25 thoughts on “You Decide 2016: Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich”

  1. Watching Trump make a public confession of sorts in front of the whole world Sunday evening made me think,”are we going back centuries when sinners had to confess publicly to be admitted back into the fold.
    And standing there watching him were so many who could have taken the mike right after him for the same purpose, especially his opponent so smugly enjoying the scene.
    Can we all say in unison,
    “We Digress!!”

  2. I’m voting for Trump. Men are all douches when it comes to talking about women and their actions. Macho Men with big egos and desires. No one is perfect, but when Bill C has open affairs in the White House while president and all of the sex scandals that took place, Helloooo…. The man was impeached in 1998 did America forget that. What about Vince Foster, deleting emails, Benghazi and countless other actions plus who knows what else we are not even told about. Wake up America… This woman is treacherous.
    She is promising free everything to all to get elected. There is nothing free, someone has to pay, and guess who??? We the tax payers. The people getting the free programs usually are not in the income category to pay taxes so another burden falls on us. It has to stop. I can’t vote for a criminal, but I can vote for a douche..

    1. Stick a Trump into the wicked lesbian douche , who despite the polls which do not reflect who will show up at the voting polls , is overdone.

      Grant clemency to Assange as he is delivering the truth of the Clinton Crime Foundation which truths the free press( paid for and totally in the tank for the douche) is trying to coverup on a daily basis.

      As for as Ryan and even house Whip Steve Scalise not campaigning for Trump- vote the Benedict Arnold basturds out !

    2. I think it’s too soon to stop at the Douche/criminal labels. How about proudly ignorant? Trump wouldn’t hire himself to run a company with such great ignorance about how government works. He’s a willful idiot, and I will not spit on the graves of our Founding Fathers by voting for such a person. Neither will I vote for a liar and a partisan hack Hillary Clinton who if she hadn’t been married to an ex-president would never have been elected NY Senator and therefore never been Secretary of State (whose previous background for the job consisted of having taken numerous taxpayer-funded vacations to various countries to have the locals fawn on her since her popularity wasn’t high here at home. Anything to get away from Bill.) I’ve got 25 years in politics and policy. I know more than 99.99% of the public how things really work in DC and how to make change happen. I know the impact of my writing in my own name (after all, I’m more qualified than Trump is, and I was more knowledgeable that Obama, lol, but heck, I’d hate that job.) in my home state, a crucial one which can sway an outcome. But I started this work with principles, and I can’t give them up for such a goofball as Trump. Our Party erred by letting the ignorant take over. The Dems have done similar stupid things, like structuring their primary system so that they would produce nominees like McGovern in 1972, and Dukakis in 1992. Our goal now is to restructure our primary system and find leaders whose credibility and selflessness (not Ted Cruz, folks) will help all those baby political activists who thought Trump was the Second Coming and who projected upon that man things he could never have accomplished. Ever. The media let people think Trump had something of value to offer political discourse in the years leading up to 2016. But he never did. Meanwhile, his ego grew and he and those looking for a Savior began to believe his own press releases as they brushed up their own. Why, I wonder, did they think that they knew anything, really, about American government and politics just because they could vote? It’s like believing that you’re a master electrician just because you can turn on a light switch. Government is complicated. And the people who’ve been successful in seeing real, true reform are people who’ve dedicated themselves to studying it and gaining the knowledge and experience it takes. Newt Gingrich, for example, worked for years behind the scenes with many others to build coalitions and develop and guide future leaders such that he was ready and able to lead the group and take over the US Congress from the Democrats, a shocking feat. People have no idea how courageous and brilliant he was in doing so, but I saw it first hand. (No, I don’t think Newt should be president.) I could write another book about this, but not now. God help us all over the next four years. May we first open our eyes and may the Trump true believers humble themselves and learn something from this upcoming defeat THEY created.

      1. K.B.Jefferson:
        You say,”I started the work with principles( you say you have 25 years political experience)”.

        Well sir, you overstayed your privilege as a political hack by a few years and you had your chance to do your “change” for America.

