Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Hillary and Trump Race to the Bottom

Published on Sep 7, 2016

I was going to compare the Presidential race to a mud wrestling match, but that would be unfair to mud wrestlers, most of whom are solid citizens. So, I’ll have to defer to conservative commentator Chucky Krauthammer, who called it a “race to the bottom with the one finishing second winning”. Think about that.

Last month, I said I was for Hillary … reluctantly. Let me change reluctantly to barely. Somebody called her Nixon in a pantsuit (I love the visual). But, I’m not sure the comparison is apt. Nixon had some charm and charisma in a perverse sort of way. I’m not so sure about Hillary. I never get the feeling she believes her own BS.

The fact that Hillary hasn’t put Trump away is ridiculous. (One of London’s betting houses has her at a 68% likelihood to win.) Trump has done none of the things a national campaign typically does, like build a sophisticated campaign staff and put together field operations and spend money on advertising.

The fact that the race is still a race is an indication of the depth of disgust in the country at large with the “Clinton Way” … the entitlement, the deception, the money-grubbing, the conniving, the pretending to take responsibility while dodging it.

Seriously, who wants that Mickey Mouse in their living room five nights a week? Continue Reading…….

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  1. The whole bunch of them have gone nuts in my opinion.
    Today, for instance, George Stephanopolis had the unmitigated gall to ask Trump’s campaign Manager if she really thought it was appropriate for Trump to be taking advice from Roger Ailes??!! Alluding, I supposed to all of the women claiming sexual harassment against Ailes.
    WHAT? Has George forgotten who he once worked for?
    The biggest womanizer in politics is campaigning for, and most assuredly, advising Mrs. Clinton!!!
    Suffice it to say the press can be just as crazy as the candidates!

  2. Maybe Mr. Clinton can be called the First Lady’s Man….. He is so disgusting and it just tells you something about her. All she cares about is Hillary. To accept that type behavior all those years and stay with him was all for the benefit of “Hillary”. All of the disgrace that family has brought to the White House is unacceptable. From cheating to murder, where does it end? We might as well elect Tony Soprano to the white house.

  3. That is what Charles Krauthammer calls them:
    “The Clinton Crime Family”
    Now, Catherine Herridgd, Fix News, and my favorite investigative reporter, has reported the last crop of emails reveals one of Hiliary’x top aides and daughter, Chelsea, using a screen name, communicated ” questions to a member of the Benghazi Committee” to ask Hiliary to make her look good.
    We do have to cut Chelsea a little slack due to the gene pool she comes from.

  4. I think Washington has seen enough of the Clinton Family and all of their baggage. We definitely don’t need history to repeat itself again with them in the White House. Event though I am NOT a Clinton fan, I decided to read “Crisis of Character by Gary Byrne, a former White House Secret Service Officer. I don’t know how anyone in American could support the Clinton’s after reading this. And I am sure this is only a small fraction of the shenanigans going on with them and his women he had coming in and out of there. How Hillary treated her staff and actions there. Wake up America…

  5. Tom, good to see you are well and have changed from “reluctantly” to “barely” voting for the “Clitons”. Hopefully one day I will get to say like the other great TV Callaghan, “…make my day”, and I will praise that day you will change your “barely” vote to a “never” vote and vote for Trump instead.

    Medically speaking Hellery appears to have SNC, Sensory Neuropathic Cough, it is a sign of a hypothyroid state or brain damage reflective of damage to the 4th cranial nerve(palsy) that controls sight and causes double vision (diplopia) requiring prism glasses (bottle glasses).

    Her neurogenic spasmodic cough, which can be of life’s duration, is brought on by talking and drinking water helps stop it. However, those pallet numbing, analgesic lozenges (green), which she spit into her water glass the other day, could one day become an obstructive foreign body and actually cause her to start to choke to death requiring the SS to perform the Heimlich maneuver on her .

    Heaven help the SS if one has to do mouth -to-mouth.

