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  1. The seafood Mafia is back at it with the same cast. MC and JJ are conspiring with Commissioner Fish the Gulf Dry Gollott to screw the small commercial oyster fishermen. And Jamie Miller is leading the pack as usual. The story goes Biloxi was suppose to get the “check station” a DMR oyster facility, but then the Bayou Caddy Mafia pulled the kinship strings with hogfish Gollott and they moved it to Ocean Springs. They had secret meetings with Troy Backstabber Ross and Chick no ass to dirty to kiss Cody and worked a backdoor deal to benefit Kenny Deneros “bait shop. ” what the hell does a bait shop have to do with oysters? Well Alice Martin and her inside connection informant daughter have lots to say about that. Now Danny Thug Jalanovich carries a gun and threatens the harbor leasers into submission. Jackass Jalanovich and his thug secretary Shellene Langford are forcing the commercial shrimpers to be doubled taxed so Connie Moron can plant panseies in season. Langford should sound familiar she is a Mallet. The Mallets are the ones that paved Troy Backstabber Ross to victory when his behind the door buddy Fishing Trip McKay conspired to promote his gunslinging thug campaign manager to the Harbor Master position. Helps to have a Constable for a daddy – connections run deep in the kinship Mafia clan. So if you pay $3 a foot you have to buy the $500 license. If you pay $3.75 a foot you can sell your shrimp for free. What kind of Mafia deal is that. These thugs can get away with anything. This is the Republican American we voted for and now we get what we so honestly deserve. So you can’t complain much when you voted for Troy Ross and Chic Cody. And the DMR is conducting a commercial operation but claiming Kenny the bully is actually doing it. Alice Martin and her thug daughter should be ashamed of themselves for being so in love with the green and greed of money. MC Mafia boss of the West is forcing long term boat leasers out of their slips so Thug Kenny can accommodate the DMR commercial operations. All this because Jamie Miller has no leadership and backbone. All this because Richard Gollott wants desperately to make his kinfolk rich. Drive the price of oysters up because there won’t be any in Mississippi. Only oyster will be in the disease waters of Louisianna on MC leases. Be careful what you eat because these Mafia Bosses only care about big green. Toots.

    1. Yeah not gonna point at the exacts but I know first hand about some shady issues with the Biloxi seafood industry. There are drains that go underground and spill into the Gulf beneath shrimp boats that were installed at night way back before Katrina that pump toxic amonia right into the water.
      A lot of other things going on Im not gonna comment on but when they say “family” they mean “FAMILY”.

  2. PP,

    I enjoyed the flow of your post. No doubt Miller is a puppet in this game as Richard “Fish The Gulf Dry” Gollott will continue to call the shots behind the scenes.

    With respect to your comments about the only oysters being from LA waters. I heard close rumors about previous commission meetings over the last 3-4 years about how Gollott was pushing to open up MS waters which were closed. Closed due to polluted waters.

  3. Interesting that I’m hearing the same things. Kacey Willams and Barbara Lavine are still pillaging the federal grants to afford the lavish lifestyle on the 6th floor. Only this time they have been awarded a brand new break room for their efforts. They can now have cake for the Cake Eater and the Donut Eater can host seafood fest in the break room. Lord knows these bafoons need all the breaks they can get. And how come Karen Nelson don’t do a story on Marine Patrol’s new $200,000 boat. Or all the under cover Nautic Stars? Why does Marine Patrol get a pass? They certainly got a pass when the DUI officer got driven home off the Biloxi Bridge and somehow there is no “evidence” of this event but the two Biloxi ladies that whitnessed it and they discredited them. Or Jesus Davis propensity to play golf on state time with a state vehicle with his college bud Kasey Eore. Or the prayer breakfasted breaks on state time with Revrend Spraggins, who can’t keep this DMR mug off WLOX. And let’s not forget about the big Ocean Springs hairdresser sex affair where the male officer got a pass and the female officer was fired. How about that Karen the Donut Eater got you all memorized with that big screen TV in her office watching LSU lose other SEC season. Put the donuts down and do some real investigative journalism. And while you are at it look up the connection of Dale Diaz to Jamie’s favorite pets, Joe toothless Cloyd and Adam Dial. That DMR building they are building on Porter Street is getting so big you can actually trip overt it now. Suggest you start looking up the 20 or so CONProfits they have on Dufus HOSEmans webpage. Then ask for the Tidelands projects being funneled to the CONprofit. And don’t forget the marriage of Richard fish the Gulf dry Gollott and the Seafood Mafia in Bayou Caddy. These incestuous inbreeds are conspiring with Joe Jenkins to rape the oyster and shrimp fishermen of their hard earned income. Please pull the donuts out of your mouth and expose the injustice these thugs are committing on the resources and the hard working fishermen.

