Rafferty out as Bay St Louis City Prosecutor

This has something to do about a conflict the City Council would not waive Tuesday night involving the lawsuit Mr. Rafferty filed against the City over his September bill.

As an aside surely Rafferty knew when he filed the Bill of Exceptions he’d be out as City Prosecutor. Something tells me there must be a backstory here worth knowing.

9 thoughts on “Rafferty out as Bay St Louis City Prosecutor”

  1. Rafferty always has a Plan B. I bet we all can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve next. What was the amount of the salary he gave up when fired when he decided to sue the City. Maybe he’ll sue for both now. Always another day in A Place Apart !!! The never ending Soap Opera.

  2. The Prosecutor gets $1,000 per month. The funny part to this is the Mayor nominates and the council approves then Rafferty picks who he wants to do the job. He simply lets someone else do it for barter on rent in his office or so he has said. That needs to be fixed in the next contract.

  3. He is back to being a bottom feeder again, working for thugs, thieves,petifiles, and murders. His latest client is Katie Fillingame Stupid, she fits the bill. He is representing her against the pool guy. She must be guilty as charged to hire Raffertty. Her daddy in law made a fool of himself at the local watering hole the other night. The hole family must be dumb. Raffertty won’t get rich working for them, he’ll be lucky to get paid.

  4. Katie must definitely be guilty to get Rafferty to represent her. He does represent some innocent from time to time, but for the most part his high profile criminal cases are all guilty as we can see. Maybe the 10K the city owes him was a cover up to help pay for his attorney fees for Katie. He charges the city for bogus fees in anticipation of being paid and not charge Les for Katie. Old Rafferty at work again. Robbing peter to pay paul. This definitely is a Les move. Let’s Keep moving money around from account to account. He has a pattern here.

  5. But your opinion makes too much sense, Doug, and it is based on ethics. That word is not in their vocabulary or playbook.

  6. I would have to agree with you Doug, but then again, we are talking about Donald. I guess that is why he and Les made a good team. They always do what they want and think they are above the law. I hope for once it catches up with them..

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