    She jokes the cough off by saying she is allergic to Trump’s name but I also believe the Lord has made her allergic to her own ongoing pathologic, demonic lies.

    1. Mr. Tight, Sir…

      You never cease to amaze. We’ll have to meet at Antione’s someday and you can give me advice on a psychosomatic tickle cough that I have to supress whenever I’m in an environment where I absolutely must be totally silent. I can suppress it by heroic will power but I would prefer to not have it.

      I hope this is not a sign of bad character.

      1. Tom:

        Wondering when will FoxNews and the Republicans in Congress press for an investigation over this blog’s news story:


        Or do most of the Republicans in Congress also have skeletons in their closets which the Establishment have over their heads? Let us all not forget why Honorable Hebert Hoover,who had some skeletons himself, was allowed to remain Director of the FBI for so many generations of U.S. Presidents.

        1. Allow me to contribute a couple of thoughts.

          When Gen. Petraeus left the CIA he signed a statement that he had no classified information of any kind in his possession or under his control. A few months later the FBI searched his house a found three notebooks that had the most sensitive stuff we’ve got including the names of agents in foreign countries , etc. They had him dead to rights under
          18 USC 793 a felony statute. Because of who he was, he was allowed to plead to a misdemeanor
          with no loss or rank, no time and no decrease in pension. As concerns Hillary, they have nothing that is even close to what they had against Petraeus who had the most secret stuff and lied in writing about having it.

          So, absent a showing of intent to harm the US or personally profit, it made sense for Comey to handle the Clinton matter as he did.

          I checked out the link on Comey. I continue to think he is a stand up guy.

          1. Holy Moly Bionic Hellery Is Failing , Batman;

            First Dr.Drew commented on the fact he thought Hellery was not getting proper medical care and a few days later the Dr.Drew Show was GONE…… hope he is still alive.

            Then a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, a David Seaman, wrote two articles on Hellery’s health and presto his two stories on Hellery’s health and then his journalist credentials were both lifted by an all female board at Huffington…………


            Then the extremely tall Democratic campaign towers of lies/denials on Hellery’s health came tumbling down yesterday on 9/11/2016 with a video and audio showing some mighty strange things……Hellery propped up against a concrete bollard, hands behind her back, head wobbling, legs crumbling as she tries to walk, her bod being dragging into a black emergency medical vehicle much like Freddy Grey in Baltimore…..even a shoe coming off and some undocumented alien piece of metal falling out the bottom of her pants suit leg as she is being dragged….


            The audio clearly picks up the sounds of a piece of metal coming out of Hellery’s right pants leg and the video shows it dropping out on pavement…….the gig is up…. Hellery has something inside of her pants suit besides lyin’ hunks of blubber……

            An astute commenter to u-tube video theorized it was part of a strap holding up a urinal bag to catch dispelled urine when she seizures. Maybe the SlabbedNation can speculate otherwise……

            Tom Callaghan:
            She falling apart before our eyes and yet the Hellery campaign and MSM are still spinning their lies… don’t know about you but the video u- tube is(1) comedy in light of all the massive media cover-up;(2) insulting to all people with over an eighty IQ; and (3) it should piss the American public off that the Establishment wants this medical, bionic misfit as President for their own personal control…..scary shite folks.

            Better pick another healthy horse to ride to victory Tom…..Hellery is soon going to be put down by the shadow Establishment/ Democratic machine as her legs/brain are GONE.

  6. “Is that such a bad thing? Is Swaggart a bad guy? It it wrong that he’s done well while doing good? I don’t think so … but maybe you should ask Rachel Maddow, she knows everything. People who know everything are really, really for Hillary.”

    I am shocked to say this but I couldn’t agree with you more, Tom. Anyone, on either side, who is so smug and preachy about their absolute certitude is without fail a blinded idiot.

    1. Thanks. Let me embrace your agreement while I have it being well aware that there will be another day.

      People like Rachel Maddow keep Trump’s candidacy viable. The old “enemy of my enemy is my friend” theory at work.

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