  4. She likely just joined the CCA like the rest of the recently appointed by this crooked nose Governor. I wonder if Terese, Nonnie, and Julia even know who the hell she is. What we do know is the Seafood Mafia along with Jamie Miller routinely dine at her restaurant. And I have heard that the Governor loves to stop in when he gets off the bourbon swamp fund raiser with Mike Cure. Richard fish the Gulf Dry Gollott is suppose to represent the Seafood Processors. He is representing his own self interest and the interest of his family by making decisions that benefit him and the rest of the flunk i.e. Commissioners do what ever the hell he commands. What the hell do seafood processors have to do with oysters in Biolxi Bay. That should be Steve Bossarge interest. But this doofus is too busy Licking Gollotts shoes to make any meaningful decisions for the commercial fishermen. Look at what he is not doing in Ocean Springs and Biolxi Harbors as the commercial fishermen are getting hosed he is bending over for the recreational fisherery and spotted seatrout. Ron Harmon is not even a real commissioner. He has Richards hand up his ass and has never made a true independent vote on the commission sense he has been there. Mark Havard wants to allow his children to keep as many undersize fish as they want. Real informed group serving no one but themselves.

    1. I agree with most of your comments except for the constant beating down of the recreational anglers.
      They are harassed day in and day out by the flounder pounders in the $70,000 trucks. They check the same people for a license every day and measure every fish.
      Guess they have to get their quota every day.
      By the way, a fish that was caught by an older gentleman on a local pier shrunk less than a quarter of an inch (all fish shrink a little when they die) and it cost him $420.00. Guess that’s how they can afford the new trucks all the time. With the constant changes in size and creel limits it’s awful difficult to keep up with all the changes that the commission makes, many of which aren’t in agreement with the scientists recommendations.
      Maybe there is confusion between the CCA which is the Coastal Conservation Association (a non-profit) and CMR which is the Commission of Marine Resources of which the governor appoints the members.

  5. My word PP – what has gotten you all a-flutter? Great posts, but no new news. Same old, same old – and until the cleansing out of these crooked tea party republican breeds, everything will remain the same. And as long as the people of this state keep voting for these ding dongs, nothing will change. Our real hard-working fishermen are just screwed. And believe me, the crooks at the DMR do not care who they crush beneath their evil feet. I assure you, it is my opinion that people are watching and taking notes, photos, and videos. The losers’ fun will be coming to a screeching halt if old Hillary is elected. I will love to sit back and watch that funny show. Old Hillary despises arrogant, overbearing, republican losers like them, and it appears to me that Mississippi politicians may just be getting ready to get an enema! Couldn’t happen to a better group of self-serving sheeple.

  6. Who is the new appointment for Hancock County? And what is their connection if someone has been appointed.

  7. It’s JoeLynn Trapani with the restraunt on the beach in the Bay. Her boyfriend Mike the oyster guy has the governor in his pocket. I’m told he sends seafood, cash and 420 to Jackson for the governor. Back to the appointee, no environmental experience, no active Cca member, has never been involved with the bay chapter, and doing the members don’t count, hoelynn. She’s an imbarasmen to the commission, the governor should be ashamed. Mike is a bottom feeder it’s expected from him.

    1. Sending 420 to Jackson? I am not sure who you are talking about but I would find it hard pressed if our illustrious governor would actually have the balls enough to 420. LOL. He would probably piss his pants if he saw someone with a joint…………..LOL

  8. Another political appointment with no business being there. Guess you have to know the right people or party with them.

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