10 thoughts on “Nothing like some nice fried Turkeys for the Commission on Marine Resources and 6th Floor Employees”

  1. I have been told for quite some time that the privlaged of the 6th floor extends to the Holidays and the Marine Commission. And if you eyes don’t delude me that appears to be none other than Chief Thief Davis himself in the photo cooking the CMR Thanksgiving Turkeys. Chief Davis has a history of privlage and rank everything from golfing in a DMR vehicle during working hours, to hosting fish fries for the elite elected officials of the coast. And his latest entitlement that I’m being told of is his attendance of the Republican Convention in Cleveland all on taxpayers expense. The DMR Finance Office under the thieving leadership of Kacey Williams is officially making it transparent by making it impossible to find in the public records. How’s that for Millers leadership at the DMR. Governor Bryant and the DMR elite traveling to The Republican Convention all on the publics dime. Yep these thieves have no morals no backbone and no conscience when it comes to your tax dollars. Let the Turkeys roll.

  2. PP

    If I am not mistaken, I believe Bryant endorsed Cruz. But, he could be looking to suck up to the Trump Train as his public office employment is nearing its end.

    Is there any hard proof of DMR attendees at this convention?

      1. I have been informed that DMR’s Keith Davis traveled to the RNC as “enhanced security” for some on the list of delegates,provided by rfp, because they had been threatened. If this is true who would are the individual(s) that received these threats? What was the nature of the threat(s)? Who authorized Davis to go and who paid his travel expenses? Maybe when Melissa Scallan gets through with her weekend at the Margaritaville Resort she can do a press release pertaining to Keith Davis and his travels. Would be interesting to know if this is indeed true and if so who was he there to protect.

  3. I could be mistaken and I’m sure miller and a commissioner probably got one, but this was for charity and a most if not all of those turkeys were donated to food kitchens and shelters. And also, I think this was done on some officers off time.

    1. Ah yes….homage must be given to the all powerful, entitled, arrogant upper echelon of the DMR!! All hail Oz! What a big joke they all are. In their own minds they truly believe they are something – but we all know they are all just piggies slopping at the trough and couldn’t do a full days’ work if they tried. Just wanna be loosers robbing the people who worked for the money they are pillaging, all the while accusing others and stirring dissention to hide and cover up all of their inadequacies. Sad excuses of human beings.

  4. New furniture, new rugs, expensive paintings, fried turkeys…..

    Next, how bout me some charbroiled ersters, blackened redfish, maybe an all expensive Aussie tour of the great barrier Reef …….

    And let the pions eat cake……..

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Where are our sorry legislators? Where is the oversight of this Agency by it’s group of Commissioners? Where is Phil Bryant? Where is Stacey Pickering? Where is Jim Hood? And finally, where is Steven Palazzo?? Why is this raping of our peoples’ pockets and resources continuing???

  6. CS who would you tell? What elected official would be offended? Because just about everyone of them has received a special perk from the DMR in some way. Maybe Jeff Guice? He has gotten all his children hired at the DMR and he managed to get his private canal dredged by the DMR with public funds. Maybe Casey Yure. Nope, he is the elected thug that brought you Chief Davis. You know Keith Davis that could not meet the minimum qualifications for the positions so the Cake Eater changed the rules and BAM. Chief Davis that uses a credit card to attend the republican convention on your dime under fake pretenses. Maybe Steven Palazoo. Nope. He is the bafoon that brought you Jamie Miller that has spent the DMR almost 3 million dollars in the hole giving back door untraceable contracts to Joe Non Profit Cloyd, Adam Toothless Dial and Josh Can’t Spell Gregory. Exactly who the hell would you tell?

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