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  1. Kim Savant stated that he needs a presidential pardon because what he did isn’t that bad and is over punished for merely taking bribes as an elected official to enrich himself and Sean Anthony!

  2. I bet the SunHerald article caused many to wonder why Kim Savant would want to go public with the announcement that he is asking for a commutation of his sentence from the President of the United States? Who is advising this man? His new Pussy Cat? Putting a spotlight on his application is not going to be helpful and makes him look rather foolish. White collar criminals need a place at the table with the drug dealers and child molesters? Give us a break. While anybody can go online and get directions on how to file a request for a commutation of a federal sentence, the chances of being successful are so minute they may not even be measurable. Ex-Harrison County Supervisor Kim Savant is no Scooter Libby and he will find this out in a few years. If I were a betting man I would place my chips on my old friend Robert Simmons, who will be encarcerated with Savant soon. Simmons can make the same argument about the need to leave with a slight twist because he is a black man convicted of white collar crimes. The difference is a Simmons application would probably be hand carried to the President by his good friend and Obama ally, Ms.Rep.Bennie Thompson. Savant needs to just cool his jets,enjoy his new bible classmates and become use to his surroundings. After all, he admitted he did the crime so why not just make the best of the time. On the outside Sanvant was acting as a consultant for others while pretending to be acting as a representative of the people. Maybe when Simmons gets there he can act as a consultant to Savant and put in a good word for him with his people in exchange for some Ramen Noodles. Savant needs to work on his golf game and maybe do some continuing education or learn a new trade. I feel certain he will need to go to work when he is released in 2020 and the gravy train he was on will not be there for him.

      1. Yow!

        Here’s your turkey, a few hours early.

        Got a Governor Bentley (Republican-Alabama-old horndog) update. Lawsuit, sore feelings, scandalous allegations.

        Wendell Ray Lewis – longtime security chief and sometimes confidante to Gov. Robert Bentley – today filed suit against the governor, revealing sordid details about Bentley’s relationship with former aide Rebekah Mason


        5.Bentley, a doctor, wrote prescriptions for Mason, and Lewis saw text messages related to them. Bentley also ordered generic Viagra in his wife’s name and had it shipped to the governor’s mansion.

        Dayum! That’s a kind of low class move, if it actually happened. (Why make shit like this up if it could be disproved?) Take your pick, would you rather he have erectile dysfunction embarrassments and possible DEA violations as above, or allegedly possible misappropriation and conversion of federal funds to cover for his side squeeze and her allegedly cucked hubby (who was also on the state payroll when all this Harper Valley PTA chit was going down)?:

        15. During the 2014 gubernatorial campaign Bentley had Collier “move money around” to pay several members of the governor’s staff, including Jon Barganier, Stephanie Azar and Byrne so that almost half a million dollars in salary would not show up on the governor’s budget. “According to Collier, those monies were federal funds and came from the Department of Homeland security.”

        Now, to present the other side, the Governor has generally denied anything beyond his wife of fifty years suddenly divorcing him, and that nothing much has happened. In spite of the boob handling recordings, some of which have been released to the public.

  3. According to both news reports Les doesn’t want to protect the tax payers financial interest by placing the Bond Holders on notice. Obviously he isn’t worried about fulfilling the contractual agreement to report a claim or the possibility of a claim. Personally I feel he is culpable with the Police Chiefs going rogue.

    Of all the things he is accused of being a good steward of the tax payers interest isn’t one of them.

    Les n Lil Daddy Said have some hard decisions to make in the coming weeks.

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