SOLVED | Eyewitnesses: Cruising Kerfuffle at the Old Town Harbor Involving Hizzoner (Updated)

Welp folks, it appears the Saturday Special did not quite cover all the screwy in Bay St Louie as reader comments have placed Mayor Fillingame involved in and leaving the scene of an accident. The issue we’re having here at Slabbed we’ve not been able to confirm the accident with the authorities. If all we had were anonymous reader comments I’d be inclined to leave the issue behind but I’ve gotten the names of a couple of eyewitnesses, names that I both recognize and trust.

At the minimum there should be a police report surface. And with all the people running around Old Town during Cruising surely someone grabbed a pic or two with their cell phone. So what we’re going to do is let the community solve this one. If you have pics or can shed any light on what happened, contact me here. Thank you.


A reader was kind enough to contact me with the skinny, including why Slabbed could never obtain official confirmation of the “accident” involving Hizzoner: An auto accident did not occur but there was a Kerfuffle. To understand what happened it is to understand how jam-packed Old Town and the Harbor gets during Cruising the Coast. Space is tight, especially for those trying to navigate Beach Blvd during the event. (The street is closed to all but the Cruisers) One of the Cruisers thought that Hizzoner clipped his classic car in a tight parking situation and there was some sort of confrontation between them but the bottom line is no auto accident occurred.