Welp so much for comply and the police won’t shoot you meme

Respect my authorita!!! Image via South Park Studios
Respect my authorita!!!
Image via South Park Studios

First Philandro Castile and now Charles Kinsey:

Unarmed Black Man Was Shot By North Miami Police While Lying On The Ground – Bill Chappel, NPR

And now a prediction: Alton Sterling’s Baton Rouge PD based executioners will be indicted by a Federal Grand Jury.

7 thoughts on “Welp so much for comply and the police won’t shoot you meme”

  1. If all of this information bears out as fact, there is NO excuse for this one–NONE.
    Culture of DEATH is what we live in now.
    Remember, we kill an average of 3,000 unarmed humans a day in this country ” legally” in abortion clinics. And they don’t survive or get a burial. In fact their little body parts are sold.
    Like Dr. Ben Carson, former Presidential candidate said earlier this year, ” If you don’t think they are humans, why are you selling their livers, hearts, lungs, eyeballs, etc. to laboratories that do human tissue research??!!
    Whatever the facts are, God please bless this shooting victim with a complete healing.

    1. Now the officer is saying he shot the therapist by accident. He meant to shoot the autistic man whom he perceived as being about to shoot the therapist but missed.

      If this is true, then please someone tell me why in the world did he handcuff the therapist after he shot him? And why did he not continue shooting at the perceived threat if his statement is true?

      Seems to me he shot the black man he intended to shoot, who had his hands up, and then handcuffed him consistent with his intention to shoot him. He did not shoot the white man consistent with his intention not to shoot him.

      I can’t come up with any explanation whatsoever that explains the facts, or the officer’s explanation of them, other than that the police officer who did this shouldn’t be allowed to carry a firearm in any capacity, and certainly not as a law enforcement officer.

  2. He’s been placed on leave as procedures require.
    All of the Police Depts. have placed the officers involved in these shootings on admin. leave as required.

  3. All of this has me quite confused. First, I don’t condone the retaliatory shooting of police officers. I can’t see any logic or rationale in this. The vast majority are good and out there doing an honest job protecting us. That said, I’m trying hard to understand the unfolding of events starting with Fergerson. Seems like we should as a society judge these on a case by case event and not a continuing process. Other black men killed by the police were seemingly justified because they had previous criminal backgrounds. How is it if you have a previous criminal background and you are unarmed you “deserved it”. Not following that logic. The case in Baton Rouge were the black man was pinned down by two officers then shot to death. Afterwards they pulled a gun from his pocket he was not lawfully allowed to carry. Not seeing the justice in that verdict no matter what he did previously. But it does not give justice for individuals to gun down police. Contrary it strengthens their position and dilutes the injustice of the death of the black man. All of it is disheartening and sad.

  4. It must be The National Holy Latino Month:

    Gee, another very stupid, innocent shooting of the wrong man ? The police say they shot at the autistic man who they thought had the gun but he had a toy truck instead . The story goes the officer really shot at the autistic man but the officer’s aim was off and he shot the black therapist instead ? Sounds like two dumb mistakes- shooting at a man with a toy truck and shooting wildly.

    I wonder upon a star why the national liberal media including Obamination, Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have not been all over this wrong stupid shooting in Fla.?

    I think I know………. cause the dumb shooting officer is a Latino who actually earlier in his career wrongly arrested a burglary victim instead of the burglar. WOW, the Police commissioner should have terminated his stupid self way back then.

    But wait………. he is a Latino officer in the state of Fla., where Hillary will be this weekend with her Spanish speaking V.P. Keane speaking Spanish trying to solidify the Latino vote, and this Latino officer and Latino voting population are not to be fu*ked with right before a national election, right?

    And wasn’t the offending officer in the Minnesota murder shooting also Latino?……… but there hasn’t been any New Black Panthers, riots , violent demonstrations by Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson appearing or any police shot at/killed in Minnesota. How mysterious ?

    But Obamination just yesterday said in response to Trump’s pessimistic acceptance speech that things are not that bad here in the U.S., so yall just calm down/relax unless you happen to be a white/black policeman in a black city with the responsibility to deal with black thugs who fight/resist arrest, insane people on the streets instead of mental hospitals, etc.. But if you are a Latino cop that does stupid things you have nothing to worry about….. that is up to the national election cause the Demo whores desperately need the Latino vote to stay in power.

    Relax and enjoy your weekend …. Me ?,I think I’m going to go see the movie “Hillary’s America” before Obama’s PC police remove it from the movie houses.

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