The 1st Amendment under attack by the City of Bay St Louis, A Place Apart | Updated

First up with the debut of the LesLie Mobile, an act of political expression by local resident Jeff Harding aka the Poolman. Slabbed was there to cover it in Old Town Bay St Louis last Saturday:

The people I saw looking at the vehicle thought it was pretty funny, after all it is far better to laugh than cry at the current state of affairs in the Bay:

Let’s circle the LesLie Mobile for now and fast forward to last night’s Bay St Louis Council Budget Workshop:

In continuing with its commitment to transparency in government, the City of Bay St. Louis has begun connecting you, and the world, to its City Council workshops and meetings using Facebook Live!

For those who can not attend, but want to be informed and see your officials in action, these events can be viewed live at the time of the meeting and will be able to be viewed any time after by visiting the video link here on the City’s wall. You can share the live stream to your friends and neighbors as well as previously recorded videos once the live stream has stopped.

Today’s City Council Workshop begins at 4:00pm. Items on the agenda are:
1. All Budget Items
2. Council Business/Requests/Information
3. Adjourn

Of course none of this was run by the City Council, which has no coherent media policy far as I can tell so when the cameras started to roll last night, viewers of the abbreviated Facebook Live Stream were treated to an argument to start off the meeting before the cameras were ordered to be shut down. The video has now been viewed over 1,600 times proving the validity of the Streisand Effect:

The Streisand effect is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet. It is an example of psychological reactance, wherein once people are aware something is being kept from them, their motivation to access and spread the information is increased.

Last night at the City Council Chambers workshop or not, the public’s business was being conducted and regardless of the Mayor’s motivations you can’t go wrong erring on the side of transparency. Instead the cameras were shut off. A cynical man would say the cameras were turned off because the council was again going to discuss the possibility of a tax increase.

Whatever the reason, the reaction I’ve heard from the public has been overwhelmingly negative and that does not count Double D, who was covering the workshop for the Echo, who will likely cover the argument over the live stream if I had to guess. Now back to the Mayor’s motivations in the exercise in Free Speech, a concept to which he is hostile when it suits him. I say that because one day later rumors are swirling that he and/or he and his daughter swore out a criminal complaint against the Poolman earlier today because he drove down the Mayor’s street on the way from his shop to Old Town last Saturday:

Wow the mayors daughter pressed charges on the pool man for driving on 10th st. Stalking really???

Slabbed has confirmed that an arrest warrant has been sworn against local businessman Jeff Harding, who declined further comment until he could surrender accompanied by his attorney George Healy. I also have this via email from local businessman Rod Ward:

Jeff Harding just called me and said he has to turn himself in to Chief Denardo for his political statements on his Van. According Jeff they are filing reckless Driving, stalking, etc.. to equal 4 different charges.

Is Free Speech in Bay St Louis predicated on whose ox is bring gored? Will the City Council figure out a coherent media policy? Will the Mayor realize the sheer folly in repeatedly having his political opponents arrested for their exercise of constitutionally protected political expression? Will the long suffering public tire of the tomfoolery and proactively tar and feather the entire bunch. Stay tuned to Slabbed as we answer these questions and more.

Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom; and no such thing as public liberty, without freedom of speech.” ~ Silence Dogood aka Benjamin Franklin, U.S. Founding Father


Mayor Les Fillingame and his daughter Katie Stewart | Image via the Seacoast Echo
Mayor Les Fillingame and his daughter Katie Stewart | Image via the Seacoast Echo

Since this post was first published Slabbed was able to obtain the warrants sworn out by the Mayor’s daughter Katie Stewart against Jeff Harding. Worth noting is this latest arrest marks the third time Mayor Fillingame or a member of his family has targeted Harding for arrest since 2014, first when the Mayor attempted to press charges against Councilman Lonnie Falgout and Harding for being outside on the City yard for 37 seconds, the time it took to take two pictures of broken down City equipment. Mayor Fillingame and then City Attorney Donald Rafferty prosecuted Harding for Disturbing the Peace after Harding allegedly shot the bird at then Council President Bobby Compretta, who Harding was addressing during public comments. (Point of Disclosure: I was in attendance at the meeting where Harding was cited and did not witness him shooting the bird at any time at the Councilman during his remarks.) Fillingame appointee Municipal Judge Steve Maggio sentenced Harding to 180 days in jail for the alleged transgression. despite the fact that numerous Federal and State Courts have ruled that shooting the bird is constitutionally protected speech. Harding’s prosecution was essentially abandoned by the City after Harding appealed to the Hancock County Circuit Court and agreed to enter a pretrial diversion program.

