MDOC scandal indictment rumors swirling around the state

Feds Bust Reddix in Chris Epps scandal – Jackson Jambalaya

Every aspect of Mississippi’s prison system was turned into a profit center by Former MDOC head Chris Epps and a bevy of corrupt politicians across the state.

I am hearing some of the indictments the Feds have promised Judge Wingate up in Jackson related to the Epps investigation that are due to be unsealed by next Monday includes some that will be unveiled in Gulfport. Indictment rumors, even those supported by a substantial amount of facts can still be unreliable so I’ll also add there could be some confusion between Epps related indictments and another, more coast centric investigation rollout such as the one involving the newly constructed Jackson County jail.

For additional background on either topic and the related speculation please see Why Hancock and Jackson County newsers should have their eye on the recent MDOC Scandal guilty plea in particular and in general the tag related to Health Assurance LLC, the Health Care Company owned by Dr. Reddix that managed to snag the local jailhouse contracts in all three coastal counties with the late Harrison County Supervisor William Martin committing suicide rather than face the justice system related to his role taking bribes from Reddix.

If the coming Epps indictments have coastal connections as rumored, I can easily think of a couple of former elected officials in both Hancock and Jackson Counties that may have received target letters. If the indictments are Jackson County jail related, speculation centers both on a certain contractor and certain former elected officials.

As Monday draws closer the chatter is certain to gain more specificity if the rumored coastal connection to the coming Epps related indictments are accurate.

Chicken or Egg? Part of the causation chain regardless.

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … until you climb into his skin and walk around in it. ~ Fictional Lawyer Atticus Finch

I’ve began to notice a disturbing trend in how the recent police shootings are being portrayed in the overall media and it goes something like this:

1. A Black Man is killed by police for no apparent good reason.
2. The Dead black man is immediately vilified in the media, including having prior criminal record published.
3. People divide up into two camps, those that will back the police no matter what and those that want to see systemic change.
4. Bikering starts, no one bothers to ask very basic questions because the bickering becomes the news.
5. Little changes except for the victim’s family and we return to step 1.

Now the ante is upped because unstable individuals are taking matters into their own hands and retaliating against the police and good cops are dying. Tensions are certain to rise even further.

Yesterday I asked myself a basic question. What did the 3 Law Enforcement Officers in Baton Rouge die for? I asked myself that question, not in a broad sense but specifically what got these guys killed? Louisiana State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson disclosed it: Continue reading “Chicken or Egg? Part of the causation chain regardless.”

Gone to Hell in a Handbasket….

I have many thoughts on recent events.

One of them is from a longer term view things have not been this batshit crazy since 1968 or so. I figure its likely worse today.

The USA is the undisputed world champ at locking people up in jail. China, Russia and other places aren’t even close to our rate of incarceration. Locking people up clearly isn’t the answer. I figure its part of the problem.

This isn’t a liberal or conservative thing but sadly there will be individuals, completely devoid of any semblance of morality, that will exploit these events to further divide the nation.

Is it time to buy an Sig MCX and stockpile ammo and food or is there a better way for everyone? At a time when the Nation needs leaders, will On the Take or her opponent On the Take use the chaos as a profit center? It may be time to buy the Sig.

Just a few of my thoughts on the recent horrific chain of events.

So that the working environment in the Executive Suite is Serene, Artwork is needed

$30,000 worth according to lore and the chirpin’ birdie. First up a couple of paintings hanging on the wall up on 6.

Pictures Courtesy of An Anonymous Reader
Pictures Courtesy of An Anonymous Reader

Next up a closer look:

Pictures Courtesy of An Anonymous Reader
Pictures Courtesy of An Anonymous Reader

Last night’s Bay St Louis Council Meeting Saw both Fur and Mookie Stinks Fly. Slabbed adds James Carville to the fun.

Those of you that followed the Slabbed Twitter feed last night were treated to some fireworks as I live blogged the City Council meeting. Outgoing City Attorney / Harrison County resident Donald Rafferty had a bit of a meltdown over the residency requirement now in effect for the City Attorney position as he repeatedly clashed with the City Council on Mayor Fillingame’s behalf. I thought Mayor Fillingame and Mr. Rafferty stooped particularly low when the newly enacted SB2587 and its applicability to Bay St Louis’ perpetually interim Chief Building Official Charles Oliver was discussed when both accused the Council of conducting a personal vendetta against Oliver, who has never been able to pass the basic test to gain certification as a Municipal Building Official.

More interesting to me was Mr. Rafferty terming the new state law a “knee jerk reaction” while essentially advising the Council to ignore it for now. Mr. Rafferty and the Mayor couched the new law as ambiguous predicting the Attorney General will interpret it in such a way as to make it effectively meaningless. What is clear is the intent of the law is to stop Mayors in Mayor-Council forms of government from placing their unqualified political cronies in crucial positions such as Police Chief, Fire Chief, Chief Building Official on a perpetually interim basis and stems from an epic battle between Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree and the Hattiesburg City Council which Mayor Dupree lost.1

But as the Council went over how Oliver was hired into the position for which he is not qualified, replacing a highly qualified individual, there was an attempt to revise history by the Mayor, who steadfastly denied last night that he fired Oliver’s certificated predecessor so we need to start with Hizzoner’s favorite media outlet, WLOX and his main man Al Showers, who was MIA last night. As per normal Mayor Fillingame couched the maneuver in terms of cost savings:

The mayor estimates the cuts will save the city between $150,000 and $160,000 a year in salaries and benefits. There are now five employees left in the building department: three inspectors and two clerical workers.

“The majority of the activity in Bay St. Louis is residential construction. And the staffing that remains can very adequately handle all of the residential side of the construction process.”

Building Official Ronald Jones was the second highest paid employee in the city, with a $65,000 salary. Only the mayor made more, at $80,000 a year.

Charles Oliver, the man who oversees residential construction projects for the city, has been named the city’s interim Building Official.

As for whether or not Fillingame fired Oliver’s predecessor Ronald Jones the Seacoast Echo was pretty clear on that when the event occurred: Continue reading “Last night’s Bay St Louis Council Meeting Saw both Fur and Mookie Stinks Fly. Slabbed adds James Carville to the fun.”