2 thoughts on “Fancy Executive Offices Demand Custom Rugs in Order to Project the Executive Director’s Greatness”

  1. It’s like I have been told all along – this administration is raping the grant of their operational funds to support their lavish lifestyle. General Klink deserves lavish office furniture because he knows absolutely zero about marine resources. Knows how to eat them along with the ret of the Twinkie Factory on the 6th floor but that’s about it. If you go to first Baptist Church of Gulfport then you’re qualified. I’d like to hear that two faced demon sermon by that preacher. $2,0000 rugs for perverts like Jeff Guice and DUFUS HOSEman to wipe their privlaged feet on. Miller said he was going to be different. Sure is much better than Walker at pillaging us of our tax dollars. Hired Marine Patrol officers aunt Barbara Lavine to terrorize the grant managers of all the operational money to provide contracts to Joe Non-Profit Cloyd, Adam Dial and Josh Gregory. That way if anyone objects they are immediately “investigated” and then fired. Bunch of crooks and thieves. Stacy Vacation Pickering won’t do anything except wait for the next Joe Cloyd fund raiser. Where oh where is the FBI.

    1. PP – I guess it is time to try to round up some snakes from the Snake Nation group. Since they have disbanded, the CONS have gotten bolder and bolder. Maybe drawing some attention to the new DMR furnishings might cause Pickering the Rat to do his job. The DMR is located a public building. That means (for those of you who don’t know), that tax dollars paid for that building. The building is for public use. That means, you and me and anyone else who pays taxes. The public should be allowed to visit and view the new items that they paid for. And, they are entitled to view the bills for these items also. And any taxpayer should be able to visit every office and hall of that building…with little to no exception. NO ONE should be able to stop you. It is your right. These radical republican fakes depend on intimidating you and making you fearful. Check with your local attorneys and know the law. Make them follow the law! They are getting away with what they do because you let them. Put it in THEIR face. Everyone who can, needs to go make a visit and get a viewing of the DMR. If your visit is refused; file a complaint with the AG’s office. After having to deal with many of those complaints, believe me, someone will pay attention.
      You may have to be escorted on your visit by Philly and the Rat’s rent-a-cop in order to view the entire DMR building, but that is fine too. Please don’t forget to visit the Ivory Tower on the 6th floor where all of the “elite delicate flowers” reside. At least they think they are elite….but we all know better. Hmmm….The word trash comes to mind. I don’t know how to contact the Snake Nation, but if any member of the Snake Nation is reading this today, please reband and strike!!! The people need some attention please. Hurry and come slithering soon!!!! They are continue to tread on us.

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