13 thoughts on “Jamie Miller must be taking some politicians fishing today…..”

  1. “Official markings” will always prompt nothing more than an “honest oversight” or stupid government mistake.

    The true purpose and need of a boat like this remains questionable.

  2. Where are our Legislators? Congressman? STATE AUDITOR? Governor? Lt Governor? Atty General?
    Get off of your butts and straighten this problem out at that Agency!! Do your jobs!!! This is an absolutely blatant act of misappropriation of restoration funds imo. What or who is it going to take to clean out our State??

  3. And again I ask – Where are our Legislators, State Auditor, Governor, Lt Governor, Atty General, CongressMAN, and Federal Partners who are supposed to be overseeing purchases such as these?? Why are they not addressing this travesty instead of sticking their heads in the sand and ignoring their constituents? I hope that the idiots who voted these worthless wonders into office remember this the next election. It is the only chance that Mississippi has.

  4. We can thank Anita Lee for her excellent journalism expertise in today’s Sun Herald. Of course, it would take an idiot to believe Jamie Miller’s rendition of why and what for the boat was purchased.

  5. Is he grossly uninformed. That boat is a luxury sport fish for the well healed angler! It is high maintenance and loaded with amenities not needed for his stated purpose. It will be quickly depreciated and surplused to a crony. As usual the tax payer will take it the shorts!

  6. Hourly rate to staff the boat??

    Hourly rate to operate the boat????

    That feeling when you are up on plane cracking a beer with a few of your fat cat buddies hauling ass offshore to get some red snapper “samples” for your next cookout? That shit is what they call priceless my friends! Exclusive undercover video!

  7. Spin it baby spin it. We all remember William Walker’s defense and denials of his actions at the DMR in the early days of his demise. Walker thought he could talk his way out of trouble by mentioning green herons and necessary reef sampling. Of course history tells us nobody bought his lies. Does anybody believe what Miller is saying about this pure bred sport fishing Contender? What appears obvious to all is the fact that Jamie M. Miller is trying to be a contender for the Dr.William Walker Liar Liar Award.His”No beds on my boat” nonsense is so Walkerish. Duped is correct about this recently purchased pleasure craft.”That boat is a luxury sport fish for the well healed angler”. I predict this is exactly what it will be used for. Bill Walker and Jamie Miller have a lot in common.They both appear to have a doctorate in attempted deception. Thanks and much appreciation from all goes out to Slabbed for continuing to provide this venue at great expense and time. The current story about the continuing misuse of the peoples money at the DMR may never have been told if not for this blog’s endless efforts. Also those daring stick in the eye DMR employees who continue to provide top choice intelligence deserve an honorable mention. We all need to be on the lookout for Captain Jamie and his crew of private reefers entry into fishing tournaments along the Coast next season. A news release after the fact will explain to the public that this is just another way to gather information about the snapper population. Some things just never seem to change even when the implanted leadership does.

  8. Wait a minute. It just dawned on me. I wonder if this program has the name Richard “Fish the Gulf Dry” Gollott written on it anywhere?

    Based on the areas which will be sampled and the speed to get to those locations, I believe the DMR got exactly what they ordered. And, at a very good price.

    The million dollar question is why does the DMR need to conduct this type of experiment in federal waters which is out of their jurisdiction? Do the Feds give a hoot what the politically driven DMR says about the snapper population? I personally doubt it as they have the resources to conduct their own studies.

    This sounds just like the political scam that was hatched to lower the speckled trout limit to 13 inches. Which is exactly why I don’t trust the DMR to operate as a regulatory agency.

    Come on Jamie get with the program. You need to replace the slogan “We are DMR” with:

    “Gollott owns DMR”


  9. “I was only following orders” is not a legal defense. Knowing of the commission of a crime and doing nothing is itself a felony.

    Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

    In other words…..this includes ALL enablers including secretaries, clerks, Commissioners, politicos, boat operators, and other knowledgeable staff. Just saying…..get ready.

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