The events surrounding Katie Stewart’s Criminal Complaint Against Jeff Harding and the LesLie Mobile come into sharper focus

Folks before you swear out a criminal complaint against someone you should always consider whether or not there are third party security videos that would undermine your affidavit. Did Katie Fillingame Stewart consider that the Camera Never Blinks? I’m thinking the answer to that question will be revealed in fairly short order.

Screen Capture of August 13, 2016 Security Video Courtesy of a Reader
Screen Capture of August 13, 2016 Security Video Courtesy of a Reader

Slabbed has seen two different security videos that depict the events leading to Ms. Stewart swearing out that criminal complaint against Harding. What was most interesting to me is the white vehicle that was tailgating Mr. Harding and the Les-Fiillin Machine aka the LesLie Mobile, who was around 11 seconds behind Ms. Stewart. This situation is still fluid folks but rumor holds that white vehicle behind Harding was being driven by a Bay St Louis police officer that would in turn be a witness to the entire chain of events. Maybe this is why sources are indicating to Slabbed that Bay St Louis Police Chief Denardo has turned this matter over to Hancock Sheriff Ricky Adams. Commenter Paying Attention revealed what could be a much bigger problem for Hizzoner last night:

It has been reported that they are following their adversaries with part time cops.

Has Chief Denardo and his guys become hired muscle for the Committee to Re-Elect Les Fillingame? That is a disturbing thought folks.

So while the local hens are squawking on the Sea Coast Echo Facebook page this comment by Carter Bingham may well prove prescient:

For those of you who love and adore your Mayor and his inside click, remember me. I am the guy telling you that using his elected position to maliciously prosecute a person is perhaps his biggest blunder. “Malicious prosecution” is a tort which is actionable through the civil or courts. It is an action generally taken against the police but is indeed available where a private prosecution has taken place. Couple that with a vested interest in defaming a loudmouth opponent and now you have a much deeper hole. I urge each of you to sit back and watch the show. A devout spectacle of opposition with unlimited funds vs the already broken down culture leader of vast influence with no integrity or actual culture to speak of. Where each party sustains a similar degree of harm and, in the absence of good third party evidence, it can be very difficult to prove the word of one party against the other. Where a court finds in favour of a complaint of “malicious prosecution”, the remedy is damages.

Those of you interested in reading the entire Complaint for Damages in the civil suit Jeff Harding has filed against Katie Stewart can click the picture below to nab the 6 page PDF.

Harding v Stewart

Harding v Stewart Complaint

Stay tuned.

20 thoughts on “The events surrounding Katie Stewart’s Criminal Complaint Against Jeff Harding and the LesLie Mobile come into sharper focus”

  1. At first I thought it was bacon because that was what they told me it was. I could smell it cooking but it didn’t smell like bacon. I could hear something cracking and popping but not like what I remembered bacon sounding like. They assured me it was bacon and so I trusted them. As I approached the pan, I saw it and it didn’t look like any bacon that I had ever seen, but who was I to ask any questions. Depending on how you cook it, some bacon is firmer or crunchier than others. This was neither – it was mushy, but what do I know? I have to trust them, they may have clout. Finally, it was my turn to take a bite. Though I never actually tasted it , this was horse shit and I was now sure of it. I followed blindly and let them watch me eat the horse shit.
    For each of you that so carelessly post you comments of how corrupt Harding is, I will wait patiently to see someone have the courage to define one single time where he stole from you, lied to you or abandoned you trust and confidence.
    Do you have to actually eat the horseshit to believe in what you already see, smell,hear and feel?
    This incident or LACK OF INCIDENT will deliver the harshest blow to the liars and the puppets.

  2. The Camera can’t lie like little Ms. Katie. What do you think the Judge will do to the precious offspring of Hizzoner? Swearing out a “false” report is a crime. She should be punished. This whole family needs to be punished. They can’t keep going around and making false accusations to destroy a person and his business. This family needs to be stopped….. I think Jeff has them this time.

  3. Dishonesty and the misuse of power seems to be the “politically correct” thing now a days. It is rampant, not only in our small wonderful town, but all over the US. There is no respect for truth, honesty or any of the values we were not taught but part of our being. If you can get away with it it, do it!! Motto of this time in our world.

  4. I can’t believe the chief of police is standing for this, he should have called the sheriff in just as he did when the building official was drunk and wrecked with a bunch of cars hurting people and property. If he is allowing corruption then he is part of it, and must go. We need a candidate now for mayor with integrity who will appoint a police cheif integrity too.

  5. He must be the mayor’s attack poodle. It’s sad when taxpayers are not safe to exercise constitutional rights. Shouldn’t the judge that signed the warrant’s done some preliminary research. Is the judge, cheif, attorney all in it together ???? Harding I would go to the sheriff or feds.

