Oppositional-defiant: This is what the Bay St Louis City Council deals with frequently

I’ve been to or saw the live stream of at least three Council meetings over the course of the summer where one or more City Councilmen explicitly warned the Mayor to not use the former City Attorney’s services after his contract expired on July 31, 2016 as the Council would not approve it for payment. And of course what does the Mayor do? If you guessed he uses the services of the former City Attorney you’d be a winner!

Courtesy of a person familiar with the operations of Bay St Louis Municipal Government Not Authorized to Speak with the Media
Courtesy of a person familiar with the operations of Bay St Louis Municipal Government not Authorized to Speak with the Media

Courtesy of a person familiar with the operations of Bay St Louis Municipal Government not Authorized to Speak with the Media

36 thoughts on “Oppositional-defiant: This is what the Bay St Louis City Council deals with frequently”

  1. The alarming thing is they are all being looked at. I would like to think that phone records would be looked at to verify the billing hours? Even though is in an unofficial capacity. What was Gary Knoblock doing calling Rafferty? He is considering running for office and doesn’t know what the attorney situation is or was he instructed by Les to call. That whole bill raises many questions. Why was Rafferty involved with advising an appointee, etc….These guys are and endless questionable actions problems. Raff is like gum on your shoe, no matter how hard you try to get it off it just spreads from spot to spot. Les thinks the Law and Council Decisions are merely suggestions. They are the Joker to the left and a Clown to the right! Fiscal responsibility is not in their vocabulary.

  2. Gary Knoblock’s call to Rafferty was identified as Planning and Zoning business.
    Gary is currently Chairman of Planning & Zoning.

  3. 250 an hour for talking on the phone for someone who is under contract is wayyyyyyyy to much… So a 40 hours a week x 50 thats 500 hundred thousand a year …. now that’s just rude. mean while the police that actually do something make under twenty dollars and hour. That’s not right! people who work need and deserve to get paid a fare wage!!! 250$ an hour for Bla Bla Bla I’ll have to get back to you. That was just 600 hundred dollars! oh ya I’ll still have to get back to you!!!
    We need to clear out the dead would in Bay Saint Louis… Their are many “great” employees that work for the town and lots of dead wood. This town needs a trimming …. lets start at the top does any one come to mind?

    1. 250 an hour for talking on the phone for someone who is under contract is wayyyyyyyy to much

      As far as I know BSL did not have a contract with the firm billing at the time the itemized work was performed. Whether or not the mayor could have signed a contract the council doesn’t know about yet?

      Maybe someone will suggest paying this invoice with the DOJ money that’s stashed away somewhere? If you lose it, and then you find it, and then you spend it on something not budgeted or approved by council, then isn’t it like you never had it so that’s a double entry writeoff the contracted cleanup bookkeeper can get next year?

  4. Totally fraudulent billing. Les is on the hook for that. They need to save their energy for the legal challenge! It is like a train coming down the tracks. You can only screw everyone for a limited period of time and they have had their time.

  5. Big Raff whining about ugly things being said about him! He needs to go back under a rock. He has tried to prosecute a good and successful citizen several times for the satisfaction of hisassholiness! Now they are trying to make a case for his daughter “Lil Les my Daddy said I was important “! These people are disease and Big Don is a carrier! It has come to an end. The cheering has stopped. Rhonda & Rhonda and barby and Lil Les Daddy Said are just noise! Maybe there are more stalkers? I don’t see the attraction but hey to each his own!

  6. Did you notice the hours BSL was charged for transferring of files. How many employees charge their employer, after being discharged, for this? This man has some nerve !!! Is this some type of gratis pay from Les to his buddy?? He was already previously paid for his services and files It is his duty to turn them over upon dismissal. Preparation? Were the files not in order?? What is going on.
    Les has to be stopped along with all of his cronies.

  7. Les should pay personally for not following the direction of the Council. He had to pay when he increased salaries without approval in another department, what is the difference. Going against Council approval there should be consequences, and nothing hurts more than the pocket book.

