Slabbed explores allegations that the Bay St Louis Facebook Page is a Hizzoner partisan political activity

Folks I’ve never understood why newspapers couch a story around a massive fib, especially when they know it is a fib. Monday night’s workshop witnessed a number of transparency errors but what interested me most was insubordinate City employee Jerry Beaugez, a crony of Mayor Fillingame arguing with the City Council after being given a direct order to stop streaming the workshop on Facebook. While such an order against a member of the public would certainly be an ethics no-no, a City employee faces a far different set of legal questions vis-a-vie the exercise of free speech while on the taxpayer’s dime. Let’s start with the massive falsehood Beaugez told to Dwayne Bremer of the Echo:

One possible reason for the council’s concern is that there have been accusations that Facebook comments were being edited or deleted to reflect only “pro-Fillingame posts.”

Beaugez said anyone can see the comments on Facebook and they could not be edited or deleted. He said that the Facebook settings are set to not allow vulgarity, but the administrator cannot delete or edit a post.

Individuals, however, can delete their own personal posts, he said.

Beaugez also argued that the meeting was public and that other entities such as local media are allowed to record meetings.

The owner of the Facebook page can delete any comment from anyone posted on it, as any 12 year old with a Facebook account will tell you. It’s real simple, simply mouse over the “x” on the upper right of the comment, click it and then confirm the delete. Since Beaugez is either a Facebook simpleton or a liar, can we discern which condition is the case here? I think so folks, mainly by presenting one of the comments deleted from the City’s Facebook page:

Screen Capture Courtesy of a Reader
Screen Capture Courtesy of a Reader

I’ve come to learn that when Mayor Fillingame uses the word transparency, that is the exact time to hold your wallets closest and tightest folks because he is invariably up to no good. Do we really want big brother in the social media business deciding which speech stays and which is tossed? Personally, other than guaranteeing our rights to Free Speech, I want no part of big brother in the media business as the potential for monkey business is simply too strong, as the Bay St Louis Facebook page and George Orwell illustrates so well.

Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Slabbed explores allegations that the Bay St Louis Facebook Page is a Hizzoner partisan political activity”

  1. This propaganda machine needs to be exposed. Post your comments then screen shot them, if they get removed report it to your councilmen. It’s budget time, the council can send Jerry job hunting again. He is no virgin to being fired.

  2. Agreed, with one change. Report it to the state Ethics Commission.
    The city council has it’s own challenges.

  3. A Social Media Page can be a great asset if used properly. It is a good place to go for information about meeting scheduling, events in the city, etc. But when it becomes a format for people to declare who should and shouldn’t be elected again, etc. and how trashy they think the Councilmen dress, and a tool to publish erroneous information, then it has lost it’s effectiveness for the citizens who pay for it.
    Actually, the meetings could be streamed into the city’s website with a wall mounted camera that the Council Clerk can turn on and off at the beginning and end of the meetings.
    There is certainly no justification to pay anyone to sit at meetings with a camera in their hand. Not in a city than can’t even afford enough grass cutting machines and public works personnel to keep ditches cleared and draining properly.

  4. Les is desperate. They F up many more times before it is over. The Pinocchio Express is not done! False accusations don’t intimidate anyone. I’m waitn on the investigation to bring him and his cartel in. Jerry the cherry is done the way I see it but they have pulled rabbits out of the hat but Top Cop ain’t BSL PD. They are hand cuff county. No unsolved crimes! Now that is what I’m pulling for!

  5. Stories of the “Half Ass Coon Ass”

    I hate to say it, but based on my experiences and observations , I would hesitate to hire or trust anyone with the letters “eaux” within their last name. Just sayin….

  6. The Building Dept. officials were on the corner of Main and Beach Blvd. I hope they were on leave and not working for Les and Raff on the Tax Payers Nickle. This needs to be questioned. An opponent against Les should not compete against his own Tax Dollars……assuming Les can get clearance to run again.

  7. Not that I’m condoning paying a city employee to aim a camera but, for some reason, if you’ve noticed, Jerry’s always sitting next to the Mayor at the meeting anyway. Usually he’s playing on his phone; at least he’s doing something constructive.

  8. Maybe we should just change the name of City Hall to Bay St. Louis Circus…
    Everyone is a magician hiding information and disappearing early from work.
    Biggest Act I understand is the Building the Murphy’s are building. Maybe they will pull the permit out of a Hat, since I heard there is none in the Code office.
    3 Ring circus, Mayor’s Office, Code Office, Clerk’s office.

  9. It looked like a circus under the tent Friday. Only the people who are begging for money came. Some employees, some chamber pig’s and tourism people. Free seafood and still couldn’t get a large crowd. TBT across the street is getting $30 a plate and was packed. People are shying away from Les. That was an eye opener, I heard he is having second thoughts about running. He my go back to selling used cars with his son.

  10. I keep saying it – you get what you elect. The Bay not only seems happy with Les “the mess” but quite proud. Ha ha ha

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