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Published on Sep 28, 2016

I had a story title before the debate started … Mrs. Know It All Schooled By The Class Clown. That would have been a fun story to write. Especially for someone who has been amused by Trump and very reluctantly supportive of Clinton. Someone like me, for instance.

But then they actually had the debate. And that changed everything.

I made a note at 9:57pm, about fifty minutes into the debate. “Rooting for Trump to make it a good show, but Hillary is doing a much better job on the question of who will be the most competent custodian of the country’s affairs.” And, that pretty much says it all.

Going into the debate, the Clinton campaign was leaking oil big time. Hillary’s bout with pneumonia gave credence to lingering health stories. Her staff’s lack of candor on the subject exacerbated the situation. London betting shops had her down to a 63 percent chance to win the election. After the debate, they took her up to 71 percent. That’s a win. Continue Reading………

13 thoughts on “Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Hillary Feeling It”

  1. They can have all of the debates they want, The facts remain the same. The Clintons are not the type of people you want back in the White House running our country. Look at the scandal he caused as President with his infidelity. She has caused more scandals in the Senate and as Secretary of State. She was even wired for the debate.
    The men that died in Benghazi, the emails and the promises she is making in her campaign. Yes she will rally for free education, health care, student loans, welfare but who pays for it. US the tax payers. NOTHING is free. Someone has to pay.
    This is why we need a business person and not a Politician.

  2. Can someone on here tell me how college can all of a sudden become free for everyone?
    I am serious. How would that work?

    1. I know for sure there is not sufficient support for free college for all everywhere.

      Now, if you had a proposal for students from families below the poverty line to get say 80% support at a state school in the state in which they live provided they meet the entrance requirements that might
      not be a bad idea.

      I think free is bad. Requiring at least a 20% contribution by the student weeds out those who are not serious.

      Where would the money come from? Possibly from: the State General Fund; a share in lottery revenue
      or a couple cent increase in the state fuel tax.

  3. Lana,
    Very simple. Take from the doers and give it to the don’ts. Socialization of America has been on the fore front of the Democratic Party for decades. They want to rule out the “Ole American Adage that anything worth while is worth working for”. They do not understand that our society has always been stratified from top to bottom. Highs and lows in the economy change or rebalance this stratification cyclically. Democrats want to take risk and reward out of the system as well as make Entrepreneurs, professional, skilled and unskilled equal in the system. We need them all, but they prefer to make the hard working Middle Class, Upper Middle Class and Upper Class the enemy. They take away family assets (Inheritance) to these people and redistribute it the have nots unless like Hilliary you put your unearned wealth in a trust. We have spent 40 Trillion Dollars since Johnson trying to raise up the proverbially down trodden. How much must be spent before you realize that isn’t working. Don’t give money and access (Higher Education) away make them work for it. This forum is not big enough to outlay all the problems.

  4. I understand what you are saying, but the candidates who are offering free education for
    EVERYONE should have to explain
    1. Where are we going to find professors to work for nothing after spending thousands on their own educations?
    2. How are the University Boards going to operate all of these campuses fof free?
    I think they should be made to explain since they are making the claim that it can be done.

  5. 🐡🐡🐡 Something smells fishy with Assange and his overdue release of Clitons emails…..

    I think the old boy is trying to give Hillary as many sleepless nights waiting for his release of her crooked emails💰….keeping her up past her beauty sleep hours and maybe even up at 3 AM….😱

    Then again is Obama’s BS State Dept negotiating with Assange… in exchange for silence of Assange’s release of Cliton’s emails a promise not to murder Assange or prosecute him?

    There was rumor of Trump’s reps meeting with Assange too? Did that happen and does his reps now have the golden eggs?

    Hillary is not coughing anymore so she must still be on prolonged antibiotics, supposively Levoquin, fighting her constant aspiration pneumonia caused from her hidden neurological condition…. doesn’t her health team know that Levoquin is known to cause aortic and other aneurysms? Look what happened to Michael Jackson when he and his Cracker Jack health team wanted to constantly medicate him so he could do the things his body was not ready to do.

    Something has to derail Hillary or her crooked, super socialist train is gonna just run wild right through the country destroying everything🌪 we know as America that has not already been destroyed by our first Muslim President.☪️

    1. Mr. Tight, Sir…

      I was going to put out an APB on you. Now, I’m cheered to know that you are in good spirits and sharing your views in the calm deliberative way to which we have become accustomed.

      I would have written a little earlier, except I was enjoying Michelle Obama (The Closer) putting the hammer down in NC. Hey, the lady is good at what she does. (Say, did you ever see that movie, Glengary-Glenross? Great line in there by the Alec Baldwin character, “always be closing”.

      You mentioned the possibility of some late breaking news leaks that will be troublesome to Hillary.
      My question to you is do you really think the Clintons will go into the last two weeks of the campaign
      unprepared and unarmed?


      1. Tom Terrific you said,”Do you really think Hillary will go into last two weeks unprepared and unarmed”

        I agree 100 %……. Hillary will try to drone Assange just like she proposed verbally either with a drone flying above or her private drone execution army….. which will kill you just like what happened to Foster in Wash,DC in the 90’s or a few weeks back with the likes of potential witnesses like Ashe and Seth Rich again in Wash.,DC….

        Was not Hil-lie-ry’s father part of good ole Al Capone’s gang….and why do you think they call her Killery?

        Finally, her biggest accomplishments is stealing things out of the White House when she and Bill slid out in 2000 and avoiding criminal prosecution for one scandal after another …….with the most recent ones being the Cliton Foundation and her private server so she could operate her and Bill’s pay to play game with the Foundation( that actually contributes only 5% to charities ) with her Office of Secretary of State.

        If Killery is elected they will again rent out rooms in the White House and more happy people in opposition to their corrupt power will again start committing suicide on their birthdays and at an alarming rates….

        Peace ……and a big dog bone for the faithful Mighty Manfred for remaining with you after you pull the lever for Killery

  6. I think it was yesterday of over the weekend Assagne’s attorney “died!”
    I feel sure Julian knows he is safer in confinement than released by Obama😳
    I have a nagging concern about Trey Gowdy’s well being too.
    Elections don’t seem to be about issues anymore–
    Just power and control!

  7. Calling Tom Terrific…..come in Tom we have a news alert….

    Hil-lie-ry Killery just did a speech before a children’s foundation and she is wearing no makeup and in fact I believe she had a Hollywood sci-fi makeup artist make her age and appear to be a cast member of The Walking Dead.

    Why you ask.? It’s another crooked ploy to play on people’s sympathy all the while far left computer scientists encourage her to challenge the election results in 3 states and electoral college members are working behind the scenes to sway Trump electors to vote for Hil-lie-ry on December 19th.

    Wondering if the new and sympathetic Donald will now in light of this latest news change his bipolar mind , influenced by Cheesy chelsea crying into her friend’s ear, namely Ivonka , that her mom has suffered enough and needs to heal. From not wanting to seek a special prosecutor to issuing an order to investigate Hil-lie-ry and their Cliton Foundation thereby driving the final wooden stake into the witch’s corpse which refuses to die.

    Doesn’t Donald know you don’t leave a tiger you shot to survive in the dark jungle because they will heal up and come back the next day and slice your jugular vein open?

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