        People are sick of the same Establishment BS of career politicos like you connected to the corrupt families of Bush and Clinton and want somebody who will do what a majority of true Americans want.Evidently you are part of this same D.C. Establishment that thinks your experience is everything but in reality you are just afraid of losing your BS power to an independent like Trump……and as Reagan famously quipped, ‘…the Washington elite can’t run our lives better then we in each state/local counties can’.

        So you claim to be a true American but will welcome a Trump loss and a corrupt lyin’ Hillary to appoint multiple Supreme Court Justices?

        You are one sorry unAmerican politico hack and its just your so-called experienced, professional politico stereotype corrupted mind that needs to be voted out/removed from political power just like Republican treasonous Benedict Arnolds Ryan and Scalise.

        How about you getting a real career and not being a professional political hack for the remaining days the good Lord allows your type to breathe.

        What made this country great were private citizen heroes who sacrificed their private jobs and wealth like Washington and Jefferson ( and you should be ashamed to take Jefferson’s name to post under) and who after serving and putting “America First” for a short while went back to their respected private lives and not to become a K street lobbyist for globalist companies which is what your sorry butt probably is.

        That is exactly the type American hero Trump represents and is esteemed for by millions of true Americans and because you can’t see that sir clearly makes you an unAmerican through and through, a parasite on the hardworking taxpayers who only expect honest government including an honest IRS, honest FBI and a honest Department of Justice.

        K.B., how about you take a civics lesson from Barack Hussein Obama’s brother ,Malik, who will be at the third debate tonite endorsing Trump.

        1. So following your logic Lockie you’re ready to send Scalise home correct? You think here in Mississippi 4 we’ll get rid of our own hack Steven Palazzo?

          The reality is Donald Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and managed to perpetuate and grow somewhat his family’s fortune. Of course he also has a big string of business failures where many small businesses were screwed over and everyone but Trump seemingly lost money. It’s all very well documented including his lifetime spent as a New York liberal that still unconditionally supports Planned Parenthood and has well acted the part of heathen with his multiple marriages, infidelities and otherwise depraved treatment of women. Unlike you Lockie, I don’t believe a leopard changes it’s spots, especially when the leopard is running for president. The only person you are fooling is yourself.

          Hillary Clinton is little better and people recognize that. And while there is no disputing she will not represent anything except her own pecuniary interests she will not be malevolent to her own people beyond the stealing she’ll do to enrich herself. She is clearly the less dangerous of the two in terms of the harm they could inflict on those of us that are just ordinary citizens and therein lies the reason she will win despite being a turd sandwich.

          One day, maybe, the people that have been divided and exploited by both political parties will understand that serially voting for the same party over and over again expecting a different result is the colloquial definition of insanity. Maybe that is why the latest polling indicates almost a quarter of millennials prefer Armageddon to Trump or Clinton.


          The baby boomers were handed the world on a silver platter by their parents in the greatest generation. As a group we are failing our kids and grand kids and frankly should be collectively ashamed of ourselves for that instead of promoting either of these two sociopaths for President.

          1. Bateman:
            I hope you get rid of your hack Palazzo especially if he was a do nothing Republican who failed to accomplish anything and failed to endorse the Republican candidate , Trump .

            Though Scalise represents a very conservative district and is a soo in for re-election and says he is for Trump as Speaker of the House he has failed to travel and campaign for Trump which says a lot….. namely that he is happy taking his paycheck and having Hillary as President , vetoing anything the Republican dominated Senate or House passes and that is no longer acceptable.

            As far as who is the worst personality or immoral candidate that is debatable but Hillary’s desire to have hemispheric open borders with open trade , allowing a half a million unvettable Syria refugees enter this country which refugees were caused by her failed Far East foreign policy and will then stuff the Supreme Court with super liberal judges …… all of which will change this country forever for generations.

          2. Doug, Hillary is a crook of the worst kind. She is in no way the lessor of two evils. To sit this out or vote for a third party is a vote for Hillary. Make no mistake, she will destroy what is left of the constitution, raise taxes to crippling levels, dismantle what is left Of the military, raise the inheritance tax, move to the single payer option and so on. This she promises. At this point, it’s about damage control.

