Spin it baby……

This is not Bill Walker’s Department of Marine Resources.

Why a state agency paid $291K for a boat ‘fishermen dream of’ ~ Anita Lee

True dat on this not being Bill Walker’s DMR. In several respects my own opinion as a DMR watcher would be that its worse. Despite his penchant for self enrichment Walker was a scientist while his replacement is a local GOP good ol’ boy political hack. And the wasting of tax money continues regardless.

Anita’s story had a quote from Miller implying this boat would be used in a law enforcement role but Slabbed’s sources have all insisted it is used to catch Red Snapper (to the delight of the Delta Supper Club). The contradiction in using a tricked out fishing boat for law enforcement could be why the commentary on Miller summoning the Sun Herald for a PR moment was so immediately negative.

Hat Tip to Captain Mullet on Twitter for providing the inflection point while Slabbed’s original post breaking this topic continues to generate great interest on social media, coming in second in 2016 to Scott and Trinity Walker.

Something tells me there is more to come.

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  1. Paging Captain Mullet… come in Captain Mullet:

    As you are wave hopping in yo’ tiny bateau keep yo’ expert marine eyes open for DMR’s “Spin It” dream yacht bought with yo’ taxmoney and if you can somehow get close enough please take some EyeSpy photos ( we can enlarge determine who is at the pig trough taking home all those red snappers) and log where you may have seen them Spinners…..

    However, be careful sometimes they have marine birthday parties for kids so proceed slowly in said “school” zones as you would want to harm an innocent horn on the Spinners’ prodigy…. He,he,he


  2. My Fellow Americans

    As some say: The boat absolutely will be used in undercover operations:

    Do not let this thought process scare you.

    I would recommend anyone interested in this topic to contact the DMR to publicly verify how many “high speed” boat chases that have been recorded which would warrant such a lightening fast boat such as this to secure justice within the Redneck Rivera.

    Anyone who knows the marine patrol knows that their fleet of boats is a far cry from anything high performance. However, if you ever were to pay attention to their history of citations, any normal person can come to the conclusion that they are not underpowered or overmatched.

    I have been around the industry enough to see that the majority of violations are committed by the same type of people.

    Give me a 21ft center console with a single motor and I can do far more damage than this new DMR boat could ever think of doing.

    1. Eye I almost choked on my sandwich while reading your post!! I love how you always tell it like it is! Most readers of the SH do not understand the logistics of the boats/motors used in our waters. So Mr. Miller can feed them B.S. and they will eat it. Of course, there are those of us who know better and won’t drink the kool aid. The boat definitely has bigger intended uses and is right on target with the elections looming on us. Maybe those feelers you have out can catch old slick talking Miller in another big fat pile of stink so that those who are “trusting” him will see the real thing?
      All of you vessels out on the water on watch, be sure to bring your cameras and bring home the bacon…although, they could launch from several different places and be out in federal waters partying before anyone is the wiser. Be diligent folks! The game is on.
      By the way, who is qualified to Captain that vessel?? The last large vessel that the DMR had was sunk and had to be saved. Is there anyone down there who is QUALIFIED and LICENSED to operate that vessel? Or do the Taxpayers have to pay for a Captain too?? Please see if you can get us some credentials on the operator of the boat Eye! Hi ho, hi ho….it’s off to work I go….laughing my ass off!!

  3. My marketing and public relations mindset leads me to believe that DMR Executive Director Jamie Miller can turn the skepticism about the new Contender boat purchase from something that is perceived as a negative into a “reel”positive. My first suggestion would be to get the public involved by having a contest to name the new sport fishing boat that is described by the manufacturer with such descriptive words as”Luxury,Speed,Comfort and Innovation”. The community can have lots of fun coming up with a proper name for that new law enforcement fish sampling Ship Island weekender not for pleasure craft. Based on this idea, I am asking that the “Name That Boat Contest” gets kicked off right here on Slabbed at 5:00PM today and last until 5:00PM on Sept.14. In the meantime we need to come up with a prize or reward for the best name submitted. Maybe the DMR folks would be willing to do a new coloring book based on this contest and all of the names suggested by the public. The clock has struck 5 so may I begin by submitting the following names for consideration. First one “CON TENDER”, second “FLIM FLAM FIN FAN”, third”$$$B P BABY$$$”, fourth “PIECE OF SHIP” and fifth “REEL COASTAL RESTORATION”. I sincerely hope these will get everybody going. Lets have some fun and may the best name win.

