Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: I’m Voting for Hillary…..Reluctantly

Published on Aug 2, 2016

She hasn’t made it easy for me. Her speaking style grates and she rarely is able to hold the full attention of an audience. Plus, her relationship with the truth is ambiguous at best.

Consequently, I’m definitely not for her in the same way I’ve been for Obama who, in my opinion, will go down in history as a top ten President. But, as between Hillary and Trump … please.

A couple of things have pushed me into her column.

She made a great pick for Vice President in former Governor and sitting Senator from Virginia Tim Kaine. Kaine balances Hillary the same way meat and potatoes Joe Biden balanced professorial Barack Obama. Both Biden and Kaine can go into a working-class bar and pick up some votes and both look like they could hold their own if a fight broke out. The good news is that Kaine is smarter than Joe and unlike Joe, he recognizes that all sentences must eventually come to an end.

She ran a good Convention and gave a solid acceptance speech. Not quite to the level of Michelle and Barack Obama, but workmanlike … consistent with who she is. Plus, she got the infinitely annoying and incompetent Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democratic National Committee Chair, to finally go away … far away. Continue Reading……

37 thoughts on “Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: I’m Voting for Hillary…..Reluctantly”

  1. Tom Terrific and the Mighty Manfred:

    I was wandering what you and your best friend have been up to and now I know you guys have been in deep mental constipation over your votes…

    Your rationale has me LMAO……..

    You will have a mental crisis very soon though when the Clinton Foundation emails get leaked and you will be forced to add ” Corruption” to your Hellary list of character traits.

    Oh, before I forget I missed on your list the four pinnochios awarded Hellery by the Washington Post after Hellary again lied in recent Chris Wallace interview about the emails denying everything Comey said before Congress.

    1. “Doctor” Dipshit,

      It’s “wondering” not “wandering” and don’t blame the iPad, knucklehead.

      Or should I call you Ashton?

      Methinks you are a sockpuppet.

      1. Abu boo boo:

        Me thinks boo boo you are a racist black who is OCD about personally putting me down because I present the TRUTH…..

        Speak some truths yourself if you can……

        Get a life and use what few neurons you have left and comment on something other then the spelling of words in my posts….anything….. you have First Amendment rights boo boo….

        1. “Doctor” Dickwad,

          It’s “other than”, not “other then” you moron. That’s the truth.

          Here’s another truth: you are a sockpuppet for Ashton O’Dwyer. Same writing style, same spelling and grammar mistakes, same penchant for using LOTS of all CAPS to MAKE SURE your ignorance is noticed. Same racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, xenophobic rantings and ravings.

          That “Doctorate” you claim can only be a J.D. You’re a lawyer, albeit disbarred and disgraced.

          And you love you some Ashton O’Dwyer, don’t you? Here’s what you wrote in a comment on nola.com on 12/22/2010 using the moniker “lockupthepiggies” (not very original):

          “Ashton O’Dwyer is a ONE MAN REVOLUTION!
          I applaud his courage & candor.
          He speaks the truth (unattractive as that may be at times).
          He is ANOTHER of the many victims against whom war was waged during the aftermath of Katrina. The NOPD was not the only agency who committed murder & abused citizens who were trying to survive.
          FEDS & BLACKHAWK Mercernaries should be held accountable for their crimes!

          Hopefully you’ve stocked up on your anti-depression meds because you’re gonna need em come November when your bubble bursts and a god-forsaken WOMAN is elected to follow a goddamn BLACK MUSLIM as POTUS.

          1. Abu BOO BOO:

            You are a sick OCD mongrel old dog but hope to meet you in person one day as for some reason you have a grudge against Ashton. Not good to have personal hatreds as it shortens yo’ life bro’.

            Cool down and do a march or two with Black Lives Matter and yo’ done bees a- HOLE lots happier.

          2. Please AB take your rude vulgar self somewhere else. Most at Slabbed enjoy the posts by Lock and Ashton even if we do not agree. They both have a long history here. Your childish diatribe is really getting on my nerves. I feel certain this is your desire. If I were the owner of Slabbed you would have been turned off and tuned out about 10 comments ago. I politely ask again please go back to the internet playground you abused before you found this blog.

            1. Biloxi Blues:

              Thanks BB.