            1. Gary, trying to convince someone to vote for your candidate, a life long New York liberal, as the lesser of two evils reminds me of a one legged ass kicking contest. There is no point and frankly it crosses into the absurd.

              Speaking of absurd, the funniest thing about this election besides Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is Hancock County sending a Yellow Dog Democrat to Cleveland Ohio as a Trump delegate. To the extent you guys don’t do a decent job vetting your own members, I do not think I can trust your judgment on your party’s nominees.

              1. Batman:

                You posted to Gary, that “It crosses into the absurd” to try to convince someone that Trump is the lesser of two evils, especially as Trump has been a lifetime liberal from New York.

                Trump may still be a liberal from New York and I may still be a conservative but as long as he ………..

                builds that Great Trump Wall, puts America first instead of selling America out, stops industry from going to and enriching other countries’ economies, chooses the next Supreme Court justices from his named list of judicial candidates that are very conservative who won’t legislate from the bench and violate the Constitution, drains the swamp , ends the Cliton and Bush evil dynasties, ends the immigration of unvettable Muslims from terrorist areas, pushes for term limits for Congress, puts Putin and the Saudis in there places, passes law that bars retired Congressional assholes for 5 years from lobbying………..

                I could care less what people call him, think of him or accuse him of unpolitically correct things ……..

                cause I don’t see any other politicos advocating these above mentioned things that a majority of Americans are now actively desiring after seeing that the pendulum has swung way too far to the left and needs to swing back to the right and to a more Christian, moral work ethic which made America great to start with over 200 years ago.

                And the above is not a political argument but more indisputable fact and as conservative news anchor Graham Ledger on One America News Network ends his commentary each nite by stating, “….. even when I’m wrong I’m right”.


  3. Men of Power have used this to seduce women from the beginning of time. It has never been OK but it is the nature of things. Many women are attracted to men of power. I would say most, they just they all can’t have them. Tall handsome wealthy and powerful men are more envied than hated.
    Hilliary and Bill on the other hand preach holiness and rape the system to enrich themselves by posing to help the down trodden. If I were young I would give Trump a chance because what do you have to lose?

  4. Calling Tom Terrific with his Wonderdog ,The Mighty Manfred:

    Douche bag Killery ,after being sworned under oath by lawyers of Judical Watch,stated in response to 21 of 25 question interrogatories she “could not recall “…………including to important question ‘did she order e-mails to be destroyed after she was issued a subpoena by Congress to preserve all e-mails and such evidence’?

    Not only has WikiLeaks exposed part of HRC’s speech to a foreign bank where she stated America should have open hemispheric borders and trade but WikiLeaks has exposed a Killery’s CEO aide’s e-mail stating there should be a “….Catholic Spring to overthrow its dictatorship”…

    WikiLeaks’ exposure of her/campaign emails and bank speech gets zero exposure on MSM but Killery’s control of MSM instead vomits up false sexual accusations against Trump as smoke cover of WikiLeaks’ exposed truths…….

    Obamacare is experiencing fleeing insurance companies, Slick Willy Cliton is openly criticizing the absurdity of it and democratic governor of Minnesota declaring it ironically “unaffordable”……as premiums rise 60- 100 %….. but Killery says she will fix it like she did her private e-mail server to hide her SOS office dealing with her global corruption involving the Cliton Corruption Foundation….

    Tom Terrific, isn’t it time you try “My Candidate” and get a good night sleep as “My Candidate” was handmade in the USA because Americans are sleepless on the Establishment’s BS…..and if you try him now we will throw in another fine Christian “My Candidate”, Pence , free!

    Tom, if you are too stubborn and scared to pull the lever for Trump let the Mighty Manfred pull it for you so at least he can have a prosperous canine future with his personal doghouse ownership and quality bones Made In America.


      1. Tom,Tom….That’s an old post so I decided to communicate with you through Doug’s more current post here….so why don’t you just defend your douche candidate and your hero’s Obamacare which even Democratic governors( Minnesota ) who implemented all of it are now saying ironically it is “unaffordable”.

        By the way does your Mighty Manfred know any bitches who need a few bucks and would be brave enough to alledge sexual assault by Donald Trump?


