The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government has released the following letter to the Bay City Council

Lonnie Falgout, President
Bay St. Louis City Council

Dear Councilman Falgout:

On behalf of the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government and in view of the recent and tragic events in the city of Bay St. Louis Administration, we feel a Special Called Meeting of the Bay St. Louis City Council is in order, and are requesting you poll the Council for a Special meeting for the following:

Mayor Les Fillingame in recent statements in the local news media has confirmed that he suspended without pay, late Bay St. Louis Chief of Police Michael De Nardo, because the Mayor had been informed by the Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam that De Nardo, was the subject of an investigation.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department has now confirmed that the City of Bay St. Louis Payroll Department is the subject of a Federal investigation for Payroll Fraud.

Using the same premise under which Mayor Fillingame suspended Chief De Nardo without pay, we are asking the Bay St. Louis City Council to request Mayor Fillingame, Payroll Clerk Pat Tice, Acting City Clerk Paula Fairconntue, Comptroller Sissy Gonzales, Human Resource Director Gus McKay, and any other city employees or elected officials who either prepare or present payroll and benefits for Council approval, to step down without pay until the Payroll Fraud investigation by the FBI is concluded.

If the aforementioned publicly compensated individuals will not voluntarily step down, we are asking the Council to call a Special Meeting and suspend their pay and remove them from their positions immediately and until the investigation is completed.

Lana Noonan, Chairman
Ron Thorp, Co-Chairman

11 thoughts on “The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government has released the following letter to the Bay City Council”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. The innocent will be exonerated and the guilty prosecuted. I understand many of these people refused to cooperate, they should become part of the investigative process and hire their own legal council.

    This is only fair to the taxpayers that had nothing to do with it. Personally I think those employees should be put through the paces. I can only think of two logical reasons to not cooperate. Either you are part of the problem or Les and The Counselor advised you not to cooperate! Either way you have to come clean!

    The Law needs to take immediate measures to protect us from them and change the locks on the council chambers. I do not believe the prosecutor is burning the midnight oil to protect us. Working under the cover of darkness is not good.

    1. Why is it that our city government get to make the rules up as they go along I was given an opportunity to build my own home on behalf of habitat for humanity I did my volunteer hours took all my classes was given a contract to sign stating my house note would be 416.00 dollars a month and that included land taxes and insurance I had problems with the floor rotting due to a leaky air conditioner they refused to fix it. when I sent an email to the main office of habitat they told me to call the office here in the bay.when they found out I sent the email my home was turned over to John McDonald. Realty my rent was raised from 450.00 a month to 725.00 I made John McDonald aware of the mold and rotting inside the home nothing was ever done they literally forced me out I was also taken to court by John McDonald Realty and they never showed the judge dismissed the case I would love to know why I was never given a chance to purchase my home it seems very corupt on habitats behalf to force me out and stab me in the back thanks wendy!

  2. Good job Ms Noonan! It is about time that someone started trying to take our Coast back from the Thugs!!! If there are enough good people in your area, you should next get a petition and present names to the council and also get a lawyer involved on your behalf. I sure hope that it all works out well for you honest hard working people in the Bay. It is time for the sludge to sink to the bottom and the cream to rise to the top. Good luck!!!

  3. Seems fair enough. They got their free sample. Let’s see if the FBI and local LE live up to their name and act or if they qualify to be pro wrestling referees by looking at something else while these transgressions are, and have been, going on (Hey, we have been tagged teamed and their manager is at ringside).

  4. Seems like anyone that was involved with payroll would be involved or incompetent. Someone should have known who to pay and who not to pay. Someone told me Mikes wife works for FEMA and may not have quit but was on leave to work with them.

  5. Thank You Lana, Ron and the Alliance for your dedicated and thorough reporting.
    It is time to Clean House. I am surprised the FBI has not insisted on having the department heads and Mayor removed from City Hall. Their presence only compromises any investigation. Records, files anything can be altered or destroyed. They need to be removed Immediately, locks changed and the Sheriff should take over.
    Guess Les kept Rafferty as City Prosecutor to protect his puppets during any trials to help them. His job should also be turned over to someone else. I thought Trent would take over now since he is the new City Attorney. What is the protocol there. Council, I know you have your hands full, but lets get proper personnel in place. You have an opportunity to clean house please take advantage of it.

    1. ;Yes. I hope our city council can stand up this time and be strong and in unison to get to the bottom of all of this horribleness that is happening in my home town. Also, Did Al Showers retire? I have not seen or heard about him in quite awhile.

  6. Outraged,
    As Ron and I and the Alliance members stated in our letter, now that the Sheriff’s Dept. had confirmed that the Payroll Dept. at. Bay St. Louis city hall is under an FBI investigation for Payroll Fraud, Mayor Fiingame should be made to apply the same policy to himself and his staff that he did to Chief DeNardo, which was, and I quote the Mayor
    ” It is protocol for anyone under investigation to be suspended without pay.”
    Stop enforcing the rules selectively, Les.
    Man up and get out until you, Paula, Pat, Sissy, and Gus are cleared of any wrong doing.
    It is an insult to the Chief’s memory that he did not get fair treatment as long as you and your “financial team” stay at work and on the public payroll.
    Leadership starts at the top!!

  7. Ms Lana,
    As usual your comment is SPOT ON and seething with supporting MS statutes and direct quotes old chum! Providing Les got to the word “protocol” in his
    “Mayor’s for Dummies” book. ; }

  8. We all have seen by now that the Rules don’t apply to Les. He thinks he is above the law. Well we all are waiting for the final outcome, and hope it is what we have been anticipating all these years watching the Mayor run the city into the ground on his “rules”

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