              But poor OCD Abu Boo Boo thinks he is Sherlock Holmes/ Clarence Seward Darrow ( known for his publicized defenses of lost causes) , has done years of Slabbed post research and comments he has prima fasciae evidence that I and Ashton are one in the same. I don’t know about Ashton and sockpuppet but I’m ready to take my socks off and go to trial on Abu’s merits with Batman (i.e. he authors and looks great in his legal briefs) as my legal counsel.

              Both Trump and Abu Boo Boo need to go on OCD medication ASAP. He,he,he….

    2. Mr. Tight, Sir…

      Always good to hear from you. I think you are aware that I’m not an enthusiastic Hillary supporter for reasons that will become apparent later in the campaign and if she wins (which I rate a 78.7% likelihood).

      I was intending (but changed by mind) to add to the last piece a list of things that I considered reasonably possible in the next 60 days. They included: 1. Pence quits the ticket; 2. Trump quits the race; 3. A huge data dump comes out on Hillary that contains damaging but not fatal information.

      Trump’s “problem” is he can’t resist having fun. To him fun is feuding with people and going over the top. Reading a teleprompter about GDP numbers is a freaking bore. At his age, he doesn’t want to be
      bored, he wants to have fun and lose and say everything is rigged.

      The Clintons want to win. They can become billionaires and the most famous couple in American History.

      In a race between someone who wants to win and someone who wants to lose…my advice is bet on the
      one who wants to win.

      Remember, you heard it here.

      1. Tom:

        I think Trump really should get some medical intervention and be on some type of psychotropic med for his OCD of repeating himself. If he wins I will not really enjoy his repetitiveness but it would not be as bad as having to listen to Hellary fairy tales. Its the reason (receptiveness) Trump’s children turned out disciplined and successful but it must drive them crazy.

        If Trump wins and for some reason Pence would become President…. that would be fine with me…….. as long as the Globalists don’t get to him I would not mind seeing Pence as President.

        I’m anxious to see to whom the Unions pledge their support and if they truly believe Hellary when she says she will put an end to outsourcing by the One World Globalists.


    1. There’s an old saying that goes “people get the government they deserve.” Of course there are special circumstances and exceptions but there’s also a kernel of truth there.

      In the US, interest groups with passion, persistence and energy get there way. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. If they overreach and adversely impact the public welfare its incumbent on those adversely impacted to enter the public area and take them on in the multitude of ways available to them.

      Voting is only a baby step in the process. Look at the really successful interest groups…the Israel Lobby, the NRA, Planned Parenthood, the Teachers Union…they work their issues full time.

      Public officials are more followers than leaders. There’s another old saying that successful politicians tell each other “you don’t want to get so far in front of the parade that you can’t hear the music”.

      So, on the issues you’re passionate about find a few others that feel the same way and make some music! Once you become successful at it some will try to dismiss you as a “community organizer”.

      That’s their problem, not yours.

      1. Tom:


        What seems funny to me is out of the 100,000 Hellary e-mails recorded on her basement server during her service as Secretary of State (SOS) there were very few produced by Hellary which mention thr Clinton Foundation?

        Do you think those 33,000 e-mails which Hellary deleted (to the point that the FBI with all their expertise of finding deleted stuff even on computers in house fires could not resurrect) could just possibly have more to do with the Clinton Foundation quid pro quo payments/arrangements than to do with wedding plans, her grand baby,etc?

        The Demos probably will say …’well Hellary was so busy doing her job Bill was really running the Foundation’……hmmmm

        But remember her assistant ,Uma Weiner,was actually being paid by the private Clinton Foundation for her work for the Foundation while Uma was also being paid by the State Department.And Ms. Mills ,another Hellary assistant, was placed in charge of directing Clinton Foundation $$$$$ and hundreds of millions of US aid dollars to disaster relief in devastated Haiti.

        I’m pretty naive but I personally find it very strange that Uma was not communicating via e-mails with Hellery about the Foundation and vis versa especially when Hellary’s SOS activities with certain countries closely coincided with political leaders/business leaders of those same countries not only making $500,000- 750,000 payments for Bill Clinton speeches but additional millions in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

        And finally , the funniest thing/Trump bait I’ve ever heard Obama say was today when he warned Trump to keep his national security briefing facts secret (what about loose lipped Hellary on her e-mail server which was penetrated more times than the Washington Madam.)But Trump, unlike his past shark -like Twitter attacks when he sensed blood in the water, just swam by Obama’s bloody bait .

