8 thoughts on “BREAKING!!!”

  1. The GOOD (WikiLeaks has released 20,000 e-mails of DNC )……

    The BAD ( the e-mails expose the DNC was plotting the fix against poor Bernie Sanders just as he alleged)………….

    The UGLY ( Suzy Wasserman Schultz) ………..time to see Bernie fans duel Hellery inside the DNC convention………

    But like Bernie said to Hellery…..” We are tired of hearing about your dam e-mails”… and so it came back 360 degrees to burn Bernie in the buttocks. Maybe Bernie now wants to see more Hellery e-mails huh? He,He,He

    1. Locke

      I am not sure what all is contained within the 20k emails but one would wonder if charges could be filed. If evidence proves that Clinton and the DNC conspired against Bernie and rigged the system the entire Clinton ticket should be deemed defunct and she should be removed from consideration.

      Let’s help make America great again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Fox News reporting Wasserman Schultz going to work for Clinton campaign. Isn’t this what she has been doing??!!
    Julian Assagne saying next Wikkileak will be Clinton Foundation.
    I nominate Assagne for either Attorney General or FBI Director. He’s telling us more about what’s happening in our country than the ones we are paying to keep us informed๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

    1. The US is too busy trying to have Assange arrested. Obama has been harder on whistleblowers than the previous presidents combined. Even Richard Nixon did not prosecute Daniel Ellsberg though he did have Ellsberg’s shrink burgled to get his file.

      The answer to this is not to elect a scheister like Donald Trump, especially when quality candidates like Gov. Gary Johnson are out there. Funny how the main stream media in the US tries not to talk about any third party candidate.

  3. It is apparent that the DNC and the RNC are the culprits. They do not want to recognize a fair vote they want to elect their guy. Whether you like Trump or not, he was elected to represent the Republican Party overwhelmingly. He defied the politico’s to do it. Bernie just got burned.

    1. Many observers have maintained the reason Trump ran as a Republican was because he knew the Democrats were rigged on multiple levels including the super delegates. It is also very interesting that huge amounts of disaffected voters participated on the GOP side, which implies large segments of the population such as white blue collar Americans have completely written the Democrats off their list. Once upon a time those folks were reliable voters for the Dems – now they have voted, with their feet.

  4. “Fatal Attraction” will be playing tonite at the DNC………i.e. Da Mothers of the Movement (mothers of blacks killed by police take da stage to alledge police brutality ) ! No cops allowed for rebuttal though.

    I tell you the 20% of police officers who have announced they are leaving the Dallas police department is just the beginning of a greater number of police leaving the forces across the nation.

    Just like gas station personnel used to pump your gas but left when pump -your- own – stations started popping up yo’ better have yo’ weapon/s handy cause response times will be going up to the point that you will initially have to defend yo’ life and lives of yo’ loved ones. And so be it cause then they will not be arrested alive to then have judges just put them back on the street.

    Bill Clit-ton is will be rapping( sic-raping) with his Whopper and will be asking where is the meat and Cuban cigars. So none of the stage women will be wearing blue dresses tonite leaving only red and white ( and white is reserve for virgin politicos).

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