Scott Walker: No money to pay his court ordered fines for his felony conviction, has money for Range Rover

Worse is for the taxpayers the Walker family ripped off. Scott Walker still owes big money for restitution and fines claiming he has no coin for such things but then this hits my email inbox a while back:

Screen Capture Courtesy of a Reader
Screen Capture Courtesy of a Reader
Screen Capture Courtesy of a Reader

22 thoughts on “Scott Walker: No money to pay his court ordered fines for his felony conviction, has money for Range Rover”

  1. Range Rover?? Priorities are important in life. I guess the court ordered fines are not high on his list of obligations compared to purchasing a new car. There should be some type of consequences for non payment, but again they thought they were above the law and that landed them in the legal mess.

  2. This is sick. Him and his Gucci loafers and his Range Rover just laughing in the Judge’s face! Has he paid his property taxes on his home yet? How much has he paid in restitution? How can he afford season tickets in Oxford and for the shuckers and these glamorous vacations? He really needs to be called out. He and his wife are delusional


        As points out, the article was altered from a National Report–a fake news site–which reported the same false incident occurring back in 2014, then involving an NYPD officer.

        According to Snopes, the article was recycled by the Baltimore Gazette, an “established fake news site,” earlier this month. The new version changed the location from New York to Atlanta. It also changed the mother’s name and killed the mother instead of the child.

  3. Isn’t this Range Rover more what he should be looking for?

    Easy in and out doors, more better ground clearance plus the dizzy wheels go round and round! Could it hypnotize the officer responding if you want to park in the ditch for a nap on the way home? Fo shizzy if it do!

    Plus all the people will be looking at them all the time!

  4. Scott Walker better be putting some money away to pay for the reseeding of that forty acre forehead, which appears to be expanding. He must have no fear Sof Stacey Pickering or the USDOJ ever kicking his door in again to collect the money he owes to the taxpayers. I remember not long ago Slabbed posted a picture of an expensive new Mercedes Scott Walker was driving. Someone also mentioned he owned a Land Rover at that time. One would assume it is very expensive trying to keep up with all of those “Curious Joes” over on Million Dollar Drive. In the past his ego would not allow for anything second handed but hey,times are tough.Or maybe he is spending some of that advance money from his new book “Lifestyles of the Convicted and Famous”.Who really knows. Obviously he has money from somewhere or spends lots of time pretending to.

  5. By renting out his home to generate extra income it should allow him to make greater restitution payments but does his parole office even know or is his parole officer silent and on the take?

    There should be a federal law which rewards a whistleblower a per centage reward when said individual reports unreported income or extreme expenditures on luxury living in lieu of paying restitution.

    The galactic theory that Sky “Sly “Walker is using is the usual theory of all politico federal felons- that his restitution debt be damn and it will just have to outlive his luxury life span so the Feds can go get screwed.

    With our current politico system of injustice I hate to say it but the un-American, Sheria law – removin a few fingers or maybe a hand – is lookin better each day to me.

    Chop, Chop without anesthesia would tend to make Sky Walker go hyperspeed on his restitution payments, He,He,He

  6. Do these people have no obligations in the event they don’t live up to their end of the agreement for early release?
    The legal authorities will fry a school secretary or bank teller who makes nothing to start with, has 3 or 4 kids to take care of on her own and steals $1200.
    He should go back in the slammer.

    1. Correction Lana–the legal authorities you are speaking of will fry a school secretary for political gain: IE; Stacy Pickering

      Low level employees do not have the recourses to fight back…….get it….

  7. My Fellow Americans,

    It appears Scott Walker is at it again. Somehow he will slip out of this one “legally on paper” but common sense tells most people its nothing short of a sham. I have seen his latest Rover equipped with Florida tags prior to his “Club-Fed” stint and I hardly see it being in the need for a replacement. Unless, of course, you are one of the privileged white elite. Take a look at the guy selling it. LOL

  8. Stacy No Ethics Pickering gave Scott a pass a long time ago to get reelected. And Judge Starrett had enough backbone to sit upright in court each day. It was a great day and process for the Republican party. Scott gets a pass because his daddy made a behind the door deal. And Scott makes more money with his across the fence secret pen pale Joe Toothless Cloyd. The DMR is about to pay role the big bucks to toothless Joe. Dale the Greedy has been working overtime. Stay toned. The oyster chatter from the seafood Mafia is heating up.

    1. I heard the rain last month killed a lot of the oysters.

      The Gulf Coast Leeches (fictus concerra capitalismus) don’t appear to have been affected at all.

