What we know so far about Jolynne Trapani’s nomination to the CMR

The last time Slabbed visited with Ms. Trapani, she was jonesing for free, taxpayer paid dumpster service for her Old Town Bay St Louis restaurant. Now Ms. Trapani is Governor Phil Bryant’s head scratching pick to serve as environmental representative to the CMR. The environmental community does not claim her as one of their own based on what I am being told by representatives of both the CCA and the Sierra Club, who both feel this pick makes a mockery of the law specifying an environmental representative sit on the CMR. This is what I’ve been able to ascertain:

  1. She is not active in the CCA, though she is a member.
  2. She was not the person recommended by the CCA to serve as the Hancock County Environmental Representative on the CMR nor was she the person recommended to the Governor by State Senator Phillip Moran.
  3. Her friendship with Mike Cure is well known in Bay St Louis.
  4. Mr. Cure met with Governor Bryant within the last three weeks.
  5. There is a widespread expectation in the environmental community that she will vote on the CMR exactly as she is told to by Cure and Richard Gollot.

There is more to come folks.

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  1. Not sure why she would want to be on the CMR? She is more qualified to be on the Restaurant Board. Being a Chamber of Commerce Member is not a qualifying credential for anything except being one of their businesses of the year. Even that disqualifies businesses who are not members. It is unlikely that she even has a fishing license nor knows any of the fishing regulations or reasons they are in place and their intended impact. She could advise on fashion, designer brand cosmetics and other non environmental issues. The Commercial Seafood Industry is not a Shrimp Pasta Dish from Quality Seafood.

  2. wow! Jolynne Trapani?? to CMR?? I don’t believe it!!she is not qualified to do much of anything except her restaurant. she is very outspoken in “not so nice of a way.” I hate to see this position go to someone of that caliber. What is our governor thinking of?

  3. This appointment is a great example of why our commissions, departments, groups get nowhere. Friendly appointments made as favors put the unqualified in positions they should never have been in. Class favorites, not educated and able.

  4. Our State Leaders have kept us last with this type of appointments and contract awarding for 200 years.

  5. Jolynne Trapani will be an excellent commission member who will speak her mind, vote her conscience, and not be swayed by outside influences or special interests. Anyone that knows her knows that she is a driven, confident business owner that has the best interest of her community and the environment in her heart. She was one of the key members of the downtown BSL business community that helped to promote much of the rebuilding in Hancock County after Katrina. She understands the seafood business and the environmental and economic forces that affect our fisheries. She probably talks to more people that fish in any given week than any of the other commissioners due to the sheer volume of people that pass through her and Tony’s restaurant everyday. Great choice, Go get me Jolynne!

    1. Right. And that’s why she got taxpayers to fund get garbage pickup, why she has that empty Marina right in front of her restaurant and why her restaurant is known more for the quality of drugs served than the food.

    2. Jolynne Trapani, Shes owns a restaurant, has a job right! just think of all the collage graduates in this field looking for work and what they could bring to the Job. Talking to “people who fish” does not make you Qualified… The seafood business and protection of the environment are completely two different jobs. Protection and preservation of our fisheries is a complex job and requires guts and not some political push over…

  6. I’ve known Jolynne a long time. She’s a person of great integrity and honesty! Rest assured, she will make informed decisions based on facts. I’m proud of Governor Bryant for appointing a person who cares deeply about the Coast and is willing to put her time and energy into making sound decisions. We should be proud of having Jolynne on this board… someone who is trustworthy, smart, ethical, sincere, dedicated, honest and dependable.

  7. Oh well, guess he could have picked someone worst. She does have friends in high places. Her past association with MC could have helped her get the appointment. I’m Not sure where she will get the time between working in the restaurant and traveling and being active with her kids. She is all over FB everyday doing something.

    1. Statistically speaking. People who are all over face book each day are not busy. But, I can see her doing selfies and posting. Anyone can look busy on face book if you chronical every thing you do each day. Being good at FB is not a qualifying skill nor are the rest of her attributes.

  8. As she and Gollott are voting members on the board, I fully expect they will be tailoring everything to benefit the commercial seafood industry which will support their businesses. Funny how Miller approved of her choice. Who are these people kidding? LOL

    No doubt this was a back room deal………….right, Bryant?

    1. If our seafood is tainted by PAHs, VOCs from oil or Corexit, do you think Jolynne or Gollott would tell us the truth. Our children eat from the gulf. Do you know the way they test seafood now? It is called the “sniff test”.
      My dog is more qualified than Ms Trapani……what a disgrace

  9. It doesn’t pay anything. You get what you pay for. You pay nothing you really don’t get much. Her knowledge will be tested by experts shortly. She never met a microphone, camera or mirror she didn’t like.

