6 thoughts on “So that the working environment in the Executive Suite is Serene, Artwork is needed”

  1. When will the lie detector tests begin? Someone will be held accountable for informing the taxpayers how the money is being spent at the DMR. The General is probably constructing a water boarding facility in the basement area for those who refuse to talk. I bet every employee received a flyer and email by now that says “EMPLOYEE TO EMPLOYEE- SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. I still think about the mysterious deaths that happen when the pressure was building during the Walker days.

  2. Screw paintings….have you forgotten about the Singing River Health System debacle, or have they threatened you like Watch??!!!
    This is outrageous!
    Have you seen the recent motion filed and order that followed??!!!

      1. something strange observed

        sometimes recent comments don’t appear on the right

        7:39 pm, 8:02 pm this time.

        see the correct number of comments when scrolling on the front page, but don’t see these 2 at “recent comments” either at the post or when at the front page

        browser cache cleared, fresh visit to site after a reboot, noticed this before over lengthy period of time, no pattern that I see, strange, cause could be???

        first time that I remember finding one of Doug’s comments is missing from “Recent Comments”

        anyone else see something like this?

  3. There appears to be a fight brewing over at the SRHS BOTs over Supervisor Melton Harris newest appointed person’s ability to hold a seat due to potential conflicts. Harris might be calling in the race police on this one. Trustee Dubose requested an AGs opinion and he did not like what he read once the opinion arrived. Of course past conflicts never kept others from serving on this same board. That would also make for a great post and may help Nun get through winethirty this evening without a complaint. The fact that Watch was shut down because of threats would also be a good topic for a future discussion. The outcome in the Sean Anthony case is yet another. I always enjoy all topics posted on Slabbed. I do enjoy some more that others.

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