To the Editor: Municipal Donations to Non-profits

To The Editor:

It is Budget preparation time again for our public officials. While we appreciate the effort they put into managing our tax dollars, we would like to make a couple of suggestions since all are working with tight budgets and face many needs to be met for their communities.

  1. As always, public officials are solicited by “non-profit” organizations for donations of public money to help meet their needs. When considering your contribution of our tax dollars to these groups, please make every effort to determine if there is anyone on their staff or in their organization that is paid more than your entity’s highest paid employee or elected official. If so, the answer has to be “no.” If a “non-profit” can out compensate the entity they are soliciting, they do no qualify for public assistance.
  2. If you have outstanding accounts payable that cannot be resolved in the current fiscal year, and have to be carried over as expenses to the next, please do not use our tax dollars for anything other than our immediate financial obligations.

We appreciate the work of non profits and belong to several ourselves. However, we do feel there are other avenues of approach to meet their financial needs such as fund raisers and raising membership dues.

Lana Noonan, Chairman
Ron Thorp, Co-Chairman
Hancock County Alliance for Good Government

6 thoughts on “To the Editor: Municipal Donations to Non-profits”

  1. Exactly! It is not the Tax Payers job to hold down dues costs. The entity that needs funds needs to look at the membership for funding. If their mission is worth it’s salt it should not be hard to raise the money the old fashioned way. Pandering politicians with money requests and publically honoring them at your events and giving them perks when they give away someone else’s money is ludicrous. Politicians get perks and non dues paying tax payers are told to join or you get lost. They receive non tax paying status for there purpose. In many cases they use this status and compete in the tax paying market for business. I suggest they all disclose all financials of all their entities and land holdings. I will expand further later with all the entities that do and have done for decades without government funding off the sweat of their membership!

  2. Last night the council was split on increasing property taxes again. Giving Les everything his staff requested.What a week council. Tonight they will make the final decision to increase taxes or not. We better watch them to the end of the meeting

  3. amazing what happens when no one is there. quit giving money to non-profits and special interests. raising taxes is a cowardly way not to make hard decisions.

  4. I really feel for you people who are fighting this war against the “entitled, arrogant, and co-dependant” individuals. Kudos to all of you who are trying to do what is right for your community because you truly are the people who love this Coast. It is sad that only a “chosen few” can lead around and fool so many residents living there, into thinking that they are capable and performing their official duties in a satisfactory manner.
    Be diligent Miss Noonan, and know that you are appreciated by many here in the area, as you carry on your campaign for the just and right thing for your neighbors. They should each, and every one, join in and help you with your fight. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, Charlene.
    We have to keep reminding some of these elected officials that they are not writing personal checks!!!

  6. Wow the mayors daughter pressed charges on the pool man for driving on 10th st. Stalking really??? Her sister was assaulted by a ghost a few years back. Look at them girls, they should be flattered if any of it was true? But-ugly is a understatement and her ass is 2 axx handles wide. Hope a neighbor has home security or Jeff has a witness. She is a lying drama gueen and it’s not her fault its genetic.

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