  8. How does one categorize someone attempting to be paid for services they were not authorized to perform? Is this illegal? unethical? Help me out here.

    1. Lana,
      The Chamber does this all the time. They do what the Director tells her staff to do then goes to our elected officials and informs them the tax payer owes them. All without being instructed to do it!

  9. At last night’s Special Meeting of the Bay St. Louis City Council, Councilman-at-Large, Mike Favre, confronted Mayor Fillingame and Comptroller, Sissy Gonzales, regarding over $82,000 taken by the administration from the Utility fund and put into the General Fund. Gonzales said that “they” put an IOU notation in the ledger of the Utility Fund?!! Favre insisted that it has to be replaced by the end of the fiscal year, which is today.
    Gonzales’ reply was, “Well, if I put it back, we won’t be able to make payroll.” WHAT?
    She mentioned something about an inter fund loan they could do to tide the General Fund over until January. Shouldn’t that have been approved prior to moving it with an IOU notation?!! She said they will not have any funds to pay it back until some ad valorem taxes start coming in by about Jan. 31, 2017.
    You know, folks, $141,000 in audits this fiscal year, and what do they have to show for it?
    “Something” is supposed to be done at this coming Tuesday night’s meeting to remedy this.
    Something needs to be done next summer to remedy ALL of this!!!

    1. Well, just as I expected, nothing was done to remedy the &82,000 from Utility Fund co-mingled into the General Fund. What else is new?

  10. wow are you surprised. IOU Filingame and Culumber said the City is Healthy! Guess it depends on what your definition of healthy is. Can the Mayor arbitrarily make inter city loans without council approval? We need legal authorities to expedite the investigation and stop the madness that Filingame is showering the city with. Even though it is not surprising it is shocking \he has this arrogance.

    1. Duped,
      Don’t leave Duplantier out of the equation. They made a quick $12,000 I think it was to reconcile the books for Culumber to audit.
      But Gonzales saying she can’t make payroll now and recommending a Deputy City Clerk for a $2.00 pay hike.
      Great time to increase payroll, when you can’t pay the existing one!
      By the way, I guess those are everyone’s Utility payments they are using for payroll!
      Blows your mind!

  11. Poor leadership, corruption, treating the law as merely a suggestion, prior poor legal counsel, les thinking he is bullet proof, counsel telling him he can beat it in court, arrogance, no humility, rouge behavior to name why this is what it is! Trying to give Rafferty unwarranted pay was just another example of the above!

  12. I just want to throw up !!! Where is the new City Attorney?? Has he already drank the Kool Aid since his good friend David was Clerk and doesn’t want to shed any wrong doings in that department. Boy didn’t take him long to show where his loyalty is. Now I understand he has changed Law Firms. What kind of attorney did they hire? What is the Council doing?? Too many questions and not enough answers.
    Why don’t they change the Billing and let the taxpayers pay directly to the Waste Water Authority like other cites do. This would make sure the money is correctly paid and Les can’t rob Peter to Pay Paul. Maybe this would give him an eye opener. Come on people, stand up and take your city back. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  13. Les is declawed! His renegade building department had to defer to the legal right of the Murphy’s to build their version of a business. Raff is gone, long of tooth and declawed as well, allows good tax paying citizens to do what they have done for years! Les, the Chamber, Grorge and Raff no longer have a say. They wanted to take all the properties from north of the blind tiger to the bridge and make it the town green with a promenade. They never considered it was private property! Visionaries they are not. Now it is producing sales tax. U see under their plan it would just be another amenitie waiting on tax payers to make it viable by paying them to promote it!

    1. They’re not declawed. Raff may be gone but Charlie & Les are in for the term baby, they just happened to run across somebody with balls …

      1. Charlie has his own hands full. DUI with no money is not purty. All he can provide is a drivers license for his job. Otherwise he is not qualified. State Investers are on to there game. Read the paper in the morning. Article by Anita Lee. She took down the DMR.