Following are the warrants sworn by Stewart against Harding and the LesLie Mobile:

Click to obtain high resolution PDF file
Click to obtain high resolution PDF file
Click to obtain high resolution PDF file
Click to obtain high resolution PDF file
Click to obtain high resolution PDF file

53 thoughts on “The 1st Amendment under attack by the City of Bay St Louis, A Place Apart | Updated”

  1. Wonder how cameras and GPS tracking holds up in court??????
    Doug I will send you copies of my file, and YES its 4 counts.

  2. Holy Dirty Political Tricks,Batman:

    Pool man needs a lawyer to file a suit in Federal Court ASAP as his First Amendment civil rights and right to drive safely and unharassed to fulfill his business needs are being denied daily. And therefore since Lesbo’s political dirty tricks actions are harming Poolman economically on a daily ongoing basis there is need also for a TIO (temporary injunction order) or TRO (temporary restraining order) against further harassment by Lesbo and further damages sustained by Pool man…..

    Finally, Poolman has a right to travel up and down Lesbo’s street as much as he wants as it is a public street and Pool man ‘s van is not only licensed to do so but his van is a beautiful work of art which needs to be shared with every citizen !

  3. Les and Lil Les Daddy Said are delusional. They both make up stories. Her friends will tell you the same.

    Today at the 1:00 meeting Les was sent packing again as he cannot find a suitable attorney to represent the city. He has been sent packing last night with Raff and today with an attorney that lives next door to his mommy. This guy doesn’t even have an office!

    New Day in the Bay!

  4. At today’s meeting it was noted that the sheriffs investigator was present. They apparently are keeping a close eye on Les as they have been at the last several meetings! They know Les is meaner than a rattle snake and twice as fast….to lie!

    His wifey was in the parking lot photoing the sheriff. I think Jeff has a picture of her running down 10th street chasing him while Lil Les Daddy Said was trying to impede him.

  5. Poolman got game!!!! I love the First Amendment Truthmobile. The Mayor is upset because of his own actions and not because of the actions of the Poolman. Politicians always strike out at those that expose them. You need to start picking up Ms.Lana Noonan and give her a ride to all of the meetings. She is great with the facts and you with the faux attacks. That vehicle would also make a great addition to Uber if they ever get to Bay St.Louis.If a legal defense fund is needed I commit to the first $100 donation.Keep the pressure up on the politicians because this is all they fear.

  6. Once upon a time in a place far far apart, the evil ruler Sir LiES-a-lot pandered to the magic makers potion. His crooked and corrupt subject all enjoyed the fabulous riches of silver and gold as provided from DOJ forfeiture funds. They lavished in their vessels of glorious nectar and pandered the spoils of the city as if they were their own. The crooked little hobbit daughter of the evil ruler was especially triumphant, as she was now employable and felt like she mattered. Her “daddy said so”…. that was all that we needed to know.
    Then one day during a corruption interruption, the evil and lowly pool builder – a peasant in his own right took to the street in his chariot of spray paint, carved by his sharpie and shoe polish sword. He used hurtful words like “Hey Don… You’re Fired”. His noble steeds – all of the breed dodge 4 banger was only banging on two of its bangers.
    It was a tired yet triumphant sight covered with the ill truths that may tarnish the corroded and rusty name of Sir LiES a lot. How much worse could his reputation get? What if he himself became the wife at Castle Hancock ruled by the great King Ricky. Why would the evil pool builder ( a jester at best) be so vile and insulting. It was only $13 a month was stolen from him individually. Something had to be done….. and quickly .
    ‘I know…I got it… ” as he sprung to his feet from a whippering hangover..”I will deploy the DiNardo Knights” upon him. “We have to make up a scathing account of toil and blasphemous enterprise.” His nose of clay now ripened with the clambering scent of Choo Choo Charlies overdue favors…”Charlie…Order your lowly pigeon to carry a message to the guards.” “She shall say that the pool builder did……blah blah blah.” As Charlie himself was an indentured servant of Sir LiES, he would do just about anything for him. Blindly following the grossly fictitious tale sworn by the little hobbit and the eager pigeon, the noble knights could only act upon their account as if it were real.
    What they didn’t know was that as the evil pool builder was being arrested for their false testimony that a magic sorcerer was watching intently will in due time cast a spell of truth upon the kingdom.

