About the fabled “Cake Eater” lawsuit

Of course the first thing I had to do was figure out the identity of the long fabled in comments “Cake Eater” and that is mission accomplished. My next step was to enlist some help which I did. I then set off checking cases in both Chancery and Circuit Court in Harrison County on Mississippi Electronic Courts as well as the Federal Court system on PACER. I spent nearly two hours looking and came up empty. Yesterday I heard from the last of those I reached out to for help and everyone came up empty.

If there is a lawsuit related to the Mississippi DMR and/or the Cake Eater we’ve not been able to find it. If any of you folks know more about this and wish to leak it out I’m happy to take leaks. Visit the contact page for more information. A case name or even help narrowing down the venue would be helpful. Thank you.

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  1. I believe that the paperwork was against Jamie Miller and the DMR if my memory serves me right DH. Some of the bloggers here were saying that the “cake eater” would come into play when Jamie Miller threw him/her under the bus?? And the date it was served, as I recall, was older, maybe May or June 2016???? I should have been more observant but didn’t want to draw attention. Sorry.

    1. I looked for suits against the State of Mississippi and came up empty there as well. I searched the state courts as far back as May. It will turn up of that I have no doubt.

  2. There are actually two lawsuits pending against the DMR. One involves an ex employee that has filed an EEO suit. This person has been quite vocal about their situation and it has been discussed on this blog several times in the past. More power to the wrongly and unjustly fired employees. The second law suit is a much older one that involves the family of an employee at the DMR while Bill Walker was there. Out of respect I will not comment but the Cake Eater has sold out the DMR employees and sold out her long time friends and all the face stuffer has left is the fake back stabbing employees of the 6th floor. She along with the rest of the back stabbers will get their just rewards. I hear Ashley Morrison the Ashley Madison pervert from the Attorney Gererals office is representing in both cases. How appropriate. Doug, I still say you should republish the Ashley Madison link. Let everyone have a go at that prevert. If the DMR is going to drag everyone’s private life into court, then it should be fair game for the opposing attorneys.

    1. Those old links to Pastebin are long gone. Roger Schuler over at Legal Schnauzer has been publishing and writing about the lists for multiple states including Alabama and Missouri. You may wish to try him.

      For a time there was another website that had the entire database (paid and free accounts) that was sortable by zip code. If you thought the paid accounts were wild the complete list was off the charts. I queried that online database for several zipcodes here on the coast but that particular “deep web” website is also long gone now and I did not save the queries.

      Of all the hot potatoes Slabbed has handled the AM lists for Mississippi and Louisiana was certainly the hottest of them all. Happy to have lead the way on that topic but I have no desire to stir up that hornets nest right now by reaching out to Anonymous or the impact team.

  3. Doug one can never truely excape their past. As such the Ashley Madison list. It still exist and is still accessible. But let’s see how low the DMR keeps shuffling the deck with Ashley Morrison at the helm and things could gain equal footing.

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