        1. “Old Post”. Tight, you really know how to hurt a guy.

          I think what I had to say is still relevant. To use an old saying “Trump not only doesn’t know anything, he doesn’t suspect anything.” He has the attention span of a fruit fly.

          Whoever wins, an extremely active citizenry (like in the sixties) will have to keep the winner
          on the straight and narrow.

          1. Tom you said “Trump doesn’t know a lot”

            Trump knows he is being done in by the GOP Establishment- Globalists… and who has led Billy Bush to tout the sexual assault video of Trump from years ago?….. its the Bush Crime Family especially Bush 41 who has said openly he would vote for corrupt Killery.

            Then we have Bush the younger who flew the Bid Laden family out of the USA post 911 and who had the all important 28 pages of the 911 report suggesting that 14 of the 19 911 terrorists were Saudi government sponsors “Classified”….

            The Bushes including hard ass Barbara , who pushed her walker through the snow in New England campaigning for her son Jeb, are pissed the way ole Donald dissed their ex-drug college pushing son and are seeking revenge.

            Trump knows all this and hopefully he will expose the Bush Crime Family and their octopus,puppet controlling arms all over Speaker Ryan and the other GOP globalists

            I know what you are thinking… this guy Locke is really not a Republican…. and you are RIGHT….I am an independent sickened with the entire Washington elite and Trump will out all these elites for what they are……. self serving assholes who as reported by 60 minutes spend 4 hours a day worried and securing funds for their own re-election.


            1. Trump is like a miner looking for a vein to mine. Or, to use the media language, a lane to run in. He found his lane…the Joe Arpaio-Bobby Knight-Don King Lane.

              You will notice that I have not been harshly critical of him because he put on a good show and he had that “you’re going to like the way you look, I guarantee it” salesman’s charm.

              The people I can’t stand are the creepy holier than thou sorts. Rick Santorum, Ralph Reed to name a couple. (Speaking of those types…Ted Cruz…if he could have gotten the
              nomination, he could have made a race of it.)

              What brings me to a candidate is decency. Are they a decent human being who we can trust to do the right thing on the unforeseen. On that category, I never was a Clinton person (Bill or Hillary) and I’ve been for Obama from day one.

              Now, on the “establishment”, the establishment exists until someone overthrows it and forms their own establishment. An organization I was briefly the head of, The Committee to Impeach the President, got a permit for a rally behind the White House and had an Impeach Nixon Rally.

              I spoke and introduced Izzy Stone, once part of the far left establishment. Eight months later Nixon was gone and one of our leaders who was unemployed at the time, Bob Beckel, ended up with a White House office under Jimmy Carter well on his way to becoming part of the establishment.

              Moral of the Story: If you don’t like the Establishment replace it and form your own. Easiest way to do it, become a community organizer.


              1. Tom Terrific:

                You said above, “what brings me to a candidate is decency”

                Well after Project Veritas and the tapes of the men working for the DNC, who the DNC has now just fired and some of which were convicted felons, we now know these samep men visited the White House over 300 times since 2009 and they confessed on tape of paying derelicts, homeless and other thugs upwards of $1,500 to disrupt all of Trumps campaign forums all over the U.S. and was directly instrumental in causing Trump to cancel his Chicago campaign stop.

                Now Tom you have bragged many times on this blog about personally bringing Nixon and his dirty political tricks down and causing his resignation ……….

                so can we now expect you to do “some political community organizing”, putting it in your own words…..

                to actively bring down your so-called decent candidate, Lyin’ Killery, and vote for the more decent candidate Donald J. Trump.

                Or do liberals have double standards so that what applies to the elephant does not apply to the donkey?

  5. Trump is an over the top personality who appears by every measure to love women. He is not shy about it.I do not see him as a power hungry crooked individual.If elected his new brand would be the American people. Whether he has what is required to be president is a point of contention.What we do know and are still learning about Hillary Clinton will make us coin a new term to describe her.Maybe we should call her the founder of the New Immoralist Party. She has no problem selling out to people from foreign countries who want to shape US policies and laws. Of course, her only strength is the fact that the Democrats have coalesced around her and will do anything to get her elected.I view this election as a pivotal point in the direction of this great country. What Hillary Clinton wants to do is take more from the haves and give more to the have nots not only in our country but around the world.She scares the hell out of me.