        There will be more bloody media bait thrown out every day but Trump ,if he wants to win ,must swim by and just hammer away at Hellary and Obama’s lies (Obamacare, Bengazhi, e-mails),past wreck less foreign policy, open borders to illegal aliens and unvetted refugees, economic policy and IRS/ DOJ scandals. Trump is a passionate and a fast learner and despite him not pandering and promising give -away programs to every self-interest group in the world , I predict it will be a photo finish.

        You heard it first here,


        1. Tight…

          I’ll take your first sentence (“Hmmm”) as a compliment. Thank you.

          You mentioned Benghazi. I will deal with that appropriately at the right time…September or
          October. At which time your “Hmmm” will become an “I see”.

          I stick by by 12 point assessment of each candidate. Hillary is a survivor. If she’s pushed into a corner and needs to lie to survive she will. Trump lies constantly. For him its like breathing.

          The key differences between the the two: Hillary is sane, hard working and focused; Trump is note of those.

          I’m glad Hillary has someone like Huma Abedin and Ms Mills (African American) and even a couple of Irishmen, Tim Kaine and Jake Sullivan around her. I think they’ll balance what she’ll be hearing from Haim Saban her biggest contributor by far who isn’t shy about telling anyone
          “I’m a one issue guy and Israel is my issue.”

          Peace be with you.

          1. Tom:

            I can see your concern about Haim from the article below. I see now why Haim’s Univision gave Trump so much trouble a few months ago as it was not just about the illegal alien problem but clearly the way for Hellery to rise to the top.

            Haim’s wife being on the Clinton Foundation, Haim’s control over even Hellery’s yelling speech presentations and the mega millions he is willing to give to put her and keep her in power just to have his way with her concerning Israel is rather scary.

            Stay tuned cause his name or that of his wife may pop up in the coming dump of Clinton Foundation e-mails by her adversary Mr. Assange who is getting tired of living in the basement of Ecuador’s embassy in London all the while seeing the Clintons on the verge of moving back into the beautiful, luxurious White House.

            If I were Assange I be calling Lloyds of London bout some high risk life insurance.



  2. Change is scary but is now necessary. Andrew Jackson faced the same set of circumstances. The establishment was challenged and he was considered not presidential. He is know as one of Americas greatest heroes and president. Hilliary n Obama don’t think so so they are replacing him on our currency with someone unknown and politically correct. Do we need more of this? I don’t think so.

    1. Andrew Jackson, slave owner and Indian killer, is one of America’s greatest heros? He was the worst president ever.

      1. That was the time period. He was a Great American Hero. You can look at him how you want. He was pivotal in establishing our sovereignty from England and directing American Expansion which leads to all we have today. Bernie is no longer running!

  3. Hillery has committed multiple crimes and could be POTUS ? Only in America.
    What about 1998 when her husband was Impeached? How could America forget that? What about all of his foolishness with women through the years and she stayed with him. What kind of a woman is she? Family, NO she just wanted to be the president all these years. Selfish and scary as the leader of America. How can she go into other countries and expect to be accepted when many of those leaders do not have respect for women?

    1. It’s a family affair. The link will take you to documents showing that Hillary’s brother, Hugh Rodham, was given $25+ million to lobby his brother-in-law in connection with the tobacco litigation. The whole report is worth reading, but to get to the part about Rodham look for the paragraphs on pages 6, 15 and 16 with the marks in the right margin.


  4. This election cycle is proving one thing for sure–
    The wealthy, powerful politicians own our country.
    This is the first time in 64 years that we have had a non politician seek the highest office.
    The last one was General Eisenhower in 1952.
    In these 64 years we have seen nothing but career politicians over and over again feathering their nests at our expense.
    Don’t know if Trump
    can pull it off, but the politicos have so many in their pocket, including the press, it is an uphill battle for sure.
    Problem is we also have so much debt and so little openness and honesty.
    We are “standing in the need of prayer” as the old spiritual goes!!