    1. You spent too many years hanging out under the “dope smoking tree”.. I assume you know which one I’m taking about, if you don’t just ask Doug.

      1. I always knew the foot of Coleman Avenue as “Pill Hill”….at least that’s what the adults of the day termed it but that is so 1970s.

        The teens of my day weren’t quite so much on display as a general rule.

  7. Mal,
    great poem. I hope they are watching the Olympics on TV. False Police Reports are punishable by law even prison if proven. Maybe Raff has a future after all!

    1. Jeff shared the arrest paperwork with me and this post will be updated.

      Since Mal mentioned Charles Oliver I’d like to point out that after Oliver plowed into the back of those folks on Highway 90 and he was charged with DUI Municipal Judge Maggio ran away from the case as quickly as he could rightly citing the conflict of him judging a City employee. This case involves the Mayor’s daughter and Judge Maggio is similarly conflicted in that City employees are involved.

      This case belongs in County Justice Court. If Judge Maggio hasn’t yet stepped aside I feel certain that his recusal is simply a matter of time.

      1. Holy” Have LesLie- mobile Will Travel” Batman;

        Many moons ago there was a highly popular TV series entitled “Have Gun Will Travel” where a tough talking cowboy named Paladin, dressed all in black, traveled for hire and rendered justice without the law or the badge.

        Since Poolman already has huge set of longhorn steer horns on the roof of the LesLie- mobile I would further encourage Poolman to dress in all white cowboy gear, like a Mr.Clean Paladin, and help render local political justice . And to complement the horns on top how about a pair of large brass colored balls dangling below his rear bumper.

        Finally, if I was Poolman I would get a quiet, soft spoken patriotic retiree to drive the LesLie-mobile as a FOR HIRE cab/ delivery service for those patriotic citizens who need a lift, want to BE NOTICED and see their paid fare go toward a house cleaning political movement.

          1. Poolman:

            Sorry to hear about LesLie -mobile’s mechanical problem which means you need a mechanic or a Slabber with some mechanical knowledge more than an artist.

            Was it having a problem before you turned it into the LesLie-mobile? If not , could someone have sabotaged it?

            I’m not familiar with that model of SUV but perhaps a Slabber with such knowledge could help you get LesLie back on the road.It ‘s such a waste of great political artistry for it to be immovable.

      2. Doug
        I’m new to your news media site. Is this about real news or an outlet for people to say whatever they want under fake names? I don’t see how Mr. Harding’s van full of hurtful, mean words is news. Bay-Waveland doesn’t need this negativity. This is not ok, and I don’t understand how anyone raised the way you and I were can promote this hatred by Mr. Harding. I challenge everyone that claims to care about Bay-Waveland to stop the personal attacks. Like I’ve always told my boys “God don’t like ugly”

        1. you should also have that talk about how “God don’t like no steelin neither!”. this kind of negativity is exactly what Baywave one needs in order to highlight the crooked. it is the people who sit there and turned a blind eye to the problem that make the problem worse.
          Pour out the Kool Aid they force you to drink. Leslie drinks Makers. Pool man drinks Coors light. Make your own choices and stop being Sheeeple.

          1. Mal, I go way back with Kelyn and her family. She left a thoughtful comment that deserves a thoughtful response. I’m on a very tight deadline today so that will be later. Make nice while I tackle the day job. Thank you.

        2. Miss Kelyn,

          On behalf of Doug (Batman) I cordially welcome to Slabbed.

          I can understand somewhat your comments, however. Putting myself in your shoes as one first tuning into Slabbed you should realize that your plight could be analogized best to a movie goer walking into the movie “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” ( a favorite movie of Doug’s) in the last few minutes and seeing some ugly, seemingly unjustified shootings of the Bad guy by the Good guy.

