For those wondering about the Sun Herald-DMR Public Records case…

The Sun Herald found no joy at the Court of Appeals, which reversed Chancellor Schloegel. As of September 2, it was Writ time at the Mississippi Supreme Court, which has not yet ruled whether or not they will be taking the case. Click below to get the 13 page Writ filed earlier this month:

Auditor v Gulf Publishing Writ of Certiorari

Auditor v Gulf Publishing Writ of Certiorari

2 thoughts on “For those wondering about the Sun Herald-DMR Public Records case…”

  1. I am really embarrassed for Judge Schloegel. That bunch of misogynists have once again jumped on a poor defenseless woman because they don’t have the balls to make the crooks in their “good old boys club” do the right thing. This is so sad that our State has to stand by and watch this. If the people of Mississippi don’t stand up and clean out this hoopla from places in power, we will continue to be subject to the disrespect and unfair treatment of successful women and all minorities in our State. We are supposed to be Bible thumpers in our State. If you are going to talk the talk – it is time you started walking the walk people. Do the right thing. Stop stealing from the Taxpayers! Do the right thing!

  2. Important article to read.

    How a ‘rogue’ environmental group transformed American fisheries

    Catch shares for recreational fishing?!

    Fatcat monopolies?

    Bogus “grass roots” participants in the looting scheme?

    That’s the Walmart way!

    One of the nation’s largest environmental groups — bankrolled with $50 million from the heirs to the Walmart fortune — has spent millions of dollars pushing a wholesale change in how the U.S. manages its fisheries, an investigation reveals.

    But the EDF’s most controversial proposal has been for a system that would require private recreational anglers to have a harvest tag for each fish they catch.

    EDF documents examined by make plain that the organization has envisioned spreading catch shares to people fishing for pleasure since at least 2009. That year, internal reports touting EDF’s accomplishments state that the organization’s work in the Gulf “will form the foundation for a for-hire IFQ and harvest tags for private anglers.”

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