MDOC scandal indictment rumors swirling around the state

Feds Bust Reddix in Chris Epps scandal – Jackson Jambalaya

Every aspect of Mississippi’s prison system was turned into a profit center by Former MDOC head Chris Epps and a bevy of corrupt politicians across the state.

I am hearing some of the indictments the Feds have promised Judge Wingate up in Jackson related to the Epps investigation that are due to be unsealed by next Monday includes some that will be unveiled in Gulfport. Indictment rumors, even those supported by a substantial amount of facts can still be unreliable so I’ll also add there could be some confusion between Epps related indictments and another, more coast centric investigation rollout such as the one involving the newly constructed Jackson County jail.

For additional background on either topic and the related speculation please see Why Hancock and Jackson County newsers should have their eye on the recent MDOC Scandal guilty plea in particular and in general the tag related to Health Assurance LLC, the Health Care Company owned by Dr. Reddix that managed to snag the local jailhouse contracts in all three coastal counties with the late Harrison County Supervisor William Martin committing suicide rather than face the justice system related to his role taking bribes from Reddix.

If the coming Epps indictments have coastal connections as rumored, I can easily think of a couple of former elected officials in both Hancock and Jackson Counties that may have received target letters. If the indictments are Jackson County jail related, speculation centers both on a certain contractor and certain former elected officials.

As Monday draws closer the chatter is certain to gain more specificity if the rumored coastal connection to the coming Epps related indictments are accurate.

One thought on “MDOC scandal indictment rumors swirling around the state”

  1. Oh gee – I wasn’t even aware that all of the schennagins with the the BOS in Harrison county went all the way up to Jackson (wink wink). I believe it will be amazing what we find out if we get to see the court proceedings and if the Prosecutors don’t cave in. I just don’t understand how they keep letting the big dogs slip through their fingers when they have them firmly in their grasps. I have watched lots of people with minimal crimes be charged tot he hilt, and all the while, the real crooks get slapped on the hand and slither away. I don’t know what is wrong with the residents of this State. Especially the ones who proclaim that they are true Christians. But they, too, will pay – one way or the other – now or later; and I, for one, would prefer now than later if I was in their shoes.

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