18 thoughts on “Bay St Louis Update: Counterfeit Currency Popping Up in the City”

  1. My dad had a saying he used from time to time. The saying “queer as a three dollar bill” is consider to be a homophobic slur these days but he would say this to mean odd or unusual.I find this to be a perfect depiction of the situation in Bay St.Louis based on the odd and unusual actions of the Mayor,ex-city attorney and the city council which never seems to end. Maybe some day over the rainbow….

  2. This Saturday will turn out to be a legal defense fund raiser for Les. Poor unsuspecting donors will be taken advantage of. I will retract this if it does not evolve into this. Too much douschebagery, smoke and mirrors, shenanigans, contempt of municipal law and guidance from a criminal attorney. The old I did it can you prove it is over. Everyone in town knows the Top Cop in the county is not on their Quid Pro Quo agenda. They are enemies of the state and it is gaining traction! THE LAW IS NOT MERELY A SUGGESTION! It is there to protect us from them! Take em off the play ground!

  3. In the state of MS can the funds from a Political Fundraiser be used for Personal or Attorney Fees if not directly associated with the campaign?
    What are the rules on this?

  4. Outraged,
    Are you saying the Old Town Merchants will be donating to the Mayor’s campaign?
    These are the people who wanted the taxpayers to fund the Trolley for their financial benefit.
    Good luck there!

    1. I am not really sure if the Merchants will donate or not. I am only questioning if he has a political fundraiser, can he use the money raised to pay for personal needs? Attorney, or whatever? Or does the money in his campaign fund have to be used directly for his campaign expenses? Maybe someone should get a copy of his campaign report and see where he spends his dollars..

      On another subject, not related to Les, what happened with the BWSD? I heard the superintendent resigned?

    2. I was only questioning on what a candidate can or can not do with the funds raised in a campaign fundraiser. Is it legal to use any of these funds for personal reasons.

      On another note, I heard the superintendent for BWSD resigned?

  5. Outraged I just read your comment & had to giggle. It doesn’t matter what campaign finance rules may be, trust me, they don’t apply to Les.

  6. CC,
    I was trying to put my response to words. You nailed it.

    It is my understanding there is a melt down in the Main Street Casanova’s cartel. They are at the desperation point. I hear Raff is using his non-contracted status to sign up clients at City Hall. Les is giving him full access. This can’t be good maybe even illegal. Obstruction of Justice for the public? He may need to get his own counsel?????

  7. Lets see who shows up to drink the unicorn milk “KOOLAID” Hope to see you…At the protest… Van needs more input!!!

  8. So Rafferty is soliciting clients at City hall. Does this mean there is some illegal activity on the part of the employees ????? And Les is suggesting they hire Donald to defend them.. They must definitely know something we don’t if they are that scared and have to hire an attorney.

    1. I’m pretty sure his prior representation of the City would preclude him from representing the perpetrators the City Council has identified in the DoJ mess. It’s a DQ motion waiting to happen if he tries.

  9. I just saw the Les Mobil with a jail handcuffs n the whole 9 yards heading to the legal defense fund raiser!

  10. The police arrived at Les’s house shortly after the Les Mobile was spotted on His Assholinesses Street. Lil Les Daddy Said tried to impede them as Moma Les ran down the street in a hysterical and manic state. I guess they thought they were were Queen n King turd on crap island. She is like a dog, what was she going to do when she caught him? Apparently she thought it was illegal to express opinion against her hubby. Hahaha they are dilusional and desperate. That vehicle should have called the Pinocchio Express!

  11. No. He was trying to use his authority to intimidate mr. Harding again. But I do not think the local authorities will bite into his BS again. Especially, without Mr. Raff leading the charge. Just more of the same ole cry baby stuff!

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