  5. To: “Dumped On”: As to Andrew Jackson’s being replaced on our currency by “someone unknown and politically correct”, it’s much worse than you think. Harriet Tubman was TREASONOUS. She conspired with abolitionist John Brown to raid the U.S. Arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, Va., knew all of the details about the raid, failed to report it, and actually planned to personally participate in the raid, but “wormed out of it” by feigning illness. That’s who is going to replace Jackson on our $10 dollar bill. I’ll never understand how Tubman escaped the hangman’s noose, which put Brown and several of his co-conspirators out of their misery. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. This is the direction of America. Trump is being persecuted for telling the insensitive truth and Hilliary is being revered for lying. Change is all I can say!

  6. Tom and Mighty Manfred:

    Breaking…….this is scary ……. Manfred yo’ better get into yo’ safe doghouse boy…. too scary for you……

    We are now witnessing what previously happened in Arkansas and Washington, D.C during the Clintons’ past political reins……. even BEFORE Hellery is elected…

    People, some quite young, who opposed Hellery/DNC recently are within a few days committing suicide, being murdered on the street without criminal motive and dropping dead at an unusual high rate……..I guess they are getting depressed over their legal rights to descent, over happily serving a class action suit and/speaking out before an investigation committee?……..

    One young data research guy, Rich, who was a Democratic staffer on his way the next day to the FBI office in Washington D.C. to testify was found with bruises over his dead body with no money or jewelry missing …

    Another young guy, Shawn Lucas, who happily served a class action fraud suit against the DNC for fraud against Bernie and his monetary supporters, was found dead in his bathroom?……..

    Who are these young healthy people ?…… read for yourself……


    Then only 30 days ago a big husky ex-UN officer ,John Ashe, whistleblower was found with a sissified, 80lb barbell over his throat…… a mafia message to stay silent…… just before he was scheduled to testify against the Clintons?….. Clinton Foundation?


    Is Assange next before he releases his next sure- fire, bombshell set of e-mails against Hellery?……. stay tuned…… you read it first on Slabbed


    1. Tight…

      It’s August. The President is in Martha’s Vineyard. Follow his example and take a couple of weeks off.

      I’m guessing you live not too far from New Orleans. Go on down to Antoine’s (when I heard it was one of Nixon’s favorites, that’s what I did). Have a couple of martinis (minimum of two) and the the Steak
      Marchand de Vin with a couple of glasses of a good Burgundy.

      Before the evening is over you will have a smile on your face, a bounce in your step and the exquisite workings of the Universe will become apparent to you.

      Peace be with you and all those you hold dear.


  7. Lockemuptight,
    Did I just read someone advise you to get drunk in order to
    experience the ” exquisite workings of the Universe!”
    From reading your posts, I am guessing you will settle for one Martini and some real solutions.

  8. Lana:

    Evidently with young men dying under weird circumstances woven into the Clinton spider web in one way or another, I’m being advised by Tom to take some time off ,travel to New Orleans to eat ,drink and be merry so I can better accept the “…working of the Universe.”

    Sounds like I’m being set up for a robbery and maybe bodily harm by the gang thugs who partrol the French Quarter…..

    No, come to think of it I’m enjoying my boring patriotic life of seeing Fox News chew up and spit out things like the hypocritical speech and post convention propaganda of Sharia proponent and Islamic extremist, Kahn.

    Tom, you know Kozy Kahn who did the Clintons taxes and who held up a copy of the Constitution purchased only hours before by a DNC staffer before his $$$$$ speech for which was paid $25,000 for his speech but over $100,000 for sticking around and going on MSM TV programs.

    After which Kozy Kahn said I want to get off this BS spinning merry-go-round, took down his NY Islamic immigration law website and freaking disappeared…….

    And Tom if I’m drunk I could have missed the Famous Letter of Fifty composed of kiss ass men of the Bushes and/or Obama….. who have messed up the Middle East since the early 90’s.

    And how about the Bushes/Romney establishment recently and secretly putting up their Mormon,moron ex-CIA candidate for President of America in Utah (i.e the strong state of Mormon Romney) to deprive Trump of a few electoral votes…..the workaholic Mormons are too smart for such BS corruption and they will just vote more in favor of Trump……

    Finally,then there is Kassich of the key state of Ohio who evidently is still on the Bushes/Romney/ GOP establishment payroll and refuses to budge in endorsing Trump…..

