Monday Omnibus: Bare Naked Potential First Lady and more!

Few Presidential Candidates have done themselves the amount of self inflicted damage that Donald Trump did his campaign over the weekend when he decided to run down the Parents of a child that made the ultimate sacrifice that spoke out at the Democrat National Convention against Trump and his Xenophobic world view. While Slabbed is very sympathetic with the plight of those that have been economically displaced by the Globalization of the world’s economy, we’ve never been much on scapegoating Mexican ditch diggers or an entire religion in the Islamic faith. The GOP in particular has been peddling this particular brand of ignorance since around the time Obama was elected and it has come home to roost in spades with their presidential candidate that looks more and more like he’ll be trounced in November by a highly flawed and almost equally crooked Democrat.

Being raised in a Marine Corp family my only observation is that Bill Murray had it nailed in Stripes, because as a whole Marines are Mutts aka (Americans with a “Capital A”). Culturally my own Daddy could not have been more different than his best friend from the Corps but when men go into battle together special bonds forms that do not break based on race or creed. This is what Trump, who was born with a silver foot in his mouth, fails to get because when you disrespect the parents of a child who gave the ultimate sacrifice, your disrespecting every parent whose children made the ultimate sacrifice to secure Donald Trumps ability to eat Lobster at the Waldorf in relative peace:

But in the interest of being equal opportunity Hillary Clinton will certainly continue to waste American lives in the middle eastern quagmire which we are stuck which probably explains the following from the Airforce Times:

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