  9. The seafood Mafia over in the Bayou has been working over time. Bringing their polluted oysters to Mississippi and now staging a coup in Biloxi Bay. Sources in Biloxi City Hall are saying DMR promised to open a check station at point cadet. The Bayou Caddy Mafia struck a deal with Richard Fish the Gulf Dry Gollott and now moving it to Ocean Springs. lots of players in this one as two Cities are gearing up for a fight. As usual the DMR lacks leadership and direction. Can’t wait till all those Harbor Landing folks find out their pretty little park is going to be crapped up with a “check station”. What the hell is a check station? I think these clueless overlords make this stuff up sometimes. But that’s the word on the street or should I say at City Hall. And now Ocean Springs bait shop owner is about to crap up Ocean Springs brand new pretty harbor with a bunch of muddy dirty oysters. As I recall when that attorney for that group won that Supreme Court case there were some covenates that protected that site. I have an idea, why don’t the DMR open this “check station” at the Charnley House. Get some damn use out of a house the DMR has no business owning. Maybe turn it into a oyster shop. What a colossal joke.

  10. If you do not know what a Check station is then you must be a nonnie lap dog. You Love oysters just don’t want the disgusting people and product in your view! Y’all are funny people. Tourist love it and it is an honest living. It is intrensicly mississippi seafood.

  11. Below is title 22 chapter 9, which explains check stations and what they are for, also listed is the link to the DMR website that lists regulations by title and state statute.

    Chapter 09 Harvester License and Check Stations
    100 It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to take or attempt to take any oysters
    from the waters under the territorial jurisdiction of the State of Mississippi without first
    having obtained a license as specified in Miss. Code Ann. ยง 49-15-29, as amended.101 It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to take or attempt to take any oysters
    from the waters under the territorial jurisdiction of the State of Mississippi without first
    having registered (checked-in) on the day of harvest at the check-in station or drop box in
    the area where harvesting shall be attempted.
    101.01 Upon registration, while harvesting, or upon check-out, each person may be required
    to show his license to the Marine Patrol Officer or other designated official of the
    MDMR. The licensee may receive from the Marine Patrol Officer or other
    designated official a trip ticket upon which shall be included the area that the
    licensee is permitted to harvest oysters.
    101.02 All licensees must observe any instructions given at the check station by any Marine
    Patrol Officer or other designated official.
    101.03 All fishermen must check out at the same designated check station where they
    checked in.
    101.03.01 Check stations shall operate from 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. local time when
    the area is open for harvest.
    101.03.02 All oystering activities shall cease prior to 4:00 P.M. each day and all
    fishermen shall be checked out at the appropriate check station by 4:00
    101.03.03 The Executive Director is hereby authorized to establish earlier checkout
    times, additional tagging requirements and additional time to temperature
    requirements of shellstock as may be required or necessary.
    101.03.04 All oysters must be landed and tagged as soon as possible after the boat is
    safely secured on the date of harvest.
    101.04 The MDMR trip ticket shall indicate the checkout time and must remain with the
    catch until final disposition and be available for inspection with the molluscan
    shellfish by any authorized Marine Patrol Officer or MDMR staff in charge of the
    regulatory molluscan shellfish handling and processing responsibilities.

  12. This is for “Mr. Beware of the people you hurt today, for they may be the one you need tomorrow” –
    Posting DMR rhetoric that is made up and instituted by the very individuals that are feeding from the Taxpayers’ trough is not indicative of your chosen moniker. Just what people, associated with the DMR, have shown ANY concern or have come forth with the truth of the goings on at that Agency? Imo, it is not Jamie Miller, the Spraggins double-dipper, the donut eater or cake eater, certainly not any commissioner, or employee there. Do you think Rat Pickering or Puhl-a$$-o (who btw has been missing votes on the floor in DC, and who is supposed to be representing us), or any of the other politicos who were caught with their pants down fishing on the DMR yachts, and are afraid that papa and baby Walker are going to out them, give a damn about anyone but themselves? There are still photos of those “fishing excursions” that are fine and well, and until that evidence is revealed, they are all afraid.
    Therefore, please explain to this audience why anyone who COULD help anyone when they needed it, would not have already helped people in need ….unless they are trying to save their own miserable asses?

  13. Dear Ms. Silkwooder,
    I am well aware of the goings on of the “beloved” DMR. Please believe me when I say there are some that are fighting with all that they have for those who are “in need.” I am in no way, shape or form pro DMR, I simply wished to inform Mr. Park of the “regulations” set forth for a check station. Please do not take my previous post for anything more than surface value, of simply informational purposes. In due time all will come to light, until then wait, watch, and listen to those who speak, but have no voice. At least not yet.

    1. I appreciate your response Sir. Please overlook any inferred disrespect on my behalf. Good luck and well wishes to you.

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