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Too big to fail, too big to jail and the revolving door from Wall Street to the Office of Attorney General and back to Wall Street. Folks, your Grandpa’s Democrats wouldn’t recognize the new ones or if he did he’d swear they are Republicans. Below is a must read.

Slabbed was and remains an early innovator on this topic:

Thank God for Arizona Part 3: Blaming the surge in drug violence on the Mexicans. God damn the pusher man (and his U.S. banker).

The ultimate solution is to legalize Marijuana in the US. That one action would kneecap the drug cartels and their crooked bankers. We’d also save money not jailing Cheech and Chong (or the local equivalent in your area). Speaking of that:

Next up is the implosion of Prestige Title circa 2009 as its topical to the Bay Audit Presentation post:

It seems that when the Legislature did their money grab last spring they took some of Biloxi’s money too:

And now the reason for the post title as the Slabbed New Media twitter account very much equal opportunity this election season and Slabbed New Media’s twitter account followers are churning. In stock market parlance the account meets resistance about every 30 followers or so, churns and then blows through about 75% of the way to the next resistance level. For a Game Theory junkie, the underlying mathematical and statistical concepts in a real life application doesn’t get much better. Long story short this post caused some churn among the more Koolaid drinking GOP faithful that follow the account. Churn On folks (and stay thirsty).

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  1. Lots to comment about on this post. I think I will go with Prestige Title. You can always be assured of failure when a practicing lawyer who is also acting as a professional sports agent opens up a restaurant to entertain friends and potential clients.In this case Stephen Colson opened not one but two. Vics Chop House and Red Eye Grill were both dismal failures and eventually bankrupt business ventures.Of course everything does not have to be a success when you are using other peoples money from your escrow account. Colson was living large and crashed hard. Others lost millions. Even a so called friend and fellow LSU alum lost his $2 million investment in Prestige Title just prior to the FEDS shutting Prestige down. He received a 5 year sentence and was ordered to pay $8 million in restitution. At trial he claimed he did not know what happened to the money missing from his escrow accounts.The paper trail proved otherwise.Stephen Colson is now imprisoned at the Federal BOP facility in Montgomery,Al. He received a 5 year sentence and was ordered to pay $8 million in restitution.I predict when he is released from prison he will become a business consultant with a bed and breakfast located within his home.

  2. Today I think I will go with Bobby Culumber who seems to pop up from time to time in the local news or in the cross hairs at Slabbed. Of course Bobby C was at one time the CPA to some stars that have since dimmed like Stephen Colson, William Walker and Brett Favre. Colson and Favre have a connection and are both associated with Bus Cook. Did Culumber tell Colson prior to his indictment that all was well at Prestige Title and that he was unleveraged? His name is mentioned many times in the various cases and the federal prosecution of Colson. What exactly did he do for the Marine Resource Foundation? Still to this date no financial reconciliation of this conprofit has ever been made public. Did he help pass out the money that was laundered by Walker? And if he was not getting enough attention he hooks up with Toni Miles who had been previously arrested with three men at a known drug house that was being watched by the police.I feel certain that all remember the TV reporter that has that “deer in the headlights” reporting style. She was found naked in bed with a man and cocaine on the side nightstand. An uptown girl with Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze on her upper lip and the custard somewhere else. After her rehab in Texas she and Bobby C did the Elvis Chapel marriage in Vegas.Of course they just had to come back to the Coast and take out a quarter page ad in the Sunherald to tell all about that most excellent adventure. Looked more like a gossip column article about two people who are not really news worthy. Maybe,just maybe, the domestic violence thing is just how they roll and may be deserving to the both of them.More to come….

  3. “Clinton Cash ” film which peels the onion back on the Global Clinton Foundation is running on OAN( One America News) on Att Universe TV…….

    Wonder when FoxNews will start to run it as it is a fascinating film on
    Quid pro quo billions given to Fund exactly when Hellery was dealing with certain countries as Sec. of State……

    and finally after Congress asked the IRS look into the Clinton Foundation which only spends 10% of what it receives on charitable acts the foxy IRS says it is investigating the Hellary Hen House…..

  4. Big Red wrapup! The goose is cooked edition!

    Considered one of the Legislature’s most conservative senators, Bill Kintner once told the Journal Star that his parents “taught me the moral absolutes of Christianity, and I just applied those to everything.”

    Asked during the same interview what he considers the biggest mystery, Kintner replied: “Women. No one understands them. They don’t even understand themselves. Books and books and books have been written about it, and no one understands it.”

    What kind of an elected official would say things like that?

    This kind!
    A state lawmaker’s concern that he was the target of an internet scam led to an investigation about whether he had a sexually explicit video of himself on his state-owned computer, according to the Nebraska State Patrol.

    Ricketts calls for resignation amid allegations Sen. Kintner had explicit video on state computer That’s Governor Ricketts a Repulican as is Kintner. That’s also the Ricketts as in Ameritrade and Chicago Cubs Ricketts.

    I’m guessing it might even be a TS surprise type of video (maybe he didn’t even know!) for the total win in self righteous douchebaggery. 🙂

    Kintner’s wife heads up Governor Rickett’s policy office just to make the schadenfreude more intense. 🙁

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