    1. Great points Blue Eyes. This appointment seems to follow the same logic is when our moron governor selected Jamie Miller to head the DMR. Based on what I have read only, it seems like she is not even par for the course in terms of credentials. But, it are those “special” credentials which make all things possible. I can personally only think of 3 reasons why a person like this would be appointed to the commission…….I’ll let the public fill in the blank on this one………. 😉

  10. The NRA (national restaurant association) walks hand in hand the commercial fishing industry. The red snapper fishery is close to being handed over to the state and out of federal oversight. I’m sure this is a power move by the big money NRA to keep their hold on that fishery. Our governor is asleep at the wheel once again. I’ll try and post an article from al.com about the politics involved, good read. Pretty much how they can privatize a public resource.

  11. Maybe she was wearing a blue dress and Clinton was on the hiring committee or one of her usual outfits that look 2 sizes too small. You know Trump wasn’t hiring, I could only imagine the comments he would make about her appearance….. And they would be true….
    Stranger things have happened. This is such a disappointment for Hancock County and our representation. It will be very interesting to monitor her attendance and voting record.
    Maybe we can run her for mayor next.

  12. She couldn’t be reached by the Sun Herald for comments on Monday, because she can’t explain how or why she was chosen. They have a good restraunt and she looks hot, but she is a horrible choice for the commission, she’s going to be embarrassed and its going to hurt her business. Jollynne, do what is best and tell Mike Cure NO, that you won’t be his minion.

  13. I’m calling my state representative to find out the selection process, who all applied, what was everyone’s qualifications and what the F..k got her to the front of the line. This BS has to stop now.

    1. Holler if you need help. We are done…..every gov’t agency from DC down to lil Jolynne have profited and done nothing for their communities.

  14. I’m at the CMR meeting right now in Bay St Louis. All the scientists and most of the Oyster Fisherman recommend closing the Oyster Season now. The reefs are dying and there are no oysters left. Commissioner Gollot is against it. Ron Harmon as usual is in Gollot’s pocket. Surprise, surprise so is our newest Commissioner. Ms Trapani voted in support of Gollot. I guess they just won’t be satisfied until all the seafood had been commercially harvested.

  15. If all of you naysayers think Jolynne is in Gollot’s corner on every issue. Think again. You will see. I will say Gollot could use a crash course in “Roberts Rules of Order”. GO GET EM Jolynne !

    1. Nonnie D,

      For your sake, I hope you are right.

      The thing about Gollott is he really needs a face to face meeting with God in order for anything to change. He doesn’t give a rats ass about marine resources other than what can make him money and how he can process those resources with the “cheapest labor force” in town. Hint, hint. His voting history and behavior at meeting prove this beyond a doubt.

      Gollott is nothing more than an ignorant human being who has made a living off other peoples backs and has political connections–Tommy Gollott

      Without a doubt, Trapani was selected for a special reason and that reason defies logic. I seriously doubt she will go against any measure which reduces her bottom line as a business owner. The same way Gollott wont.

      Bottom line–The CMR needs to be disbarred and the regulartory statutes need to be returned to the DMR where they belong. Regulation by way of scientific facts.

  16. I came here to do a search on the history of Morgan Shand’s embezzlement because you always cover every little political mishap and possible crime but not a single thing turned up! Nothing! Over $600,000 missing (and according to SH over $100K paid to his wife for being a nurse at SSC – very very strange!) And Slabbed hasnt mentioned it once in 3 years! Why is that? This is huge!

    1. You’re correct, we’ve done nothing here on the website but we’ve been putting out links on Twitter on this going back 2 years plus years now.

      The crime happened in Bolivar County up in the delta so this is not a BSL or coast story beyond the Shands living here. In the interest of full disclosure both me and my better half have known Morgan’s wife since we were kids. The combination of that and the crime happening a few hundred miles away meant we would never cover it as we’re a small shop with our plate full covering the I-10 corridor here locally.

      This is also true, the links we put out on Twitter to past coverage on Wayne Weidie’s website, Jackson Jambalaya and the stray news story on the Clarion Ledger over the past few years is way more than anything done by the Echo, which has never covered it or WLOX or the Sun Herald, who ignored the story until today.

      The bottom line is it pays to follow Slabbed on Twitter. Many important stories we don’t have time to cover on the website are highlighted there.

