2 thoughts on “Calm, before the storm……”

  1. A little off in the weeds excursion.

    This is what pay to play looks like.

    Political cretins never understand what the song is about, or what the lyrics really mean.

    Send lawyers, guns and money

    They always think they can rewrite the lyrics. When the email gets loose everyone knows the lyrics are really:

    ” I’m hiding in Honduras
    I’m a desperate man
    Send lawyers, guns and money
    the shit has hit the fan”

    Today the shit has hit the fan.

    Here’s the link to see the email where Walker’s political cretins get caught misusing Warren Zevon. Scroll down and watch for the shit has hit the fan near the bottom of this post.

    Too bad Warren isn’t here to rip them a new one. Did Warren ever write any songs about LEAD PAINT?

    Retroactive immunity for criminal acts? About as legal as retroactive civil immunity for lead paint manufacturers. What was that $750,000 contribution from Harold Simmons actually buying?

  2. Captain’s log: stardate 9/15/2016, Pacer civil docket entry #67. Annotation: the Katrina gulf coast is in turmoil; it is noted & registered as a major disturbance in the force of law. Yet last night, a somber anticipatory mood descended from Gulfport to New Orleans. In Samurai motion practice, it was a good conversation. “A perfect blossom is a rare thing/ You could spend your life looking for one /And it would not be a wasted life.” The eye of the tiger is calm, centered, ruthlessly rational with no-mind thus discerning in the moment on the tarmac. They must accept their shame! I would be honored to dispatch the white tip on chicken shit to watch the feeding screwy cockroaches scatter. But alas, “there is another way. Another way of learning combat. A way without the beauty, the philosophy and the moral code” of authentic litigation. The goat-herders are creeping Ninjas and masters of stealth & spying & camouflage. At Thermopylae?: …dead to the last man.

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