    1. Biloxi Blues ….. relax… we got WikiLeaks on her butt….. can you imagine they are now afraid of e-mailing anything sensitive so they are now communicating on throw away cell phones ,by personal couriers or meeting in person at airports just like the Taliban.

      Now if we can just drive them into caves ……He, he, he

  6. What should scare the “hell” out of ALL of us is who owns her. She and Bill left the White House not as well off as other former first couples. They became multi millionaires. What did they sell? What is their product? AND WHO IS BACKING THEM?
    Those are the ones we should be fearing. The mean, undisciplined Pit Bull who has had no training or shots is dangerous, for sure, but it is his “owners” that are the culprits!!

  7. Bill and Hilliary are no more than TV Evangelist like Jimmy Swaggert or Jim and Tammy Faye Baker! Just the political version of them. They take the scared, weak and poor offer them other peoples money for their contribution. They are not the great society but more like the Great Train Robbery!

  8. I’m still voting for Trump. What is the big deal if he won’t release his tax returns, won’t accept the voting results? This is not what is important for our future President to run the country. Lets focus on the issues here. Do we want someone giving away everything and we the taxpayers pay for it? I’m tired of all of the freebees being given out. Do you know how many people are on disability that really can work and do so and get paid in cash? How many people that get federal assistance that should be in the workforce but choose not to because of the entitlement they think they should get. It has to stop and Hillery will only increase this. I’m tired of paying taxes for the freeloaders in this country. I work everyday and pay taxes and don’t expect anything for free. Wake up America and see what this Woman really is.

  9. Tom Terrific the real question today I s:

    How many WikiLeaks will it take to break the donkey’s back and the donkey sits down and refuses to move forward?

    Everyday more evidence of gross corrupt weigh is applied by WikiLeaks to the donkey yet the donkey just denies, denies, denies….and the donkey just keeps plotting along…….

    Today we find out Virginia’s Gov. Mcauliffe’s , a long time Cliton crony going way back to the 1990’s, PAC diverted over half a million dollars to wife of the FBI agent , Andrew McCabe , in charge of investigating the Cliton’s private server, emails and Cliton Foundation …. it was supposedly intended for the campaign fund of wife to run for a Virginia senate seat which she lost…….hmmmmm…. really ?

    Then miracles of miracles this same FBI agent was then suddenly moved upward from being just in charge of D.C. area to being second in charge right below FBI Director Comey…. just by chance…… oh yea…. just coincidence….

    Now don’t forget this is the same Mcauliffe ,who attempted to grant the right to vote to thousands of Virginia felons , and was told by the Supreme Court he had no authority to do so yet he still defied said order and subsequently restored voting rights to thousands of felons so they could vote for Hillary.

    So again I ask how much more criminal political corruption exposed by WikiLeaks can the donkey and the MSM whores carry on their backs before they all break down……..or will Assange commit suicide assisted of course by a Killary hit man before the donkey collapses?

    I think we will know the answer in 7 days when WikiLeaks goes nuclear… stay tuned .


  10. Tom Terrific:

    My sister, who goes by the handle “Lockherup” , has just informed me that the hackers, who ever that is /are, have some Weiner emails in a related case so that to save face the FBI has sent a letter to Congress that they may be reopening the Cliton email investigation.

    We all knew hackers had everything on Hillary/Uma’s servers so that Hillary is now going to be “exposed ” by possible the soon to be dropped nuclear bomb we were all along expecting from Wikileaks.

    So get some Jiffy Pop, Pops Everytime or like the Washington elites some Rickenbockers and Red Bull and sit back and enjoy some more BS stories from puppet Comey and his puppeteer, Dept. of Justice Loretta Lynch , as it is going to be some long nites.

    Will da’ ” Weiner’s wiener bring down Killery just as the blue dress brought down Slick Willy?

    Stay tuned …….you heard it first on Slabbed!

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