      Angel is in our prayers, I know it has to be a very tough time for her.

      1. It seems to me that his wife isnt innocent in this whole scheme. She collected TWO paychecks for being a nurse at SSC. Wouldnt you know this was fishy? The checks had to be made out to her. A PT school nurse making over $100000 and being paid twice for the same job? Nope… That smells fishy to me.

        1. If you wanted to know the “truth” you wouldn’t have to look hard to find it. It’s obvious you’re spewing absolute garbage and straight up lies.

          If you need directions on how to find your elbow – Read the background and Rick Ward’s commentary on kingfish’s website. Plenty of “truth” there.

          The family has been through enough. Morgan has plead guilty and has been sentenced. Is that not enough for you? What more would you like to see happen? Blood? Public flogging?

          1. I haven’t seen a recent report on the restitution. I’d have a better idea of what to think if about this if I knew the diverted funds which were admitted to have been diverted have been paid back.

            1. Read Rick Ward’s commentary. Then take it from there. When you are finished digesting that info, ask yourself how anyone is supposed to “payback” anything while unemployed and indicted and now in prison? Rock meet hard-place.

              If this whole thing was about repaying money, then the agreement worked out with the SoS would have stood as is. But it wasn’t and never has been.

              BTW – plenty of people around BSL/Waveland should be happy that some things have been left unsaid. A lot of local people and organizations were helped with these so called “diverted” funds. They know who they are. The kids that benefited may have no idea, but the organizations and parents do. By all means, keep stirring things up and demanding more info. Just be ready for what comes to light.

  17. Well, well, maybe now the plate throwing, drunken, screaming restaurateur will stop buying speckled trout from unlicensed or improperly licensed fisherman and maybe put some ice on those oysters in the kitchen…….but it’s doubtful. If nothing else, this shows EXACTLY how much of a waste my lifetime membership in CCA is, great job MS CCA!

    1. To borrow a term from the fairer sex, “you hit the walls” with that comment Fishbait, except for the part about the CCA, which was completely screwed over by the man many of you guys supported last election for Governor, Phil Bryant. And after Phil slapped the CCA in the face he unzipped and pissed all over it.

      But since some people are brainwashed into thinking politics is somehow a nice gentleman’s game, they use words like “withhold judgment” when they speak of their new CMR commissioner. C’est la vie.

      How many years have locals been regaled with stories outta that Kitchen, none of them flattering? Or even worse fights in the dead of night in other various and sundry local establishments? When Jolynne and her friends were running down a certain local insurance agent on Facebook that had his own martial indiscretion that had drawn their ire, did they not think that people did not know about how they conducted themselves?

      As an aside the irony of Bryant’s CMR nominee likely being subject to the now unconstitutional “religious freedom” law had it survived is delicious. The whole thing is a classic case study in small town Americana.

      1. We’ll just have to disagree in regards to CCA. It has become a club for doctors, lawyers and politicians. I once held them in high regard; specifically when the $$ were being used to battle things like Ms. Trapani’s appointment, but, now it is more about selling merchandise and having parties. Let’s not forget the tournaments that are the most unorganized $h!+ show on earth. It was bad when Marquez was running the show and it hasn’t approved much; if any. Maybe one day I will catch one of those tagged redfish and at least get a little something to swallow along with the bad taste in my mouth!

        1. Didn’t Bryant appoint CCA’s top man to his new position? Just saying, the CCA has done a lot of this to themselves, losing long-time members along the way!

        2. Well then. I know several members that frequent here, looks like the CCA needs to take an introspective look at itself and I bet they are. What Bryant did was a major sign of disrespect to the organization and signals a problem with either one or both parties.

        3. I agree with you regarding the CCA. I stopped paying my dues a few years back when gollott started his war on the oysters and speckled trout. If they were truly about conservation, they would he standing up at the cmr meetings fighting for the health of our reefs and populations. They just want your money and to have a party, nothing else. It baffles me how these groups aren’t up to their elbows in lawsuits trying to get the CMR to follow the science their own staff presents and is thrown down the toilet

        4. Agreed. Getting just like Ducks Unlimited. But our Hancock County Chapter is about as active as you can get. They were completely disregarded in their attempt to be part of the process. But as it stands she is nominated and appointed and we need to work with her to get things we need in Hancock County.

  18. Reputations are earned not awarded. There are so many reasons to question this appointment only the surface has been scratched. Her Claiming to have built BSL back is laughable. Federal Tax Dollars did that. The group who keeps claiming that does not in any instance thank the American Tax Paying People for our return or our chance for prosperity. They anoint themselves with these accomplishments.

