Just the facts: The Late Bay St Louis Police Chief Mike Denardo deserves no less

Bay St Louis Police Chief Mike Denardo | Photo via WLOX
Bay St Louis Police Chief Mike Denardo | Photo via WLOX

This is what Hancock Sheriff Ricky Adams said, as shown on the WLOX 5PM news.

We were here to assist the City of Bay St. Louis and their mayor to escort Chief DeNardo from the office and obtain his city issued equipment. At that time, it just kind of went bad, I guess,” said Adam. “The mayor called him in. He asked us to come and ask for his equipment. My guys were there, and that’s it.”

This is what Mayor Fillingame said on WLOX news at 6:00pm:

There was an indication from our County Sheriff Department that there was an investigation going on and there was some evidence presented that caused us, at the request of the Sheriff Department to suspend Mike for the term of the investigation and we really felt like, after the initial conversation with Mike that it would be resolved.

Investigation? I know of only one announced Sheriff’s Department Investigation into City operations, is there another?

Sheriff eyes allegation of ‘malfeasance’ in Bay ~ Geoff Belcher

Meantime the City Council tonight panned the Mayor’s idea for appointing an interim chief to run the Police Department in favor of temporarily turning over operations at Bay St Louis PD to Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adams.

As for a second Hancock County SO investigation, I recommend this post from last month as a starting point. The camera does not blink or lie.

We’re going to get to the bottom of this one, that I promise.

22 thoughts on “Just the facts: The Late Bay St Louis Police Chief Mike Denardo deserves no less”

  1. Why did Les ask for equipment (weapons,badge,cuffs,baton,etc) and relieve the Sheriif of his office/duties? Did he shoot a black person he was about to arrest? What were the criminal allegations/reasons given by Les for such action? Does this have anything to do with arrest of Poolman and charges brought by Mayor’s daughter against Poolman and the Sheriff’s duty to arrest and take charges against Poolman?

    This is worse then the Tenn man just yesterday who after years of hatred against his neighbor drove a bulldozer thru neighbor’s home. A man was caused to take his own life which cruelly left the Sheriff’s family without a father for what?

    Only to hear out of the egomaniac,freakin’ Mayor that all the audits and investigations of him are false? Where the hell is the compassion for the Sheriff’s precious life and family from the Mayor?

    I agree that this American third world BS government headed by a Mayor who has gone too far, for too long and grown so large that it must be brought to a rapid head like a infected abscess /boil and then sliced/lanced open to drain the political pus within. Sounds horrible but that’s what it is.

  2. None of us are promised tomorrow.
    I keep thinking of the little grandson he loved so much and knew Mike would always be there for his ball
    games. He had an impeccable reputation as a police officer.
    Profound to see a Mayor lose his Police Dept. tonight when Council turned things over to Hancock County Sheriff’s Dept.
    The truth must prevail. It must.

  3. Mike was the police man that you wanted to show up when your life depended on it. That is a legacy and this is a tragedy.
    The mayor and his corrupt circus show of drunks and crooks is a tragedy – in due time they too will have their own legacy.

    God bless you Mike!

  4. Mike’s reputation and performance has been impeccable. He was the one that revealed the money in his department was missing when he wanted to buy vehicles. He was the one that started the ball rolling on investigating Les. What has Les done to throw Mike under the bus this time ? Has he fabricated evidence to tarnish this good man because he went against Les? He didn’t want to pursue Poolman and let the Sheriffs office handle it. that was the proper thing to do. What has Les done this time?? The doors were closing in on Les he needed a scapegoat. Please let the truth be revealed quickly on this one.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to this man’s family and friends. We have been so blessed to have him a part of our law enforcement and community all of these years…

  5. If you don’t know the facts, don’t make statements…. Mike was my friend, and I was at the Police station when this went down. Thats it…this had nothing to do with my case. Please reserve your comments, and remember NONE of us are perfect, sometimes our judgement is bad. Pray for his family. Take some time to reflect on your life, remember only one perfect man walked on this earth. Judge not, that ye shall not be judged. Matthew 7:1

    1. This isn’t about judging; we don’t yet know enough to do that. Fact is it may be altogether worse Jeff as there are several versions of essentially the same rumor about the Chief being repeated. I dunno what to think, but people are trying to make sense of whats happened and they are coming to Slabbed to gain insight. This is big news and the public absolutely has the right to know what the heck led up to the Chief taking his own life. The Mayor going on the 6PM news and pointing the finger at Sheriff Adams certainly has not helped things from my perspective. Worse, is absent an explanation about why the Chief was suspended by Fillingame, people are going to speculate.

      Following the path of getting to the truth wherever it leads can sometimes be very painful.

    2. Poolman:

      You state from your heart this had nothing to do with your case. Ok, I except that as fact but can you also give Slabbed readers more facts as to why you were unfortunately at the Police station when this horror tragedy occurred. We are not trying to judge anyone- just the facts- especially upon hearing the Sheriff allegedly just returned from the funeral of his mother which I’m sure greatly saddened the Sheriff , as it would most Christians.