  4. There was a man who went through out school wanting so badly to fit in with that in crowd. He was always a little to small for most sports. To short and slow in the May Pole Day Games at Bayou View Elementary at the end of the school year. You see this fellow has a little hint of Mississippi White trash in his background. So he hung around all those Rich kids that grew up around and latched on to a few important people. One of those is now a state senator and another one is a local district attorney. Then as opportunity sometimes provides he met a fat man that use to be a big time lobbyist in D.C. This guy a true white trash redbeck himself let this short kid work doing money earmarks after the worst natural disaster in the Nations History. So he went around making contacts, kissing butts like only Mississippian future politicos know how. Then after the storm he found a job far from home in industrial city called Pascagoula. There he made contacts but never fit in because he was wasn’t from there and was really working for a former senator that lived over there who was shelling in more stolen tobacco money than is currently residing at Fort Knox. Oh but then, he had a little fling with some cops wife and got the heck out of dodge. Then almost washed up, buried in bills another one of those Gulfport School System boys asked him if he would like to clean up the staff of relative whose was the NEW U.S senator. The staff was hiring prostitutes and snorting cocaine like Pablo Escobar. He did ok, and after hanging out in Washington D.C. with a guy named Walker while trying to get him to stop hitting girls with telephones he was asked if he would like to take over for that guys Daddy whose was ultimately gonna get fired and sent to jail. The only way he would get the job was if his daddy got to chose and dictate the states investigation into some agency called the DMR. So ole man walker agreed not to give up everybody’s name that went fishing on them old boats, which was let’s see: the MS State Personal Board, the MS Parole Board, 67% of all MS senators and representatives. A couple Mexican Officals, one of which was heavily tied into the Cartel. This same ole Walker guy had done bigger things anyway, heck after the storm I remember rubbing seafood plates with some guy named Dick Chaney. It was a private dinner organized but some cops and employees of the DMR at a very Private local in Louisiana. Oh the good ole times. Anyway, sorry I got of subject, people that KNOW me really well will tell you I will climb a mountain just to tell you that there indeed lies a mountain. So this guys gets a job that a woman way more qualified should have gotten if her daddy wouldn’t have gotten messed up with the DMR to begin with. Is he still serving time?? Wetlands, man oh man. Naming that gal the chief of marine science at DMR was supposed to be a consolation prize. Anyway so this guys starts working down there and everybody literally hates his guts. Why?? Because he is a poser, lacking certain morals that most of us had acquired by age of 7. But keep on going to First Baptist right down from that staging site where that big boat is at. Funny thing is I have friends that have already let me try Snapper from those first couple of trips,,..Peace

    1. DMR Insider:

      Insider, since you have already tasted the forbidden fruit of the DMR $291,000 luxury fishing boat I think it would be appropriate for you to be the Judge and choose the winning boat name from the many excellent suggestions of the Slabbed commenters.

      I still like the name “Spin-it” or” The Spinner”, as the true purpose of the boat has been misrepresented by the many DMR spinning politicos.

      P.S. Also, better tell you DMR friends to cover the boat as I have a feeling the engine hour clock will be monitored by Anonymous and a marine GPS homing device possibly secretly planted aboard.

      Happy illegal Red Snapper eating to you and yours, Yours truly, Lockemuptight

  5. Keep in mind that the undercover enforcement of fishing laws and catching red snapper and whatnot is a yooge mission of the new DMR capital a$$et! (I’m not a CPA- when it’s a toy this costly are you supposed to capitalize- CAPITAL A$$ET?) The name needs to blend in with the targets of opportunity so as not to cause sudden consumption of the “samples” the suspects have “researched” for themselves!

    My entries to the Slabbed Name That Boat Contest are “Douche Canoe” and “Vessel of Opportunity” .

  6. The name of the boat must be called “Miller Time” in respect for all those short short men who must feel as though they must compensate for something. A close second goes to “Fraudulent”. A third possible choice is “_Sticking it to you MS Taxpayers”….

    1. DMR insider:
      If known politicos rode, partied, and ate on the DMR boats, why hasn’t any names been mentioned? I have been told that photos are available and the employees know who were on and still riding on those boats. Can you get us a little info here? Names and photos would be nice. I know that someone is sitting on this information. Who is it? Will they talk to Doug and shed some light on which politicos are sitting back keeping there butt clenched tight and just praying it will all go away? Who have been lying to the taxpayers and all the while smiling in their faces? Are the Commissioners involved? I don’t think that poor Mr. Miller is evil enough to do this by himself. Name the puppet masters if you know them. Are the Walkers and that bunch in Ocean Springs cronies still in the game? So many questions-it is time to get it all out folks!

  7. Looks like a lot of good names are being suggested and I feel certain the DMR eyes are taking them all in. I thought of another suitable name that seems to work well based on the fact that Walker and Miller seem to be so similar in how they have managed this state agency. The name SPIN FIN TWIN captures the SPIN both Walker and Miller put on things that get exposed FIN is for the claim they both always make that all “sampling” done on the various fishing trips are always for a greater cause. TWIN is for the actions of both Walker and Miller,while not monozygotic, they are dizygotic.

  8. Charlene yes a lot of state elected people went fishing. The celebrity that I remember was a certain NBA basketball player that was a former Bulldog and current Miami Heat player. But it all really don’t matter, the public is now up to speed and maybe MS won’t be the most corrupt state in the country. I know it sure sucks working with a masters degree for 34,000 dollars a year. I think I might apply to be one of them state troopers that guards the head football coach of one them SEC schools. What really, is the coach of a state college needing with, like 3 swollen state troopers standing around him, I digress,….

  9. “I was only following orders” is not a legal defense. Knowing of the commission of a crime and doing nothing is itself a felony.

    Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

    In other words…..this includes ALL enablers including secretaries, clerks, Commissioners, politicos, boat operators, and other knowledgeable staff. Just saying…..get ready.

    1. Well that may be the case in the military but sure ain’t in Mississippi. Those ass clowns actually used crabs from commercial fisherman’s traps to test seafood for the B.P. Oil Spill, and I will testify to that,….

        1. Wow, now that is crazy Face Palm. I have heard that before. If you have ever heard it before, than it probably happened at the DMR. The employees pay is so low for everyone, especially for the good people, it would not surprise me at all. Question of the day for anyone?? Wake up people! Make your life what you want it to be, do not be led around and told to color in the boxes all nice just so you are allowed to stay in the game. Challenge the authority that makes you compromise your integrity. Because at the end of the day when all is said and done, do you really want to take more grief with you to bed than you woke up with???

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