Tweet Traction: What y’all are reading

I’m hoping a new format to the old open link posts will catch on here. Based on twitter stats this is what you guys are reading from the Slabbed Twitter Timeline:

Next is a tweet from this morning that garnered instant interactions:

Read the comments over at the following Gulflive story. Based on what I have been hearing out of Oceans Springs things are not well politically for long time Mayor Connie Moran:

Now for the best of the rest:


One thought on “Tweet Traction: What y’all are reading”

  1. A tearful Epps tells judge, ‘I wasn’t thinking’

    A shackled, crying Chris Epps testified Thursday that he just wasn’t thinking when he went to the house he had forfeited to the federal government after pleading guilty to bribery and removed outdoor lights and a control panel.

    Just so everyone is clear on this taking things he doesn’t own anymore from the house he turned over to the feds because he plead guilty and forfeited the house…

    “I didn’t go over there to steal anything. That’s not my character,” Epps testified.



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