Slabbed Introduces the newest addition to the DMR Fleet: Ain’t she a beaut!!

With the tip of the hat to our tipster I’d like to share with everyone the boat DMR Executive Director Jamie Miller authorized for use in the snapper sampling program per Slabbed New Media’s source, who is been granted anonymity as they are not authorized to publicly discuss such matters. The next step was to issue the call for pictures:

It is the boat true, die-hard fishermen dream of. The boat that has but one reason to exist: to help you catch the kind of fish that win tournaments – plain and simple.

And with a bigger tip of the hat to a photographer who answered the call and was able to sneak a pic:

Photo of MS DMR’s newest boat, a 39 foot Contender courtesy of a reader.

At a time when MDH has had to shutter numerous County Health Clinics such as the one in Biloxi and MDMH having to close its only substance abuse treatment center in the state due to budget cuts, the contrast with DMR having enough money to burn on a top-end boat to ply the near shore state waters sampling Red Snapper is stark.

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  1. All State owned inventory items (equipment and capital) are supposed to be marked plainly for the public to see with State decals and emblems. They are also supposed to be stored on State property. My questions are: (1) Is this boat properly marked according to the State Auditor’s office regulations? How about it Mr. Pickering? What are the guidelines on this piece of equipment? and (2) Where is the shed located that this boat is being stored? The only two options would be either the “staging area” located on the Seaway where questionable “meetings and greetings” take place or at the fish hatchery located in Lyman that is being used for a helicopter landing pad for the big wigs (among other things). How about this Philly and Puhl-a$$-o. Been flying old [email protected]$$ down for any fun times out there? Maybe someone needs to be watching that area Doug. Plenty of photos available. By the way Puhl-a$$-o, please stop wasting my tax dollars sending out propaganda mail from your office that is full of dreams of things that you supposedly accomplished to my address. Everyone knows your list of accomplishments for the Taxpayers is very short, like many other of your ideas and attributes. Only in your mind would I, or any Taxpayer with an ounce of common sense, ever vote for you or your kind. Your time as a Public Servant has not impressed me even a little bit.

    1. The boat is being kept at the DMR staging area off Seaway Road. Very insightful comments Charlene.

      1. Oh, I’m sorry Doug….I see what you are talking about now. I misused “Public Servant” and confused it with “someone who doesn’t give a s*it”. My mistake.

      2. It is my opinion that whoever was responsible for purchasing this monstrosity with OUR TAXPAYER $$ should get double the time at a Federal School on how to become a bigger thug. Walker was never this blatant. Do these people think they are Gods?? Or invisible??? This needs to be picked up in the Jackson newspapers Doug. Maybe Mr. Pickering will get off of his duff and investigate what is going on under his watch. Anyone at the DMR need a long vacation??? Lots of buds to keep you company at the old Federal meet and greet.
        I can say this for certain. The old guard Republican Statesmen are repulsed and sick of what is going on in this State. This is NOT their way or wishes. But yet, they sit back and keep their mouths shut and will not police their own; so, they too must be held accountable.

      1. Does that range include what looks to be in the neighborhood of 1000 HP hanging off the @$$ end?

        Time to look for some bid docs. Or maybe it was bought with petty cash?

        1. True enough. A similar Mako priced out to about $350,000 without the power plant. I priced a decked out 39 foot Mako at close to $500,000. Could be the rumored price does not include the power plant, which if RFP is correct would bump the total to $400,000 to $450,000.

          1. Can’t identify what they have from the picture above, but I can’t imagine anything less than 300 HP x 3. It could be a lot more. When someone else is buying the fuel 1 mpg at cruise is no big thang.

            1. 3×350 mercury if I’m not mistaken. The only way this boat was 350k would be the state contract price. Motors on contract cost considerably less than what it would be to a normal consumer. Sometimes almost half

              1. I thought about the state contract and though it is very extensive I can’t image a Contender Open Fisherman boat would be on it but stranger things have happened.

            2. rfp – this boat belongs to the Public. It is located just south of the Lorraine Road bridge on the seaway at the staging area in Gulfport. There is no reason why any Taxpayer could not view this boat if they wanted to. Go for a visit and see what the results are. Where, oh where is our reporter Anita Lee???

        1. Post,

          That would be full blown MSRP plus one hell of a mark up.

          If that is the standard government rate I would not be surprised. But, who was the seller of this boat? Did the seller pad the price because they knew the DMR would buy it anyway because they are state government? Hmmmmm?

          BTW–they look like Mercury outboards. Pure junk.

            1. I am not sure which is “best” but I can tell you that everyone that I have known to own a Mercury including my own family members are always fixing and repairing them. Anything from common parts to blown motors. It’s like anything goes and nothing should be surprising. Under warrantee or not.

              If I were to buy a boat motor I would probably choose a Yamaha 4-stroke or an Evinrude 2-stroke depending on needs and performance desires.