          However, on the other hand if you watched the movie(i.e. can go back through all the previous blog postings of Doug about what has transpired in the city council chambers of Mayor Leslie Filligame and the financial ” hokey pokey” the Mayor has done to the gross economic detriment to his taxpayers) you would see that Jeff Harding’s “LesLie-mobile” is only a political tool to draw the public’s attention to the financial lies told by the Mayor.

          As far as Slabbed commenter’s names understand if you in your proper name said some TRUTH about Mayor Filligame understand that you like Jeff Harding could experience/ sustain some retaliatory damages.

          I hope this clarifies what you have read here on Slabbed as many of the commenters like Jeff Harding have been TRUTH tellers only to be persecuted victims at the hands of politicians.

        3. Kelyn google defines the term news as “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events”. That’s a pretty broad definition. Slabbed has seen a pretty broad mix of topics through time but the important stuff is precisely things like the sad state of affairs in the Bay. The Mayor is a public figure and whether any of us agree or not with Poolman’s message it is undeniably an act of political expression. Anyone that successfully runs for office is subject to that kind of scrutiny but as bad a word as the term politician is today most of them manage to stay out of trouble. That is not true in Bay St Louis with bonds that were on the verge of default to over $300,000 in public safety money that was misspent.

          Speaking of negativity and putting your best foot forward have you visited the City of Bay St Louis Facebook page and read the comments Beaugez doesn’t delete? This is an independent Interactive website and I’m very tolerant in letting people express a wide range of opinions as it should be. What kind of message does the official Facebook page of the City convey when the commenters openly politic on who should or should not be elected again, how trashy they think certain Councilmen dress, or even worse the advocacy of hare-brained fiscal policy such as spending one time money on recurring expenses by using the Municipal reserve for raises. Anyone with half a brain would stay the hell away the Bay right now and I’m fairly certain sight unseen that Facebook page likely has done just that. The only silver lining is some of those Facebook commenters would run their mouths and exhibit their ignorance during the meetings. I don’t think their Mommas taught them that keeping your voice in a lower tone does not make such rude behavior any less trashy like ours did Kelyn.

          As far as anonymous speech I’m all for it for the reasons Lockie cited and he has some personal experience with being retaliated against. Then again so do I and it certainly has attracted me to this story like a moth to a light. Its part of the reason I chose Silence Dogood aka Benjamin Franklin for the quote at the end of this post. Franklin too had to contend with retaliatory acts, moreso in fact. I think that’s why we have the First Amendment to the Constitution. You have no other motivation than your personal loyalty to Les and I respect that Kelyn. Always happy to hear from you.

          1. I’m impressed by your grand concern about what the city’s FB page conveys. I’m far less impressed by how you & your slabbed followers give kudos to Poolman for his public display of the vehicle (by “public” I mean every non-voting tourist or visitor) – the very people who contribute to local businesses. What double standards you guys have! Not that “support” of Bay-Waveland business is high on your priority list, but it certainly is for many other people who depend on it. Poolman’s other antics border on being criminal – I don’t mean criminal as in causing “hurt feelings”, I mean criminal in every sense. I suspect it won’t be long before he gets just a little too carried away and truly crosses the line – and when someone gets hurt, especially a child or an innocent bystander, I hope you all feel really good about having promoted/condoned his behavior. (Oh, and P.S. – certain ‘types’ of FB pages that are not “personal” pages will Not allow the ‘owner’ to delete comments- I don’t think you can even hide comments, only the person posting can delete. If that has changed it is very recent.)

            1. d.cuevas:

              I’m sure glad from time to time Slabbed gets crony capitalists like yourself cause it gets boring round here just commenting on the national Clintonites………

              How bout yo’ views on Trump? You probably feel he is unsuited cause he may push the nuclear button or he’s a racist, etc….. and that you would rather have Crooked Hellery who is PC perfect and appeals to the illegal aliens, sanctuary cities, BLM, Black Panthers, and admitting hundreds of thousands of unvetted Syrians guaranteed embedded terrorists….

