Gone to Hell in a Handbasket….

I have many thoughts on recent events.

One of them is from a longer term view things have not been this batshit crazy since 1968 or so. I figure its likely worse today.

The USA is the undisputed world champ at locking people up in jail. China, Russia and other places aren’t even close to our rate of incarceration. Locking people up clearly isn’t the answer. I figure its part of the problem.

This isn’t a liberal or conservative thing but sadly there will be individuals, completely devoid of any semblance of morality, that will exploit these events to further divide the nation.

Is it time to buy an Sig MCX and stockpile ammo and food or is there a better way for everyone? At a time when the Nation needs leaders, will On the Take or her opponent On the Take use the chaos as a profit center? It may be time to buy the Sig.

Just a few of my thoughts on the recent horrific chain of events.