    No Tom, I’m happy staying home, sober and alert to the TRUTH as to the lengths the Bushes, establishment GOP and the Demos will go to derail Trump’s attempt to return America to the pre- lobbyist dominated time where corporate whore Globalists were few and far between.


    1. Mr. Tight, Sir…

      “boring…life” Au contraire! I think your energy speaks for itself.

      I think there is a time for great intellectual exertion and there is a time for reflection. Doesn’t the Good Book (not the Art of the Deal) suggest as much?

      As I mentioned to you before, this race is between a candidate who is trying to win and a candidate who is trying to lose. If things stay as they are, each will get their way.


  9. Tom:

    ‘….this is a race between a candidate who wants to win and a candidate who wants to lose..’- there is some truth to that Tom but……

    In reality this race is better described as a war between the “D.C. Establishment” (i.e.both Donkeys avoiding PIN THE TAIL game and big fat Elephants sucking the FREE oxygen out the room) and the “PEOPLE” sick of D.C. government lies and PC speaking heads…….

    As Trump says ‘….. i’m just the messenger for the people….. and I can tell you the people (i.e. people like you and I who neither love or hate the police but definitely don’t want them shot) want the Establishment GONE……

    If we don’t get rid of all the Establishment then at least get rid of the Clinton Cash Family and the Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family….

    I was never a fan of the elite Kennedys but JFK, Jr exactly on his 3 yr old birthday saluting his dead father passing by is heartbreaking to see even 50 years later…..

    JFK,Jr was on the verge of announcing running for NY senator in July of 1999( against Hellery) and he had just received hard evidence to put Bush 41′ away for his father’s assassination(that’s why he named/ encoded his magazine “George” as he was determined to finally expose the TRUTH and incarcerate the man who was in the CIA in 1963 and mentioned in a memo memorialized by Hoover as THE PERSON in charge of the anti-Kennedy Cubans). You and Manfred need to read on the internet who had the motive to kill JFK,Jr on the eve of announcing his political career and how he was going to use his magazine to expose Bush 41′ for his crimes against JFK and potentially even Reagan’s attempted assassination in 1981 so he could assume the Presidency.

    Despite JFK,Jr being only ten miles out from airport and being tracked in by radar after JFK Jr. reported into airport the rescue teams failed to start looking where his last reported radar position was until 15 hours after the crash. And the U.S . Airforce and Pentagon strangely became the appointed talking heads and could not answer the press as to why ALL the research teams started first looking in ALL THE WRONG PLACES. There were reports of a flight instructor in the passenger seat up front(JFK had just gotten a cast off his leg) and instructor’s name should have been in the compulsory FLIGHT LOG….. except the NTSB report on the crash said the passenger seat was missing, the Flight Log in JFK’s blue flight bag was missing and even the battery was missing from the flight deck recorder.

    The reported hazy night, his wife being late and JFK not being a top notch pilot were the false talking points as in TRUTH visibility was 8 miles, JFK was an excellent pilot and always flew with fight instructors especially since it was fact JFK was on the phone for 45 minutes before takeoff finding an instructor as he had a weak leg and his new bride/ bride’s sister were on the plane with him.

    As Democrats you and Manfred should read “Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family” and maybe you will come to the conclusion that Hellery will never get rid of the Bushes ( VP Bush 41’ ran and Bill Clinton had knowledge of the cocaine/ Iran contra flights out of Mena, Ark.) much less the D.C. Establishment and Trump is our only hope, if he in fact lives long enough!


  10. Tom, Tom ……calling Tom Callaghan:

    Oh Tom , do you know what the definition of treasonous hypocrisy is ?

    Well here it is …..

    For the past couple of weeks the DNC has cried out, alleged and accused the Russians of hacking into their files and of course , naturally to benefit guess what Presidential candidate?

    It is now fact that after the Great Reset Button BS your hero President appointed SOS Clinton to arrange for an exchange of technology from the Silicon Valley with Russia ( namely CISCO who invested ONE BILLION dollars in a Russian complex of high tech buildings and tech capabilities at the same time Russia made millions in contributions to guess what speech giver and Foundation?)Then naturally Facebook and Goggle , both of which are now using their logarithms to tilt web comments and info in favor of Hellery’s campaign, followed suit with their individual Russian technology exchanges.

