Gone to Hell in a Handbasket….

I have many thoughts on recent events.

One of them is from a longer term view things have not been this batshit crazy since 1968 or so. I figure its likely worse today.

The USA is the undisputed world champ at locking people up in jail. China, Russia and other places aren’t even close to our rate of incarceration. Locking people up clearly isn’t the answer. I figure its part of the problem.

This isn’t a liberal or conservative thing but sadly there will be individuals, completely devoid of any semblance of morality, that will exploit these events to further divide the nation.

Is it time to buy an Sig MCX and stockpile ammo and food or is there a better way for everyone? At a time when the Nation needs leaders, will On the Take or her opponent On the Take use the chaos as a profit center? It may be time to buy the Sig.

Just a few of my thoughts on the recent horrific chain of events.

23 thoughts on “Gone to Hell in a Handbasket….”

  1. One of the few times I agree with you SOP. Personally, I am loading up on ammo and non-perishable food. Neither of the two nitwits have the intellectual capital to pull us out of this mess. Both are only interested in padding their personal wealth. I fear we are heading for another civil war.

  2. Mr. Handshoe and Slabbed People: For those who know me, they know that I’m not a fan of the justice system. I’ve been a direct witness as to how political and cruel the justice system really is. It’s a justice system driven by political motives. I’m not surprised one bit that the justice system in America jails such a high percentage. The politically appointed DA and local government are the driving factors.

  3. Okay, bear with me because I am going to be what some of you may consider a little ” preachy.”
    I think I may have a few more years under my belt than some of you. Not that that makes me any smarter or better, just witnessed life before 1973. Way before.
    We created a ” culture of death” when we legalized the willful murder of the unborn. We are now witnessing the fruits of ignoring the sanctity
    of life.
    We can be horrified, furious, afraid, and frustrated. But we don’t have the right to be surprised. I saw life before and see the results now, and thank God everyday for growing up when I did and fear for the world ahead for my children and grandchildren.
    God be with all of us.

    1. Lana,

      IMHO, all I can say is WOW!! With that line of thinking maybe you should join the RRRSM yourself. I’m sure you would be a welcome member.

      The “willful murder of the unborn” has nothing to with how screwed up our society is today.

      No offense, but total ignorance.

      1. She’s too buy demanding clean local government to join the politicos Eye. Everyone is trying to make sense of this in their own way. Lighten up.

      2. Lana

        I apologize for being so heavy in my response. I tend to get fired up when people try to mix God with our Government.

  4. Comply comply comply. It is simple. Going to jail is not necassary. People construe their rights with not having to comply. If you are trying to make a statement with the law you will probably go to jail. This protects the rest of us from your idealism. I like living in America . It is the best thing going in this world. We can improve. But comply to the officers of the law and you will not have a day to day problem. When the answer is that simple no one wants to hear it!?

  5. Eye Spy,
    All is well. I simply believe nothing good ever comes from destroying the life of another human being with the exception of protecting your own or that of your loved ones or other innocent parties who may be mortal danger.
    This especially applies to the unarmed.
    One point I am sure we can all agree on today is the grief we share for these families on both sides–the police and these angry young men who murdered them, and those who died at the hands of the police.
    Hate is the killer, no matter what the weapon is.
    I will continue to ” mix God in my government”
    I witness daily the results of His exclusion in the way our public officials conduct business on our behalf after taking oaths to serve us, ” so help them, GOD.”

  6. ‘Locking them up is part of the problem’…. Gotta be kidding Batman as you can see from reading the rap sheet on thug Sterling he really should not have been on the street.

    If you research Alton Sterling on Wikipedia you will discover back in 2009 he again resisted arrest and in the struggle to subdue him another gun again fell out of his pants.Understand that the 911 call tipped the police he had a gun and so they tazed him twice will no results( was he on Estacy or another stimulant to withstand being taxed twice?). That police officer who ended up tackling him is brave as he could have been shot doing so.

    Was Sterling under possibly three strikes and you are out for being a felon and again in possession of a weapon? Let’s wait to see what the Feds say but I believe it will be termed a justified shooting.

    This falsely alleged police persecution and killing of blacks will end when they learn to put their hands up and surrender to be cuffed without defying police orders.

    As far as Russia and China goes do they have the broken family stats and give food stamps, free energy bills, discounted housing,free phones, etc. to the point where there is absolutely no incentives to learn a trade/profession instead of running drugs and engaging in illegal crimes.

  7. Thank you, Lockemuptight,
    I am tired of these repeat offenders playing the eternal victim.
    I agree that Sterling should not have been on the street. That is why I hate letting these gun carrying criminals out early, but then, Pedophiles don’t get along well with the prison population so I am told.
    Tragic waste of the gift of life!

      1. ‘Locke backs police no matter what’…

        I’ve been falsely accused and arrested and when the policeman handcuffed me and later apologized while he drove me to jail I told him I held no ill will toward him but only to the Court and if Jesus was susceptible to being wrongly accused , tortured and killed who was I to complain.