  19. I was told that she couldn’t even get her swearing in correct. Could not repeat any two words in a row. Maybe Fish the Gulf Dry Gollott should have sworn her in, I bet she would have been able to repeat the whole damn dictionary verbatim and got that right. As anticipated she voted as Richard directed. A female Ron Harmon. The two should be seated next to one another so they can figure out which one is the man since neither one has balls. Mike Cure finally has a vote on the Commission. Although Gollott did exactly as ordered by Cure he has to honor those family ties. And now that Cure got the oyster season open early and Mississippi has been pillaged he can jack up his prices from his poison Louisian oysters. Remember Louisiana has the highest dead rate in the country for eating raw oysters. So go ahead and take a risk. The Fish Eater sold the recreational fishermen out. Most everybody supported the increase to 15 inches but nobody wants the season closed. Bosarge the commercial rep wants to punish the recreational fishermen because gill nets were banned. Another self righteous commissioner punitively using his power to punish and inflict harm. Remember his daughter is the chairman of the Gulf Council another organization out to screw the fishermen. She and he want to do as much harm possible to the recreational fisherery to exact revenge for the gill net issue. I was shocked to hear the Fish Eater supported this by helping this inept commission with Roberts Rule of law because they ignore all conventions all obey no law but the self benefit law. This thug commission needs to go the same path as the DMR. Trapani is a hand puppet for Gollott. One has to start wondering how many damn hands Gollott has.

    1. Point Park,

      Gollott has a fair share of hands but it’s not as large as some may expect. The problem is, the hands he does have, poses the ability to control the outcome of many situations. Of course, that is the only thing that counts anyway. 😉

      What people need to do (which they won’t) is boycott Mississippi Seafood. What people may not realize is that fresh seafood has a very short shelf life and the public can do grave damage within a very short time if they would refuse to buy it. The CMR would get the message quick when processors and resteraunts have to throw away piles of inventory and they put the heat on the CMR. Then, they would feel the backlash from the fishermen very quick.

      This is all about money. Gollott can give a rats ass if he is pushing fresh seafood or seafood which is tainted from polluted waters. He is more or less an uneducated crack dealer.

  20. Boycotting the Seafood would only hurt the business people that had no say so in this whole situation. That is not being fair to the small businesses and oyster and fisherman that make their living in these waters. We don’t have an issue with these hard working people. If you want to boycott something, then do it to Trapani’s. BTW you don’t get to hear the fighting there anymore since she and Tony work separate days at the restaurant.

    1. I don’t frequent there very often BSL Taxpayer, but, I took a few of my clients there a few months ago and was completely embarrassed when the dishes starting flying. After stating that Trapani’s was a long-time provider of “local” BSL cuisine and atmosphere; what a jackass I looked like. The servers were being insulted at every turn and of course, many of them had attitudes that started to come out; but, about 30 minutes into our dinner, several plates actually flew over the kitchen bar and onto the floor; followed by a good 5 minutes of screaming, cussing and multiple employees walking out…..it was an embarrassment to the whole city! That was just one occasion, most recently, that I witnessed.

  21. The appointment will bring unwanted attention to her, her family and her business. She will get enough rope, and begin using her influence for gain, the power will go to her empty head and she will start accepting gifts and bribes. Then a few more will go to prison just like the Walkers.

  22. Well we know for sure the DMR is going to open an oyster check station in Ocean Springs. Shame really the new harbor redesign was nice and now Joe Jenkins and Mike Cure and maybe even Carl Drieling will have refrigerated trucks tearing up the newly paved roads and oyster juice stinking up everything. And this is a permanent operation. Now that Mayor Moron has excused herself from her duties. I wonder if the Friends of the Harbor have notified the Feds of the activities that will be taking place on their property. CIAP bought the property and it is still theirs. They should be made aware of this operation and how it conflicts with the terms of the management agreement. Fish the Gulf Dry Gollott really gave it to Fofo. Apparently Fofo ain’t got the family and friends Gollott has. Where is kooky Karen Nelson. Likely watching those LSU Tigers beat up on Ole Miss with her donut eating buddy Missy Scallon on the big DMR widescreen TV in her office. No time for the truth, just the vulgar DMR version. Put the donuts down and check out the $300,000 boat Marine Patrol has. How about all those under cover Nautic Stars. And all the new armored trucks. Jesus Davis has militarized the law enforcement at DMR to beat up on the commercial fishermen. But don’t do a damn thing about all the scandals in his own shop but cover them up. Reverend Spraggins is robbing the DMR blind making his pew mates rich. Joe toothless Cloyd and Adam doofus Dial are making a killing from the DMR. And now Dail Diaz aka Greg Denyer is funneling Tidelands funds to these loony toons and their CONprofir, all the while Doofus HOSEman is setting up all the CONprofits via his office that allows them to do this. Doofus HOSEman trying to rob the City of Biloxi blind by trying to tell them how to rezone city property. Rumor is Doofus is trying to make a name for himself so he can run for Lt. Governor. I smell gas fumes again and apparently these Jackson politicians are on the receiving end of the HOSE this time.