              I’d be willing to bet you are a business owner with city hall connections and want your personal connections to stay uninterrupted……well too bad, try to maintain your connections with good government people and you won’t need to comment here…

              POOLMAN!!! POOLMAN !!!! POOLMAN !!!!! POOLMAN !!!! POOLMAN !!!!…..shouted long and loud just like followers of Trump !

              Now be gone with your crooked self before I really get angry…..

              1. Sorry uptight, you’re wrong on all counts. For lack of a better choice I am a Trump supporter since I won’t support Killary. But that’s where our similarities end. Gotta say I’m shocked you’re not in the Hillary or Bernie camp where the sissy generation cries and whines whenever things don’t go their way, where they shine their asses, act out, get ugly and obnoxious, and of course violent (they don’t care about small businesses either, heck, they’ll burn em’ out in a New York minute!). Killary – where the definition of “good government people” is someone that lies so much you never know if or when they’re ever telling the truth. Where when anyone has a different view they throw a good old fashioned temper tantrum, tell more lies, twists facts, scream and yell about how EVERYBODY else is all wrong, that everybody is against ’em, nothin’ is ever they fault…well, you know the type, that’s why you support Trump I suppose. Dang! There I was goin on about Killary and accidentally described your beloved Poolman and his buddies! Ain’t that just somethin”!! Oh well, all that said do let me be gone cause I sure don’t wanna make a big ole bad ass like you angry. Oooh!

            2. ok Cuevas,
              You impress me with you disregard for facts. For every LIE told by the poolman, I will give you 10 from the crooked mayor.
              What the poolman did is something your won’t understand without a spine. He stands up to corruption and makes a mockery of it.
              The sheeeeeeeple sit back and just do whats comfortable. Kind of like sitting in a poopy diaper…”it’s disgusting ; but its warm and soft and it’s mine.”
              As for Sir LiES-a-lot and his Brain trust for a daughter, I wonder what child protective services will think about the truth.

              1. I also wonder what they’ll think about the truth. Hopefully they will get involved. If not this time, maybe next time – cause I haven’t a doubt there’ll be a next time. He can’t help himself, that’s obvious. Too bad his cheering squad won’t go down with him when it happens…poor pool boy will be all alone with his ‘buddies’ jumping like rats on a sinking ship. Doubt he’s thought that far along though..he thinks ya’ll have his back. Lol.

              2. d.cuevas:

                Oh cue ball brain , a couple of comments back I accused you of being a crony capitalist in bed with Lesbo through your business community web….

                But cueball you scratched and avoided /missed the accusation totally… So I ask you to put yo’ hand on yo’ Bible and answer …..

                Tell us the TRUTH that you are just a two bit , small amateur crony capitalist who can’t give up your pee-on influence peddling and Poolman’s LesLie-mobile just peels the skin off your crony onion and makes tears roll down your corrupt cue ball face.

        4. Personal attacks…Snapola you been under a rock????? My business has never been shut down for skipping a tax payment or two!!! And my inventory has never been seized …. WELL THE ENGINE IN THE LES FILLIN MACHINE SIEZED TODAY….Just an over zelous city pawn of Les his hindazzz seized my business license for a few minutes…. As far as hurtful/ hatred its all true, or I’d be getting sued. As far as GOD he doesn’t like lies either. Stop drinking the Unicorn milk, and following the financial advise of those whom don’t have. Need to sleep before its time to make the doughnuts.

  8. The Pinocchio Express (Les Lie) is parked on Main Street across from the Legal Fund Raiser for Les.

    Stalkers and other vermin are surely behind. The Les camp now has 3 people in his camp having been stalked, attacked etc….what is the attraction?

    1. Paying Attention/Poolman:
      Is there an artist in the house……?

      At one time Slabbed was honored to have the services of a highly talented artist…..

      The reason I bring up the need of an artist is Paying Attention’s excellent referral to the” Pinocchio Express” and therefore appropriate need of a hood ornament for the LesLie-mobile of a plaster, head likeness of Les with a long Pinocchio nose….. and also possible construction of some large Styrofoam, brass painted balls hanging from plastic chains from the rear bumper.

      Poolman-‘Lets Make The LesLie-mobile Greater Again’…he,he,he

  9. They are serving shrimp and crab at the main street 2nd Ward legal fund raiser whilst they served chicken backs, necks and hot dogs at the MLK Park Legal Fund Raiser. Whats the deal? Those people don’t know how to eat seafood?