  14. It is my understanding that one of the State Investigators met with Filingame and Oliver over the nefarious circumstances on their constant harassing of the Murphy’s construction site. Yes it is true they have no teeth without Big Raff and now have legitimate Legal Counsel to guide them to stay between the lines. I will bet Mr. Genin at the The Blind Tiger could have added to that complaint.

  15. As Yogi Berra said “It’s Deja Vu all over again” with Ms Cissy “”probably not exactly appropriate” Gonzales. I guess the Council is just going to let Fillingame ride it out till the election next year. I hope, at least, we find out about the “payroll fraud” in the BPD

  16. It is coming for the 3 stooges. Raff, les n beajangles. They ain’t sleeping good. You can bet they wish Lil les daddy said didn’t have her day in court coming up. I heard Maggio ran for the hills. They are delusional! LOL! Any decent attorney would run from that family. Debacles All! I want everyone to see mrs les running down the street with something in her hand!

  17. I was glad to see the Murphy’s back on track with their building. Can you believe when someone wants to construct a building that will generate income and sales tax the city gives them grief. The City and County should work to help development come into the community. Our downtown area is looking so good and bringing in Tourist. Let’s support new construction and put old grudges aside for the future and long term taxes and income for the area.

  18. Raff is representing the chronic baby abuser ex cop. Like I have said before….He represents thugs, theives, murderers, pimps, prostitutes and pedophiles…..I understand why he was representing the mayor but why the hell was he representing the citizens of Bay Saint Louis.

    As stated by the Sheriff they have bigger Bonds on theives. Is this just more corruption in the Hancock Judicial System. They did not even discuss her background with the sheriff to determine her flight risk! Throw em all out.

    We need the shriff to clean up all this mess.

    1. I think Sheriff Adams is doing a good job with all of the mess and problems that have been handed to him this last month. He not only has to take care of the county, now clean up the mess of the City of BSL.
      As for Rafferty, did you expect anything less? This is how he earns his living. It appears that all of the REAL criminals hire him. I sure hope he does not find a loop hole on this one and get her charges dismissed or found NOT GUILTY. The whole situation is so tragic, I can’t imagine how he can look at her, then go home to his grandchildren, who are around the same age, and wonder if one of his children could do that to their child.?????

  19. So did anyone attend the Emergency Special meeting at 3:15 pm today? Agenda went out at 2:09 pm .. meeting (not on FB live) at 3:15 pm ….. hhhmmm

  20. What’s up with the ward 2 council person? How long can they miss with pay? Who controls it? Do all employees get unlimited sick pay? Is that family realy that greedy? Ward 2 has no repesentive while other wards are spending millions on paving. My family member was cut off when his sick time was out with the city. She must know where the bodies are buried lol, or where the DOJ money went.

  21. Ritchie,
    Ward two has always had two representatives, the Councilwoman and the Mayor. Just because she is no longer there, doesn’t mean they are unrepresented. Hizzonna will always look out for Old Town. After all, the on going joke is, the city limits stop at Toulme St.!!!!!!

  22. Richie good question on Ward 2. I have seen her out socializing but can’t attend meetings. I also saw where she is a new member of the BWYC. My guess is She needs to keep her position to obtain her health insurance while she goes through anymore therapy or operations. If she resigns and goes on COBRA she has to pay for it not the City. Again, at the expense of the Taxpayers. There has to be some provisions in the City or State for the elected officials and availability to participate. I could understand if she was still in the hospital and not able, but she is out all of the time all over having dinner and drinking. What Gives????

  23. Like was said in a previous post! Our politicians work hard at taking care of themselves and keeping mississippi last!

  24. The fired city attorney has now brought eyes on judge carver. He contaminates everything he is involved with. He doesn’t remember how to do within legal boundaries anymore. Maybe him n carver will have the $500 hand shake for pulling off the quick cheap and unrestricted bond for murder!

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