Meet Mississippi Republican Party Executive Committee Member Heather Fox: Axe Woman

Here you go folks, ever wonder where some of the kookier notions in the Mississippi GOP emanates? We need look no further than up Desoto County way:

The headlines over the past two days have been very kind to us. Anyone else remember Shane Guidry? The family name goes way far back on Slabbed:

Here is what we know now based on the fallout. Both the Sheriff and others acknowledge speaking with the IRS and other investigators about the company partly owned by Sheriff Noodles but none of them claim to be targets of any investigation:

Something is screwy in St Louie folks and I don’t think it is Gordon Russell over at the Advocate. It will be interesting to see what else comes from this story line as everyone is lawyered up with some of the finest criminal legal defense talent money can buy including former AUSA Mike Magner. Methinks Vitty has to be involved in some way. Speaking of Magner and another all star driminal defense team, they are tearing it up on the Uptown Plastic Surgeon case:

Nothing better than a nasty divorce turning into a rape case when it comes to scorched earth type revenge. Moving right along it is nice to see former Jefferson Parish public official Heather Hilliard is doing well up in Western PA:

Finally the Chicken Hawks are out in full force running down an entire religion as Muslim blood spilled defending freedom is evidently not good enough for some here in these whacky modern day United States. Those that actually served and sacrificed feel a bit differently at the latest outrage served up by the party of hate in Mr. Trump’s GOP but still ultimately claim Trump as one of their own:

What turns me off so much about today’s Republican Party is they aren’t for anything, rather they are defined by what they are against in the Poor, Gays, Hispanics, an entire religion in Islam which in reality is no more or less violent than Christianity etc etc etc. A party of angry old white people has no chance at winning the Presidency in today’s day and age. Even worse. its beginning to look more and more like it will be a full out rout this November with the GOP likely to lose the Senate as Trump crashes and burns.  Merrick Garland will be the least of the GOPs problems should that happen.

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      1. You may have a few more opportunities to post on the latest Jeff Parish investigation. I’m not thinking that investigation is after small fish.

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