  2. Thanks for pulling the curtain back and giving us a peek of our tax dollars hard at work, Doug et al.

    Must be nice to spend the public’s money likes it’s your own personal slush fund and think nobody will notice. But then again, the current DMR administration is short on memory and long on political cover. #ballsy #fishingfun #pigsatthetrough

    1. What about Blow Hard – that fits well with the management and one of the Commissioners there imo.

  3. Seriously folks the DMR gotts to have dat speed to gets to :

    da’ premier red snapper season fishing grounds…….

    da’ Tampon Rodeo in Grand Isle and its annual outdoor gynecological exams……..

    and done gets back to staging area before anyone knows Miss Crony bees missing……. wink,wink

    1. You have a great idea there Lock!!! We shall have to watch when the boat is out of storage and then send in recon to get photos!!! The eyes of Slabbed are upon them now. Cooperating employees beware!!
      Why are the employees at that Agency going along with captaining this vessel for the politicos? They all know it is illegal. Yet, they are putting themselves in the same status as the trough hogs. This makes them equivalent to the grafters. Maybe the entire office is crooked to the core, or else, they are afraid of a certain Commissioner. I am told that one of the Commissioners in particular, is getting ready to be outed for the ALL of the lies and backstabbing against several employees that he did, along with other things. He forgot where he came from and sold his long time friends out to [email protected]$$, Philly, and Puhl-a$$-o for the love of money, power, and greed. He will soon be slithering back from whence he came also – to the bottom – that is if the bottom feeders will even have him. That is how the Point people roll, and that is how they deal with what USED TO BE their own. His good-time fishermen cronies that lied and swore for him are going under the boat too. He and Snotty Toddy can be reunited and be friends. I would encourage him to pray, but I really don’t think he knows God. Who do you go to when you need a permit to build a bulkhead? Or do you even need one if you know a Commissioner there?? Or Jamie?? People are watching and for the Seafood Giants’ sake, I hope all of the paperwork has been filed. I hope Senator Gollott, who is now the head of the DMR Senate committee, is paying attention to all of these goings on – including the expensive boat that was purchased with Taxpayers’ money when this State is pressed for cash!

  4. Wait a minute. I thought they just got a new Boston Whaler a few months ago for fishing those private secret reefs. Are they going to be using all sport fishing boats now instead of the typical work type patrol boat?

  5. SMH…..and the patrol guys were expected to patrol the entire area with an outdated 17ft. Key West!

    1. Bingo Fishbait. Perfect comparison.

      Of course, based on my opinion of the new calculations for government watercraft, any new law inforcement patrol boat for the DMR should be capable of reaching 60kts or at least be equipped with the maximum HP allowed by law.

  6. If this boat is actually used for sampling in state waters, it’s way too much boat. I am not sure of the true purpose of what this boat is on paper, but it seems like they could have used a 20-22 foot center console with a single motor setup.

    By the way. How much snapper are in state waters? It seems when snapper season opens, everyone goes to the federal waters.

    1. DMR Fisheries already has a fairly new 24 or so foot center console Nautic Star that is sitting in the compound on Bayview ave with Twin Yamahas on it. There’s no need for anything bigger than that for our area. That boat will easily get them 50-60 miles offshore

  7. Who will be the “official” operator of the Boat? Is there one man in charge to oversee this and run this boat? Or will any DMR employee have use of it?
    What would you calculate the cost of the Boat per trip to see the snapper, and the amount of days of snapper season,,,, 450K divided by how many days a year? Fuel, insurance, upkeep…….Was this a necessary expenditure right now.

  8. At a time when the state of Mississippi is cutting services to the citizens and operating with a projected tax revenue shortfall of over $206,000,000 we have a state agency spending on artwork,new furnishings and now a $400,000+ sports fishing boat that serves no purpose other than taking friends,family,politicians and consultants out for a day of seafood sampling.This is outrageous.Even if BP money was used to make this purchase it is still wrong by every measurement. The leadership at the Ms.DMR must be called out and then changed like a dirty diaper that is full of the same type of byproduct that is found on the 6th floor. All must dig into the activities of this group of don’t give a damn what the people think hoods until this type of activity is on the desk of the governor or somebody who has the authority and ability to take out the lying cheating trash by a firing or an indictment.

  9. Until voters stop voting for these dirty wannabe republicans, the people of the Coast will continue to have to watch their money being wasted. We are not only having to fight cronyism and money grubbing locally, but also from Jackson and the Federal level. It has been sad for our State for a long time with [email protected]$$ at the helm, and the people who COULD do something about it are just turning their heads or joining in with the cons; aiding and abetting them in my opinion. But they WILL have to answer to their maker.

      1. You miss my point, Dumped On. “Wannabe Republicans” are not the real republicans. The real Republicans don’t want them either.

  10. If MDMR is supposed to be protecting the marine environment, don’t they need an armored vehicle like the police are getting themselves. This seems very thin-skinned, and I see no weapon hard points.

