A Blast from the Jackson County – DMR Scandal past ends up indicted for Meth Distribution

Lifers will remember Ms. Denyer’s name came up on Slabbed a time or two back when.

USA v Denyer et al

Denyer is the daughter of Ocean Springs Alderman Greg Denyer, whose name has come up here as recently as last July in comments. Here is the Sun Herald story on this matter:

Former state worker, one other face federal felony meth charges ~ Robin Fitzgerald

My instincts told me to google up Libby Denyer and sure enough the trail of bread crumbs leads to Tom Reynolds office in Ocean Springs. Reynolds’ name came up also in the DMR CIAP Scandal [see comments].

To be charged under a Bill of Information after being indicted likely indicates that a plea deal has been cut.

File this one under its incestuous out there.

3 thoughts on “A Blast from the Jackson County – DMR Scandal past ends up indicted for Meth Distribution”

  1. Well sleepy Libby finally is going to see justice. Shame her thug father won’t see the same for all the crooked underhanded backdoor deals he committed. Especially while Greg Denyer was an employee at DMR. How could we forget how he duped the taxpayers by getting an extraigant DMR contract to do nothing, collect a state PEER retirement check, and collect a city alderman check from Ocean Springs. Fast forward to Dale Diaz collects a PEER retirement check, has a $80,000 contract from DMR, and gets a fat check from the Gulf Council. How has anything changed at DMR. And rumor has it that Jesus Davis has his contract thug doing nothing drawing a $80,000 check also. Look that up on transparency. If you think Fisheries is through giving away permits and equipment to Joe Toothless Cloyd look at all the equipment Jesus Davis has amassed. All new vehicles, all new boats and equipment. And the undercover Nautic Stars are rumored to be unmarked. Vehicles unmarked. No states rules against that. These thugs get to do whatever they want. The seafood Mafia making all kinds of backdoor deals with Richard fish the gulf dry Gollott. Mike and Richards love affair has no boundary. And Jamie has no backbone and the Marine Commission has no guts or integrity. These looney toon characters just got run over by the science train on seatrout and still want to fish the gulf dry. Didn’t this half wit Governor promise the coast to reappoint a new commission with a new vision. Another elected official talking out the side of his mouth to get reelected. Good job we fell for it.

  2. This is a sad but very serious situation for Greg Denyer’s daughter.Distribution of Meth can get you up to 20 years in prison. Her use of meth could have gotten her a death sentence. Why this is a federal case is little puzzling. Another point of interest is the fact that this criminal action first showed up on the federal docket back in April of this year. Why the sudden coverage by the SunHerald? Elizabeth Denyer, was like so many others who participated in the Bill Walker’s DMR Friends and Family program/scam, is now being given a dose of reality instead of being propped up by her father’s connections to the corrupt Walker family. The best part of the Slabbed coverage of this matter is the linked older posts and comments. Many were excellent predictors of the future.

  3. All of these crooks and scammers need to get a job and do a hard days’ work! The [email protected]$$es, Puhl-a$$os, Hewes’s, Fat Ass Cottons, Stones, Walkers, Reynolds, McKays, cake and donut eaters, Lying Spraggins, and all of their crony friends (who are still employed at the DMR and being “taken care of” at the moment), need to learn how to work for a living. Were they all orphans? Or were their parents evil people who did not teach them how to be honest and work? Why is our State still putting up with this? Why is our Federal Government still putting up with this? Can you answer that question Governor, Lt. Governor, Senators, Representatives, State Auditor, Attorney General and the people of this State who are voting for them?????
    I just read and article listed on slabbed about the Walton family involved with the take over of our natural resources from the citizens. How can that be? The natural resources belong to everyone – not just a select few. That is unconstitutional. Where are the lawsuits?? Mr. Walton is rolling over in his grave.

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