        Your statement that I back the police everytime is not true as the policeman who shot the black who ran from his car and was shot in the back several times is a criminal who needs to serve big time in the big house.

        But what I see happening now just four months from a national election is the liberal media, the president and fellow racist whores like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson working up the blacks to get out their Democratic block vote . It’s the only way they can win elections as since JFK they have had no outstanding,intelligent candidates to win on principles and character.

        Except this year Obama and the Demos have gone to the well one too many times and have worked them up a little too much resulting in racist acts of murdering some of our bravest and finest whose fine patriotic characters and loving families they were forced to leave brings me to tears.

        Look back four years ago around the last national election and you will again see the same story of the blacks being persecuted/killed by police and the rich elites just to get out the black vote.I’m sick of the whore Democrats playing the blacks as pawns in a chess game and as soon as they win they abandon the game and flight of the urban blacks allowing them to murder not only each other but innocent children playing in the streets and even in the perceived safety inside their homes.

        I understand somewhat how racist blacks and liberals looking at the video of the Sterling shooting can jump to conclusions but read Wikipedia on Sterling and understand that Sterling’s actions time and time again put police in unnecessary danger and his own life at risk. It is a shame Sterling didn’t learn his lesson and stop fighting arrest when he was consistently and knowingly breaking the law again and again especially while being a repeat felon repeatingly carrying an illegal weapon.

        1. You politize these tragedies too blaming liberals for the acts of thugs Locke.

          You may like your cops to shoot first and ask questions later. I simply think we can do far better where innocent black men aren’t pulled over due to wide set noses and killed.

  8. I never said in any of my posts that I backed anyone “no matter what.”
    Let’s let all of the facts come in and the investigations be completed.
    By the way, we lost another Police Officer this afternoon in Kansas City, Kansas. A Police Captain arriving to assist his men who were dealing with a drive by shooting situation.
    One of the shooters got him as he rushed to assist another officer.
    Tomorrow should have more details on the shooters since they are all in custody.
    At least their families can go talk to them tonight.

    1. Sure you did Lana. You also strongly implied that Sterling’s prior arrest for resisting arrest should have resulted in some sort of life sentence that way he wouldn’t have been out at the convenience store.

      Until people are willing to raise their expectations of police, this kind of stuff will continue and police will continue to get killed beca use it appears the black community has had enough.

  9. How quickly we forget Mr. O’Dwyer’s goon squad, Sheriff Byrd’s ‘political’ arrests, and dare I mention the Waveland PD?
    There is nothing better than a good cop and nothing worse than a bad one who ends up endangering the lives of all the good ones.
    It’s okay if you don’t post this, Doug.
    Tell everyone hello for me.

    1. Good to know some of the lifers are still out there out. :-)

      Interesting you mentioned Waveland PD and the bad old days when they would taze first and ask questions later.

      Law enforcement gets threats all the time, it is the nature of the beast but of all the various law enforcement authorities, only Waveland was in the media disclosin the threats they received after the Sterling execution.

      There are still some people in Waveland that have hard feelings over their treatment by police there during the taze happy days of yore.

      Once a police department loses the public’s trust getting it back appears to be very difficult.

  10. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one, Doug. But don’t misquote me.
    If Sterling’s life was so important, and I personally think it is just as precious as anyone else’s, not any more, however.
    He had a responsibility like all
    of us to not place himself in harm’s way.
    Using your logic, the clock caught up with him. He was confronted by a bad cop ( your opinion, not mine yet until
    all of the facts are in) while carrying a gun in violation of state law for a felon.
    Tell me the cops ( bad or good)
    have to take ALL of
    the responsibility for his death.
    He placed his own life in harm’s way, and of all things a homeless character with a cell phone was his undoing.
    Until we all take responsibility for our own actions and our own lives, don’t look for any big changes any time soon.

    1. I don’t blame the dead man Lana, that is our sole disagreement. Telling that you or Locke have not mentioned Philando Castile once. Did he have it coming too for placing himself in harms way? At what point does the excuse making for the police stop?

      Sterling had as much right to be on private property with permission as you or I. How is that placing himself in harms way? The first illegal act was perpetrated by the homeless gutter punk that called 911.

      Shoot first and ask questions later policing is retarded.

  11. On Philandro Castile, another life lost too soon. It appears the police officer overreacted to the sight of the gun under Castile’s leg. I say “appears” because I don’t know for sure.
    Haven’t heard you mention the Police Captain mowed down yesterday in Kansas City either.
    But I guess in fairness to
    All we should wait for the facts to come in as to what he did to the shooters that justifies his death.
    As you said in your post
    of July 20- the black community has had enough of us.

  12. All officers in the Sterling and Castile shooting deaths have been placed on administrative leave.
    That is 4 police officers on leave, and 9 dead since July 7.
    Hope this makes at least some of us feel safer!!

  13. Make that 10 officers dead. This is the second officer to die in the line of duty in Kansas City in 2 months.

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