A couple of nuggets from a very somber Bay St Louis Council meeting

Slabbed was there as was WLOX and the Seacoast Echo. The latest meme out of the Fillingame camp involves asking the rhetorical question Who is the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government? It is the exactly the meme the Library folks whipped out after Slabbed pointed out that the Library system and its supporting Foundation had spent $2,400 to Gold sponsor the annual Chamber of Commerce gala, a night of recognition, revelry complete with firewater less than a year after closing East Hancock County Library citing a lack of funds. Since the ideas can’t be refuted when all else fails attack the messenger. A clue for you Facebook Warrior hens, it is possible have an organization without a Facebook page. As an experienced webmaster I’d personally recommend organizations steer clear of Facebook because the company plays too many games with its news feed but that is another post.

Of course it is a very poorly kept secret that the easiest way to find a member of the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government is to attend a meeting of the Bay St Louis or Waveland City Councils, the County Board of Supervisors and the School Districts. Sadly you seldom see the Facebook warriors at any of these thus the need for news organizations like Slabbed, The Sea Coast Echo, WLOX, The Sun Herald, etc. Slabbed was at last night’s special meeting of the Bay St Louis City Council and sure enough I found three members of the Alliance, Co Chairmen Lana Noonan and Ron Thorpe along with Libby Garcia (Miss. Libby), who was giving an interview to Make Lacy of WLOX when I arrived to cover the meeting for Slabbed:

Here is a short version of yesterday’s story and WLOX interviews with Lana and Miss Libby:

Concerns about Bay St Louis Payroll Fraud Investigation Grow ~ Mike Lacy

The big news from last night is the Council signaled its intent to not renew the professional services contract with current City Prosecutor Donald Rafferty, which expires on September 30. In sage advice to the Council, new City Attorney Trent Favre recommended the Council take no action at its special meeting as the City prosecutor’s contract was not on the agenda. This will come up at next Tuesday’s meeting.

The Council was approached for permission to pay bereavement leave for certain City Police Officers that have been more personally impacted by Chief’s suicide. City Attorney Favre pointed out these were executive decisions and legally the Council members hands were tied as they lack statutory authority to retroactively grant additional employee benefits. It was then the assembled crowd found out what kind of guy Alliance Co-Chairman Ron Thorpe was when he offered to pay the leave for the Bay officers out of his own pocket, an amount that will total around $2,500, solving the problem for everyone. Those of us that know Ron already knew he was attending the council meetings for all the right reasons.

Finally I highly recommend searching the WLOX website for the video report on last night’s special meeting. The camera did a closeup on Councilman Seal looking over at the Mayor during the meeting that told a whole other story IMHO. Overall the meeting was very somber for obvious reasons.

7 thoughts on “A couple of nuggets from a very somber Bay St Louis Council meeting”

  1. You could drop a $100 Bill on the floor of City hall and they would walk around it. The Mayor not promising the PD the bereavement pay and deferring to the council is a first. Hell, he doesn’t even drive the city vehicle anymore!

    1. Duped:

      Drop that $100 bill one mo’ time again ……….

      but turn the lights out afterwards and believe me it will be gone.

      Don’t drive City vehicle no mo’……..?

      Maybe Les got death threats and been watching too many late nite Mafia movies.

  2. I was sitting next to Ron when he, true to form, offered to provide bereavemement compensation for the Bay PD when City Attorney Trent Favre, informed Council that by state law they could not do it.
    Several others in the audience raised their hands to contribute as well. There will be more Alliance members kicking in too.
    One would think an incumbent Mayor and two incumbent Council present would have known that statute by now.
    We are beginning to see at every meeting the benefits of a really professional legal counsel from a reputable firm.
    Looooong over due for the taxpayers.

  3. Council needs to listen to the City Attorney & when he says “speak only about the budget at the Budget Workshop” they sure should have done so. Nobody else should have spoken at that meeting. Now what’s on record is on record

  4. Elected Officials are lay persons. They depend on good and honest legal counsel to make decisions. For years it has been manipulated, distorted and certainly poorly informed legal counsel. Fortunately it has nearly come to an end. A tragic end at that. We have all watched a legal fiasco transpire in front of our faces.

  5. Thank You Trent, now lets hope the council and Les follow the legal advise of their new attorney that seems to know the Law and not what the Mayor wants to hear.
    And lets see if he can control them to adhere to the rules and laws set forth by the state.

  6. That’s all they needed was legitimate legal counsel. Les would still be Les but the council could have had a shot at reeling his ass in. Spilt milk now. The cards will lay where they lay. When the rid the BSL legal system of the present prosecutor we will all sigh with relief!

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