO.

Of course Superintendent of Education Penny Owen going into hiding on Monday gets a contributory attaboy because by hiding instead of engaging the media, the School District insured it would lose whatever control they could have exerted over the resulting coverage by balancing out some of the whoppers Johnson told at the presser Monday. Instead the town made the National news and not in a good way.

Even worse it appears all this was precipitated by High School kids making political statements flying a symbol of hate in the Confederate Battle flag from their pickup trucks on school grounds.  That should have been nipped in the bud because this is where some of the hard feelings are coming from, rightfully so I’ll add.

That said, when the salacious allegations broke on Monday I was amused yet harbored dubiety about some of the claims being made so it is not a shock that now it is the NAACP’s Johnson that has gone into hiding. The problem is Stacey Payton is still pouring gasoline onto what’s left of the fire and she may well insure her child is completely ostracized because her description of the effects of the incident involving his friend makes him sound like a complete ninny. An alternative explanation for the shaking in fear may be that the child knew his Momma would over react when he appeared in her office at Perk after the incident. And the conniption fit Ms. Payton is throwing? She did not like the emotionless tone of voice the assistant principal used to describe the incident to her, which evidently made Ms. Payton’s anger bubble up by her own admission. From I can determine based on recent events, Ms. Payton has an anger management issue for certain.

I’d be interested to hear what the end game plan is for a bunch of flame throwers that want multiple children charged with hate crimes over garden variety school yard knuckle-headness. I don’t see how improving race relations could possibly be a part of that end game.

Meantime the kids at Stone High continue to set the example for the adults to follow. Perhaps after some introspective thought and prayer Ms. Payton will choose to follow their good example instead of seeking to further racially divide the community.

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  1. I’d just point out that a slip knot is far more dangerous in actuality, if not polemically, than a hangman’s noose. The slip knot will constrict your airway and choke you. The hangman’s noose is designed to break your neck but only when you are dropped from a height.

    1. Spot on, which certainly explains why the Sheriff is likely to bring charges against the child. It is also very likely the alternative school also awaits.

  2. I’m surprised if she Imbelished the truth that they don’t charge her with a Hate crime,since she seems to be slightly racist and she tarnished someone’s name for her being the racist party

    1. Falsely accusing someone of perpetrating a crime can be considered Defamatory per se under the law. That is a Civil tort, not criminal.

      A civil suit would be a drastic remedy here.

  3. Amen… And as a parent of a white child that has sat with the victim everyday at lunch since the beginning of the school year, I can say that he personally confided in her, and all though its just heresay, but I believe my child when she says He said he just wants all of this to go away and his life to go back to normal. He is deeply saddened and embarrassed by “some of the things” that have transpired after he thought the incident had been appropriately taken care of, but I guess some how he knew it wouldnt just end there. I’m asking everyone to please just drop this issue and let the children begin to move on. I think it has been a lessen learned hard enough. It’s sad to say but these kids really did believe that they lived in a different age and time. One where the race card wasn’t played any more. Their generation does not have a racial stigma, but it looks like unfortunately it will still be imposed on them by adults who just can’t seem to let the past go and live in the present and have dreams of a different future. It will never be different if we keep dragging the old ghost of racism along with us. I hope one day we will finally let it rest in peace, so that we can have peace. Equaility is kindof a state of mind. You have to believe in it, or you may not be able to achieve it. Somethings you have to do for yourself. No one can make you believe that we are all equal. You have to choose to believe it.

  4. Wiggins’ ABC Channel 25 has unnecessarily helped blow this whole teenager prank to an unacceptable level by giving the history of how Stone county was named after a Confederate leader who the channel has alleged legislated removal of certain black rights after the Civil War in the 1890’s.

    So according to the Obama radical P C Code I guess we should now pay racial reparations and rename Stone County to maybe Jesse County….. no, that’s not enough ……how about Jackson County ….no, that suggests Andrew Jackson ,who owned slaves , and the racists in NOLA want his statue torn down in Jackson Square……. maybe rename the square Sharpton Square….no, that may insinuate Al Sharpton is not cool… about Martin Luther County…. no, the Lutheran Religion may not like that… bout King County….oh yea, I like that…..reminds me of the great populist Govenor Huey Long and his famous phrase “every man a King”….which goes well with Obama’s policy of redistribution of wealth.

    Boy this PC, historical racial reparation stuff can be down right frustrating trying to change history and tying your literary neurons into “knots”…. oh hell, there goes the “slip “of the tongue again……didn’t mean to use that racist word “knots”… should have used the word phrase “into bow ties”…..

    Gotta done go get me dat thesaurus so I can choose my non – racist mor better bro’

  5. Slick Willy was done in by a loose wiener and now Hill-lie-ry Killery has be also done in by a loose Weiner.

    Now when MSNBC turns against Hill-lie-y Killery on this morning show stick a Trump in her as she is WELl DONE.

    1. Every male has had a close friend who being in such a close friendship that even the most insulting statement would not be taken as a serious affront.

      The media has on record that the victim was very close to the perpetrator yet the NAACP wants to maintain it a hate crime rather then a ” roast” like insult in the style of the yearly Washington Press Dinner but between two close friends.

      So what we have here is a rare, highly desirable friendship between two races that has been tarnished first by an institution ( a typical national bureacratic PC correct school which typically suspends students for bringing a cookie in shape of gun) , then highjacked by the PC correct media just for a high profiled news story and finally finished off by the NAACP……..

      who is always trying to maintain division of the races so that there will always be a reason for its divisive existence.

      1. Johnson admitted that on one hand neither he or his organization knew exactly what happened back on October 13 yet he and his organization are calling for children to be charged with hate crimes despite his self professed ignorance of what happened. That’s pretty damn irresponsible in my book.

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