  10. Paying Attention,
    I would imagine that perhaps at the “fund raisers” you are served with regard to how much you donate.

  11. My, my! Do we have a Nautical Equestrian Organization that is about to lose it’s tax free status for violation of campaign laws?!
    You just have to wonder if there are any rules that apply
    to these folks?!
    What happens to the funds raised?

  12. It is my understanding that Tish and her friend Deb have a problem with political expression of pool man as represented on on face book, I am told. Clown’ns they em by by the political expressionist? They may need to look at themselves! Against casinos, against the State Flag. Against traditional Mississippi Values! Although, that ain’t that that bad but representing otherwise is. They love BSL so much they encourage contribution to Tish n Les. Contrary to their politics they don’t think that open opposition is good. It just makes them uncomfortable. I could go into more personal info but refrain from doing so as they are blinded by the situation. They are dilusional n worried about their situation not BSL.

  13. “Harding claims he has suffered “loss of reputation, shame, mortification, hurt feelings, and emotional distress,” and that the incident has damaged his business.”

    Driving around town in that van == loss of reputation – check.
    My feelings are hurt and I am emotionally distressed that he received almost 700 votes for mayor of BSL.

    1. AugJo:

      So let me get this straight….. Exercising a person’s (Hardings) freedom of speech by speaking, holding a sign or driving a car with bumper stickers or statements of truth automatically results in his loss of reputation?

      Want country or political spectrum were you endocrinated in? Speaking out against totalitarian rule is patriotic and shows character in most American minds.

      If a person expresses his First Amendment rights and due to such expression is falsely accused or arrested on a false police report that person has a just cause to sue especially if it is a political public person wanting to subdue,squash or deter that person from further expressing his First Amendment rights again against that same government politico.

      That’s why we have a Bill of Rights and Constutution which was formulated originally to prevent totalitarian rule.

      Now perhaps you missed that in History 101-American Revolution/Civics Class 101 and may want to call your local high school and re-enroll for a refresher . Then again maybe just maybe you never graduated cause you had other self gratifying things on your mind when you were in highschool.

      1. Exaggerate much? You are really comparing BSL to a Totalitarian state??… that’s not really worth a comment.
        Something happened that day, and I’m sure he thought it was funny that day, as I would have… back when I was 16. Not so funny as a grown man, especially with a child in the car. Poolman eludes to having video – we will find out if he is falsely accused if he has video… I doubt he does. I would guess with his R.A.P. sheet it will be easy to prove that he did a fine job on his own of “losing his reputation”. You/he can google it, there are plenty of articles about being a business owner and getting involved in politics, not sure that is exactly what he is engaged in – but somewhat relevant.
        I will tell you this, I can appreciate some of the comments on the van, and I fully support his rights to free speech, but for the most part all I see are snarky comments that are bush league – not out of character for an attention seeker. But come on you have to agree he has a record of making some pretty poor decisions.

        And as a consumer I don’t spend my money with people like that.
        Good day 🙂

        1. AugJo: “Are you really comparing BSL to a totalitarian state”

          Damn right I’m comparing it to a totalitarian state because even a small government or even a small city politico using false pretenses to deny and destroy the right to free speech is what they do in Russia and unfortunately in many other American cities on liberal college campuses.

          When I attended college there was total free speech and no group used force or mass to run off other speakers. If you didn’t like what someone said you had the right to give your counter views or walk away but you were never barred or chased away by mass force or threats.

          Problem with your thought is you really don’t cherish your right to free speech and need to spend some time in Russia, China or nN. Korea then you may come back a changed man with a true appreciation of your Bill of Rights exercised even in the small city of BSL.

          Finally , irregardless of rap sheets , economic-socio status all U.S. Citizens are entitled to the same Bill of Rights .Unfortunately, some of our current socialist politico leaders believe that even illegal aliens who are not citizens and are felons for illegal entry are entitled to these same Bill of Rights and government subsidies so they can one day vote For a Democrat.