  23. In April 2010, the worst environmental disaster occurred not too far from our delightful BSL. It was mishandled miserably fro the get-go.. Obama insiste from the very beginning that it was BP’s fault. He accepted no blame that the US had not built any seasub/robotics. Obama did not recall NOAA’s shi- fro Africa for 3 weeks. He turned down or failed to ask Japan, Germany, Russia or the Chinese for help with deep sea subs.He failed to call BP on the carpet for full information fom Day One. He seemed content to let BP clean up, letting the fox cle3an the henhouse and emasculate his Coast Guard into a cheap security firm with muscle. He approved BP’s refusal to stop using Corexit and BP’s decision to not allow respirators for cleanup (although MSDS required it).
    He allowed that barbarian Salazar to let 8 million more acres in the Gulf go up for grabs while we were drowning in oil and frying our brains with aerial corexit flown from our Stennis Airport. you know the one right next to our high and middle school.The MMR was still awash in cheap prostitute perfume and the antiseptic sting of cocaine……maybe they were hanging with DMR.

    I digress lengthily. But the pointy is that Obama and administrations before him have seemed to view the Gulf as the most expendable oily piggy bank in North America. He even added 1200 more fracking sites…..hey what the hell, BP already ruined the commercial fishing, i9n turn cutting deeply into commercial fish sales, tourism, casinos and small businesses. All the money thrown from BP planes woulod ne4ver even touch the restoration our gulf needs. The deal is sealed so welcome Jolynne, it’d be hard to screw it up worse than BP.

    The Gulf, the Bay. the Jordan and Bayou Lacroix were once reverberating with childrn’s squeals, the the ba-choo of cannonballs, and later the smell of charcoal and cook. Our children learned to swim, dive, fish, camp, drive a boat, tub e or wakeboard in those waters. I remember watching 5 neighborhood kids on the dock, sun almost down, legs kicking the water and spitting watermelon seeds, the parent slightly stupefied by sun and food and beer and the families slowly walked home. My daughter is now forbidden to swim or eve wade in the water, no raw oysters….no watermelon seeds.
    So carry on Mrs Tapani, there isn’t much you can do that BP hasn’t done already…..perhaps in 50 years, the dolphins and calves will stop washing up and the birds in Minnesota, 1000 mikes away, won’t have oil accumulated in their hearts and lungs.
    “BP Restoration Funds will go the way Mississippi’s lagniappe money always goes…..kajillions to the PORT, and about $37.81 to restoring bird nesting on the barrier island.

  24. Gangster style Trapani going to deny her membership in the seafood Mafia. Deny any knowledge of her employee being a convicted felon. Deny that this felon shot up the place and endangered the public. No worries. Her gangster Governor booze cruise boyfriend will bail her out. And if she needs some PR Jamie Miller can give her plenty of advise on how to lie deceive and subjugate the truth. Look at the cover up of money funneling to Toothless Cloyd, Dimwit Dial and Goofy Gregory. Closer to home Moss Point is still ungover from Jamie and Jesus Davis tenure on this side of the coast. Wonder how long the misappropriations of funds have been going on and where the idea came from. The moron city officials are trying to block off Market Street to benefit their families business and cutting off the turning lanes in front of businesses in competition with theirs. And news flash DMR to hold November meeting over here in the Jackson County Board room. Let’s ask Troy Backstabber Ross how many meetings he has had with Fish the Gulf Dry Gollott to steal away Biloxis check station and move it to Ocesn Springs. The seafood Mafia and Mike Cure have deep hooks with the Crooked nose Governore and using his Gollotts family ties to steal away resources from the fishermen. Bully Denero will soon find out he won’t be able to thug these fishermen. And all the while Nepoleon Miller hides in the corner in awe of Pappa Gollott.

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