  11. Batsignal:

    ” Boat has but one reason to exist : to help you catch the kind of fish that win tournaments-plain and simple” sayth da’ Caped Crusader.

    ABSOLUTELY and until the DMR’s ” Joker” removes its six large fishing reel/rod holders on posterior edge of console top with its accompanying outriggers it has to be assumed this boat will simply not be used to only collect water specimens, tagging operations and/or assessing local fish/shrimp/crab populations……

    Incidentally,the apparent winner of this year’s 2016 Orange Beach Rodeo with a winning 771 lb. Blue Marlin was late getting back to weighing station and was disqualified.

    Da’ “Joker” will never be late for weigh in unless there is a birthday bash or illegal snapper haul scheduled……

  12. Yes $350-400K is the number…Note it is the newest model, as Contender just introduced the stepped hull last year. I’m going to ask when the State owned ID will be attached!!!! My vote is for “SNAP THIS”

  13. RFP commented: See Harrison County for the DMR restitution status report.
    The annual report from the Ms.Auditor’s office that RFP attached shows how much restitution the last DMR boss and boss Jr. have repaid to the state for their illegal activities. Of course Bill and Scott Walker spin this a different way.They claim that the original demand letter from Pickering was for a total of $1,074,519.97.A new formal demand letter was issued by Pickering for $362,689.14 on November 7,2013. The Walkers claim that they have already repaid over $700,000 based on the difference between the first and second demands.Of course most remember the shell game played with the 2 30 year old boats that were donated to Bill Walker’s nonprofit foundation.Over $970,000 in public funds were spent to retrofit and equip these 2 worn out hulls..They both eventually sold at auction for $126,114.05. My point in reminding everybody of the last DMR’s thievery is that the new DMR boss may actually have been smart to just buy a new pleasure craft for $400,000 instead of fooling around with worn out boats like the past DMR Chief Thief did. Could this mean that the public just may have saved over $500,000!!! Will the leadership, who currently occupy the newly furnished art gallery on the 6th floor, try to spin this one as a taxpayer savings based on the actions of the last administration? You be the judge.

  14. It will burn a miserly 45 to 50 Gal Hour! Hey but who is counting on the full faith and credit of the tax payer!

  15. This boat is used for the NIFWI program from NOAA. The boat will carry at least 5 hydraulic snapper long-line fishing poles. The snapper sampled will be supplied to NOAA, but a total of no less than 100 Red Snapper per trip will be shared among DMR employees. One the days when the sampling is not done, the boat will most likely be used to take “important people” fishing…

    1. Correct, part of the BP settlement. If this is any indication how the State will spend the BP settlement money then the coast is truly screwed.

      1. This type of vessel, for what they need is not recommended. It qualifies as a yacht. Extremely high maintenance and diminishes in value at the speed of light.

        They need a durable and efficient vessel to serve them and the public well. It should be constructed out a durable material like aluminum and be powered sufficiently to accomplish the task in a safe manner. Time is not of the essence for what they do. Cost and durability is.

        The scientific end of their job does not need high powered vessels. There is no immediate need in minutes to do what they are doing.

        The law enforcement and safety responsible side of the DMR needs durable and fast response to apprehend unlawful boaters and for Safety of Life at Sea.

        This may sound corny to many but it is a fact not an opinion.

        1. The fast depreciation is an added bonus. In a few years they can surplus it and sell it cheap a crony. That is the system we live in.

  16. History repeats itself. This boat should be named the “David Harris” in honor of the deceased scamster and recipient of 4.1 million dollars in CIAP funds, and he got to keep all the equipment inside the building and the marina bull! Not to mention the vessels improved with the $40,000 engines the auditor’s office somehow could not find even when the FBI gave them the serial numbers. Or maybe “Jail Bait”.

  17. Wow… that is one costly-looking Marine Resource that I have apparently paid for.

    DMR hasn’t learned a damn thing, have they? #TimeToCleanHouse

    1. They even bought the boat in Louisiana. Spent our tax dollars over there. I’m sure a local boat dealer would have loved to sell and outfit a boat with an open check book.

  18. If I’m not mistaken, I just last week saw this boat in Wiggins…It pulled out in front of me at the post office and headed on up Vardaman Street….

    The reasons it stood out to me was….It looked brand spankin new and was as shiny as could be….it was still dripping water out the back as if it had JUST been washed….must have been used nearby…Flint Creek maybe?, and who the heck could miss those 3 brand new 300’s off the back?

    I’m just wondering how they were sampling Red Snapper in Stone County???

  19. And again I ask – Where are our Legislators, State Auditor, Governor, Lt Governor, Atty General, CongressMAN, and Federal Partners who are supposed to be overseeing purchases such as these?? Why are they not addressing this travesty instead of sticking their heads in the sand and ignoring their constituents? I hope that the idiots who voted these worthless wonders into office remember this the next election. It is the only chance that Mississippi has.

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