    Then in 2014 the FBI and national security institutions investigated and put a stop to such shared technology for fear the Russians could use such technology to do espionage against the US( which explains the DNC hack job, if true).

    So here is just another reason to vote Trump and stop this treasonous crony capitalism ( of course Uranium One is Hellery ‘s most treasonous act by selling 20% of the US ‘s raw uranium stock to a Canadian company which has board members from Russia, all again for millions of donated money to the Clinton Foundation and hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches by your hoped for future First Gentleman, The Greatest Presidential Philanderer of All Time , William Jefferson ClInton.

    You have no choice ,if you are still an American and not a communist sympathizer , but to vote for the other choice, Donald J. Trump.How many more Clinton Foundation / Hellery emails have to be produced/exposed to prove to you Hellery has sold her soul for $$$$$$ even from US ‘s international enemies?


    1. Breaking News…..

      The sister of the Milwaukee felon who was killed after defiantly waving his weapon at the police has stated to the rioters ‘ …… Don’t burn the sh*t down where you live but to burn down the sh*t down in the suburbs’…..”

      Ok , I know Batman is ready and I know a lot of others are also ready for the Afros to come out to the suburbs to burn and plunder.And such a suicide attempt would only last one or two nights at most cause we will not wait for their weapons to be waved and we won’t be calling 911 to rush them to our trauma centers to be saved when dere mammies always say ‘….dat he be a good boy who done bees on his way to college to be a neurosurgeon …..’

      It’s time this Democratic and leftist media Afro cuddling crap stop…….

      All lives matter and if they don’t like that then they will meet their genocide through their own defiance of law and order…. AMEN.

      PEACE to you Tom and Manfred and hope you all have your weapons and canine teeth ready for the coming civil war if Hellery tries to take our Second Amendment rights away…

  11. Breaking News………

    Calling Tom Callaghan ….come in….. got some news and video for you and Hellery to watch……..


    Seems like some Afro-American citizens in Baton Rouge are seeing through BLM, George Soros, Obama and Clinton…?

    And Tom did you hear what your “reluctant” candidate Hellery, with hundreds of millions in her Clinton Global Foundation, said, ‘I don’t want to cause a disturbance in BR right now but encourage the nation to give to the Red Cross for Louisiana relief’

    Hellery, you so generous with yo’ mouth but not so much wit yo’ Foundation funds, huh?… and Oh ,by the way, I would suggest you and Obamanation don’t go to La. cause you will greatly ‘disturb’ Louisiana people who don’t like BS lyin’ liberals and may throw some of their rotten frozen shrimp at yall.


    1. I hate to beat a dead hag horse (Hellery) but……..

      She has not done a press conference in 272 days….she has not put forth any specific platform plans to do anything positive…… goes on national late night TV and arrogantly jokes about her criminal/erased e-mails, scandal with Cliton Global Foundation and lying to Congress under oath that she turned over all State Dept. e-mails and suddenly just the other day up pops another 15,000…

      all the while Slick Willy has called FBI Comey’s statements about Hellery’s e-mails “Bullsh*t”…..half of Washington,DC politicos are on the Cliton Foundation lobby payola train…… and Hellery is quiet as a mouse after the NYTimes editorial page recently demanded all the Clitons abandon the Cliton Global Foundation ship……and dogpaddle with all their unethical limbs for the closest ethical shore….wherever that may be.

      And since there have been no Wednesday War posts in a while I regretfully fear Tom “Terrific” Callaghan, who claimed he is a reluctant voter for Hellery, has slit his wrists in his bathtub watching “Cliton Cash” on One America News, bled out and poor faithful Mighty Manfred may be all alone and thinking he may have to cannibalize his lifeless master…..


  12. Holy MSM’s Incestuous Intermarriages with Obama’s Appointed/Anointed Ones, Batman:

    Susan “It was the Video…” Rice , once upon a time the lyin’ mouthpiece of Obama, serving as his whore National Security Advisor is married to ABC News Executive Director, Ian Cameron for starters.

    This and more incestuous information, clearly explaining why the MSM was/is in the back pocket of Obama and purse of Hellery , is all over the Internet, that is if you don’t Goggle it – in which case “it aint dere nomore”.


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