  6. Samantha Holliday:

    Federal courts can award punitive damages for intentional torts ….. denial of constitutional rights …….and since Ole Lesbro is protected as a civil elected figure how’s about teaching Lesbro a lesson by filing against Katie and if she doesn’t pay punitive damages seize and take her house away and thus make Lesbro indirectly put up the money to save his little girl’s house?

    What kind of popcorn should I pop for the BSL premier showing of “The Little House on the Prairie” – Jiffy, Jolly or RIDenfocker?

    1. In the fairy tale where she had actually worked hard to be a home OWNER, that may be a great idea. Suppose she had something more than her wasteful and useless existence to offer- it is his for the taking. As it would turn out, she is a RENTER. Not that a renter is bad, it is just that the poolman will win a lifelong installment plan where they garnish her wages for the rest of her natural life. The meat on the bone here is in the mayor himself; he was the nobel laureate that actually perpetrated the malicious prosecution of the poolman. The fact that he used his elected position to fortify a civil and criminal arrest is truly humorous. Have you ever seen that TV show “America’s Dumbest Crooks?” Call the Echo…we have a winner!
      I urge each of you with the decency to read this outstanding example of Murrow grade journalism to be vocal in defaming the sheeeeeepoles that believe anything that gets put into their feeding trough.

      1. Mal:
        You advised,”She is a RENTER….”

        Ok, so I’ll pop some slow but more effective RIDenfocker and then sit back wit a Cola , eat slowly and watch….

        Poolman gets his punitive judgment, rules her into Court with a Judgment Debtor Rule, finds out what she owns, records his Judgment and then starts grabbin’…..

        So if one day she ever wants to own a home if Judgment is unsatisfied she will be out of luck with public financing which then I’ll have to pop mes some” Jiffy Pop” as Katie’s pop, Lesbro’, in a jiff will have to provide Katie’s personal financing…..

        And then Katie’s husband over time will consider his Lesbro’ father-in-law a lyin’ DEBTriment to his financial portfolio rather than an ASSet and when that happens close in-law families tend to get emotional unhappy….

        So at that time I gotts to then pop mes some Jolly Pop wit a cold Pepsi fore I start to tear up and gotts to done getts mes a Kleenex or two….

        Then its onto Katie and Lesbro’ appearing on Dr.Phil’s for therapy for pathological liars and Katie and Lesbro’ tryin’ to forgive and bees forgiven….

        And when its all over I done sell the playwrights to Netflix which entitles the BSL series, “House of Pinocchio’s”.

  7. BSL PD Chief is just a lap dog for Les. He will let Harding go down to save having to cuff Filingame and Big D! The public knows it and so do they. Harding needs to stop playing soft ball with them.

    1. Les has a new Canine whistle that only his Lap Dogs can hear. They come a running wagging their tails to go fetch Mr. Harding whenever Les is embarrassed.

      1. Duped:

        Yep, a group of big stupid , salivating Bloodhound types that whoop and howl and have brown all over their noses from being up the arse of Lesbro’….

        And all Poolman has to do is throw a little cayenne pepper around like Coolhand Luke and they all go to sneezing ,farting and they are out of commission…..He,he,he

  8. Charlie is renovating a home in the 2nd ward. No dumpster and putting his construction debris in house hold garbage. Not paying for water utilities, don’t even want to think about permitting. Who is his inspector?

  9. Maybe he is his own inspector, kind of like an attorney that represents himself “he has a fool for a client.” They are all above the rules. They never have and never will think anything applies to them. That is the problem with this current Mayor and his cronies in Bay St. Louis, they think it is their town to do what they want. Well maybe things have finally caught up with little Ms. Katie and the DOJ for Mr. Les. Only time will tell.

  10. Do me a favor Dumped on? Will you pass by there on Sept 8th & tell me if it’s still going on? thanks doll

  11. It’s my understanding that the new attorney has already improved the decorum of the meetings by giving good and fair advice. Big raff was just another lap dog for les. Speaking of lap dogs I believe they all better dig in before the real law and order of the county comes a knockin for the truth. Personally I don’t think the truth is in the les n the pulled pig pork barrel attorney. I suspect that the top cop, mr Adams, doesn’t either! Time will tell!

  12. Re Samantha Holliday, “shouldn’t the judge that signed the warrant have done some preliminary research?” That would make sense but is not the law in Mississippi or, as far as I know, in other U.S. jurisdictions. Judges issue misdemeanor warrants upon receipt of an affidavit which avers personal knowledge of a misdemeanor by the affiant.

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