      Which if true causes the question to arise- what CEO , administrator or whomever upon the return of a employee/appointee returning from the funeral of his/her mother would pull the rug from under said mourning human being and fire him/her? Not judging, just asking WWJD?

      And I understand perfectly you quoting the Bible at this point, as that is what I would do if I was at a place where a good lawman/friend took his precious life. We the readers I’m sure have all had a close friend commit suicide, not necessarily in our close proximity, and share in your sincere mourning for Mike, Mike’s family and close friends.

      Rest in Peace Mike , the ‘ Truth will set you free’ … “But let justice roll on like a river and righteousness like a never failing stream”. Amos 5:24 NIV.

      1. Correction:

        In my two comments above my erroneous written word/reference i.e. “Sheriff” should have been written as” Chief of Police” and I sincerely apologize for said error.

  6. I can tell all of you and Doug can back me up—
    Life can get tough for a whistleblower!!
    I just learned that he was out of town for several days for his Mother’s funeral and his official domain was unprotected. That troubles me.
    Would a man with s clean record in law enforcement do something illegal while being investigated along with the Administration by the Departmentof Justice.
    Three high level resignations and a suicide in this administration in the last 2 years???!!!
    I am old enough to know stranger things have happened and you can prosecute a dead man if that’s your style.
    After all, he’s not here to testify!
    Rest in Peace, Mike

  7. When the Sheriff’s Dept. went in at the Mayor’s request to remove the Chief and take all city equipment away from him, why didn’t they take his patrol car keys??
    He wouldn’t have had access to the gun he used on himself?!

  8. After reading all of the available information about this tragic situation I cannot help but think of HC Supervisor William Martin and how his situation pushed him over the edge. When people get involved in things that go bad they often want to escape. Suicide is the most hurtful way you can get away from your troubles. Very hard to understand why anyone would put their loved ones through it. We can only assume that this situation at city hall is now going to unfold very quickly. I pray for the family and in particular that loved grandson who has many more baseball games to play without his grandpa there to cheer him on.

  9. Biloxi Blues,
    You made me cry. A lot for a little guy to process, especially without Grandpa’s shoulder to cry on.
    “Whatever”Mike De Nardo did, he paid for it yesterday.
    Let’s see who else ” Justice” will visit in the Bay St. Louis city government.

    1. Lana I must disagree. Yesterday everyone who cared about Mike paid for whatever he did. He took the cowards way out and left his family in pain. To admit what you have done wrong and face the consiquences would have been the correct thing to do. Suicide is a selfish act. I liked Mike too but his suicied bothers me more then any crime he might have committed. What he did was no worse than what we have seen politicians along the coast do and none of those outcomes were worth suicide!

  10. I am sick over this. Mike Denardo was a great man and didn’t deserve to have it end like this. My prayers are for Mike and his family. I hope the truth comes out. The REAL truth.

    1. I remember Mike as a hands on law enforcement officer who you’d see directing traffic after an athletic event. He led his men from the front and I always respected that greatly. Personally, he was always quick to say hello and shake my hand and was always very gracious. Despite how his tenure ended that is the person I’ll remember.

  11. The group of Thugs that have been operating in the Coastal counties of our State on up through the Delta have no conscience, ethics, or set of morals. They do not care who they run over, harm, destroy or what blood they get on their hands. Yet, they all claim to be Christians….they hide under the cloak of our Savior. I pray the people of this State vote for someone with character, conviction, ethics and morals in every political upcoming race. Our only chance for a decent life here in Mississippi is to vote these Republican wannabe incumbents out….even if they are your friend or relative. They are NOT doing their jobs and sucking from the troughs. Let’s turn them all out. If you don’t vote against these thieves – then you are part of the problem too. There have been too many lives sacrificed in our area due to the love of power and money. It has to stop.

  12. Holy Despicable D*cks, Batman;

    Some times naïve people get set up unknowing by evil politicos that want to hold something over them. This not only happens in local politics but very much in national politics. Case in point was Hebert Hoover who may have started out doing good things but to hold onto his absolute power for decades through many Presidents he mistakenly took the low road. Hoover resorted to setting up politicians,spying on politicians and blackmailing them so no one could suggest his replacement or even touch his absolute power. Except today we have the NSA/shadow government/Establishment spying on Presidents, military generals and all national politicos and controlling their actions like puppets on a string.

    What really is despicable here is a man’s mother dies and while he is gone people are notified of his unfortunate departure. Now who would have the lowest life to reveal his departure and thereby kick an emotional susceptible person when he is down and returns home. Whether it be local or ATF, that has a despicable national reputation for murder, they are all inhumane D*CKS.

    My hunch is Mike in some way or another stood up to evil and evil took a weaken, compromised Mike out . But the story is not over and like the Japs found out from their surprise attack – never ‘awake a sleeping giant’ especially if you, Jack, are tip- toeing around trying to steal away back down the beanstalk.

    Peace be with you Mike.

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