          1. WTF?? – I had to go back and read my initial comment to try and understand how this got you ranting about the 1A??

            Here is/was my point initially, I will try to make it a little clearer this time.
            Businessman runs around continuously acting like a jackhole… Now he thinks he has somebody on the hook to blame for his reported “loss of business”.
            It really is simple as that, my initial comment has nothing to do with rights to free speech.
            good day.

            1. AugJo,
              you may not even have money to spend. you may possibly be one of the people les gives free water utilities to. otherwise, that is your opinion and you are entitled to it.

              The World is not a Dangerous Place because of the evil people in it, it because of the people who choose to do nothing about it. Albert Einstein

  14. When a person runs for public office, they should know that everyone does not support what you stand for or any actions you take while in office. Being a Public Official will always put you in the spot light. You have to be ready for Public Criticism at all times and attacks from all organizations and groups.
    If you are the Mayor it does not give you the power to act like a Mafia Boss and have your “henchmen” go after each of these individuals. We live in America with Freedom of Speech.
    Les, if you can’t take the heat, then get out of the Kitchen. I guess it really hurts more when what the public is saying is Fact and not Fiction. Now to drag your daughter into your fights just makes you “Les” of a man. Can’t even fight your own battles. How sad, now the acorn did not fall far from the tree. She is becoming a liar just like you. To teach your child this type of character just says even more of yourself.
    Shame on you and your daughter to make accusations and have someone arrested just for your own self satisfaction. Does it not mean anything to ruin a persons reputation? Oh I forgot, you are Les F and feel you are above the law. Well, it will catch up with you one day and we will all be laughing at you and not with you. Your empire is starting to crumble, they took away your attorney, what is next ??

  15. Katie wanted to just shoot some bull but got the horn… What she done was very serious and with Don fired she will have to pay for an attorney. She may even go to jail or have DHS involved for making a minor lie to the police.

  16. Les has become the Pinocchio express chasing the police chief and his enemies around. Mama les We are royalty and RG getting into the fray chasing ghosts. They have all been been stalked! No one ever sniffed out but Les sent the Calvary to vindicate their honor! They have bitten off more than they can chew! Lying to to prosecute someone and avert political adversaries can bring serious consequences. It has been reported that they are following their adversaries with part time cops. That ain’t good. Their panic may be resulting in bad legal conduct. They feel the Big Raff Pulled Pig Pork Barrel guy can wave a wand and make it all go away. Sorry, she is city employee and you have complete access to city business as hisassholiness has stated numerous times you are the city attorney. What webs y’all have weaved! I heard the FBI is now involved. All to cover up what?

  17. It is my understanding that Les, The Police Chief, Raff and Judge Maggio met behind closed doors to discuss the prosecution and arresting of Mr. Harding. This is inappropriate and possibly illegal for so many reasons I don’t have time to explain it in this forum. It is also my understanding that it will be turned over to the Top Cop in the County, Sheriff Rickey Adam. He will not tolerate such foolish and skeptical behavior from legal professionals.

    Les and Raff have legally attacked Mr. Harding many different times and lost. It was always on the publics nickle. It is going to remain on our nickle until Mr. Raff is eliminated as Public Prosecutor unless it is turned over to the Top Cop. Then it will be held in a County Court.

    These characters have been running amuck for several years. I firmly believe the rope has reached it’s end.

    1. Duped:

      Poolman rules ! The LesLie mobile will roll again as surely there is a mechanic in BSL that will fix it up to roll the BSL streets again.

      Lesbro is the Hillary of BSL…..both pathological liars.

      Is there a psychologist in BSL house to help Lesbro with his adicktive problem?

  18. Maybe he should now be called Lesllary, they all lie and throw their muscle around. The FBI is investigating Hillary and DOJ/Sheriff’s office Les. I can hardly wait for the final outcome on all investigations. .I am so tired of politicians thinking they are so above the law. I think it has finally caught up with Little Miss Katie, Because of Les ignorance he has involved his daughter in a criminal matter. Lets see how they try and get out of this one.

  19. The Poolman has kicked Les n Lil Dady said in the ass again! Haha mama Les was near a break down. Katey just carried on The Family Tradition! Les taught her to lie now she has done the same.

    She tried to pull the Ole damsel in distress card. She might have got away with it before that last 20lbs!

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