Anita finds Ava’s Lawsuit that Mona Saw…..

How’s that for a headline! Whew. Point of disclosure, I scanned the lawsuit Ava Coleman filed against DMR and Jamie Miller and there was no sign of the Cake Eater so there may yet be more out there. This much is clear, based on what I am hearing from well placed but third party sources, Ms. Coleman’s lawyer has put a gag order on her and is not interested in “trying the case in the media”, which I put in quotation marks because it is a standard lawyerly response not to be confused with a direct quote, which Anita could not garner:

Lawsuit claims former DMR manager was harassed, demoted, fired ~ Anita Lee

Here is the first amended complaint for those that are so interested:

Coleman v State of Mississippi Doc 1

10 thoughts on “Anita finds Ava’s Lawsuit that Mona Saw…..”

  1. Yeay!!! Looks like someone finally got the nerve to defy the Kings of the top floor. I hope that it will be an open court where I can go and watch the proceedings and get to listen to Jamie and his “court crew” explain what happened here. Sounds like the same ole, same ole wannabe republicans who think they are better than everyone else by the way they treated her. They think they are entitled and that the Taxpayers owe them something and it looks like they think the employees should kneel down before them according to this. Great job Doug!!! Thanks for keeping us informed.

    1. I too will be in that court room. Supporting Ava 100% !!!!! I too was one of the HONEST employees in the purchasing office that refused to do what was asked of me because I knew it was against ALL STATE purchasing laws. I was punished by being demoted and put in an office selling license behind a closed door . My health deteriorated to the point that I still struggle emotionally and physically to this day. My satisfaction came when I heard that bunch in the business office that harassed me were FIRED or should I say ” asked to retire” LOL. I pray that investigations will reopen, supposed suicides would be a good place to start. There are still many thieves that escaped , try starting in Tennesee for a certain retired lady . so I hear 😉. Good luck and God bless you Ava!!!!! There are many behind you, I Janet Doucet am proud to call you my friend MAY JUSTICE PREVAIL and I pray you will finally get compensated for your pain and suffering that so many of us were unable to get.

  2. Finally. Finally. Finally.

    I know I sound like a broken record but former DMR employees who have been fired under the Miller Regime should take note of this.

    Bible Study anyone?

    1. YES YES YES I do have a background as a gospel singer. Can you say class action lawsuit????????? LETS GET EM. THANK YOU AVA COLEMAN for your bravery .

      1. Yes, I can say the word class action lawsuit.

        If a group of people were in fact discriminated against based on religious preference or religious participation, then that specific group would have a separate claim to file.

        Attention former DMR employees–strike while the iron is hot.

        Wake up people!!

        1. Anybody know of an attorney willing to take a LARGE group of plaintiffs and finally get justice ??

          1. LOL. If it involves an EEO suit against a government agency and you have a sack full of plaintiffs, they will be lining the sidewalks.

            If your looking for a Lawyer to fight against a government agency, I would recommend looking for one out of state. One outside the Bible Belt.

  3. Good luck Ms. Coleman. You have a rough road ahead of you. The entire state Republican regime will band together and make you a liar. They do not want justice. They only want to sweep the dirt under the rug. Look what has happened before hand.

  4. Dear Ms. Coleman, Mr. Grant, and Ms. Doucet,

    I applaud you. Hopefully your struggles will not go unnoticed, they have not gone unheard. You have support and other crusaders that are fighting the same battle, struggling, and reliving the humiliations suffered at the hands of MDMR, and those powers that be. As the days, weeks, months, and years go on you will see more and more cases like yours pop up. I’m praying for you and everyone involved. Thank you for being strong, standing up for what is right, and willing to endure this. Bless you.

    Beware of the people you hurt today, for they maybe the ones you need tomorrow.

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